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Investigating Snowtown

The fifth day of Dice-ember brings us to the party investigating Snowtown. Tonight the party investigate the town during the daylight hours and uncover something quite disturbing. So sit back, make yourself a hot coffee and enjoy the festivities! Investigating Snowtown 248MoDiEm5 As the party levered the door open and crept out the bright morning…


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Welcome to Snowtown

The sixth day of Dice-ember I bring to you images to spark the creative embers that fuel this months adventure. Tonight we officially say welcome to Snowtown as we get a glimpse of some of the people, the village and beyond! So sit down with a hot coffee and enjoy what’s been created. I should…


Rolling Ambush

The Seventh day of Dice-ember brings us to the party as they return from a dark discovery at the nearby woods. As they are returning back they are surprised by a Rolling Ambush that takes them off guard and threatens to bury them under the snow. Rolling Ambush 248WeDiEm7 The party start to head back…


Animated Snowman

Hello and good evening all. Welcome to the the second post of Dice-ember where we look at the Animated Snowman. This month is shaping up to be quite a chill one indeed and while my country warms up for Christmas the other half of the world is getting colder. So sit back, grab a drink…

The Adventure

Notes on the Snowman

Another night has come around and tonight we are looking at Albazhar’s notes on the Snowman. That’s right the mad-scientist mage is back this Dice-ember and he is bringing with him more study and notes on the curiosities we find our selves surrounded by. So without any further waiting let’s get on with tonight’s write-up…

Last Week


Distortion Field

Welcome to the last Monday where I create content related to the Adventure of this last month. Tonight I want to propose something for those players who decide to travel across thr waves and head home to Fareun, a distortion field.   Distortion Field 247MoDiFi The salty sea wind caressed their tired faces as they…


Shadowed Edge

Tonight we look at a very different NPC, tonight we look at the Shadowed Edge – a sentient blade. I tend to stay away from sentient weapons as they are another NPC for me to juggle and manage but this one feels different. So sit back, enjoy and later on we will investigate other sentient…


Reign of Shadow

Good evening all and welcome to the alternative ending if the party was unable to defeat the Shadow in its keep or, if they decided to not go over the seas with Kyoko. We also will look at the plot for Dice-ember!.   Reign of Shadow 248WeReOSh The grass crunched under Kyoko’s feet as she…


Aerial Terrors

Friday is here and tonight I have a small update which really is just exploring the concept of Aerial Terrors. For me this is fitting for not just D&D but any TTRPG as well as for my other passion, Warhammer. The idea of creatures flying down from the sky to harass and disrupt not only…

The Adventure


Hello and once again good evening all; welcome to the the third post of Dice-ember and tonight we have a look at our antagonist for this month. Tonight we look at the Animators Journal Catalyst – the triggering event that sets things into motion. So sit back, grab a drink and read on! Catalyst 248SaDiEm3…

Other Posts

The End of Shadow

Tonight as we head further closer towards the conclusion of this yearly adventure with The Defence of the Wall. This month we have a level 10 adventure and at the end of this adventure we will be…

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