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Final stand

Welcome to the last Monday night of August. Yeah its a bit of a weird month this one with a smidge more than half of the last week given to September. So I’m calling it early! This week Mugrave makes her final stand. The last attempt to complete her masters wishes before her prey escapes…


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Shadow Born

Welcome to Tuesday night where I have a bit of a weird one this week. Tonight I wanted to touch on something that can be done extremely well and may D&D Influencers do is superbly. It’s something that I have tried to work into my own games with quite a good degree of success and…


Dark Pacts

Welcome to Wednesday where we look at the twists and turns of this week. With the coming of night, dark pacts and darker motives are made to foolishly try and twist fate. With the beginning of the end of this campaign approaching so does the Shadows final pieces and moves. Tonight we look at an…


Urban Ambush

Welcome to Fight night where this week we are looking at a good old fashion urban Ambush. This week saw Mugrave making a more aggressive move by unleashing her pets upon the party. It also saw some dark dealings being negotiated and a darker pacts being made. Urban Ambush 232ThCoMa The new and improved Kobold-fight…

The Adventure

Hunters in the Dark

Welcome to the end of week writeup for the second week of August. This week saw the party taking a moments rest in the village where Mugrave gets her night prowlers to attack them. However its not only Mugrave who wishes the party harm as dark pacts are also made in the shadow laden alleyways.…

Last Week


Night Prowlers

Welcome to Monday night where we look at the plot and drivers that push our adventure onwards. This week we will be experiencing the terror of night prowlers. What is that I hear you ask? Well you will have to come back each night to find out. Night Prowlers 232MoNiPr Mugrave passed the guards at…


Doorich cottage

Welcome to Tuesday where we look at the NPCs of this week. This week we look to Doorich cottage, a small establishment that serves as a home away from home for passing through dignitaries. In particular we will look at Yulve, the caretaker and her husband Peruve as they help Kyoko, the party and co.…


The Quaigin

Hello and welcome to the middle of the week, Wednesday, where we look at the twist of the week. Yesterday in Skin Walker we looked at the creature called Mugrave as she had her agents, The Quaigin, launch a series of attacks towards the party. Tonight we reveal some of those attacks from the point…



Welcome back to another Friday-fightnight where our party encounter the formless Quaigin. These shapeshifters are known as the scouts and minions of the dreaded skin walkers who serve the Shadow. In fact these shapeless beings take on the shape of others as a way of interacting with the world after all its not easy having…

The Adventure

Form Shifters

Welcome to the first of the end of week writeup for August. This week saw the party moving through ruined villages and towns as they head towards Heavens Reach, Kyoko’s castle. While moving through the refugees of the ruined villages the party come under attack from form shifters. Form Shifters After the party had found…

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