Gaming Table with LEDs

Hi, my name is Ben and I am “the Brazen Wolfe” and I have a long lasting passion for role playing games, other tabletop systems and creativity.

During this ongoing pandemic I found that my normal gaming group was unable to get together to play the way we normally would but the creative spark didn’t stop coming to me, and so I created this blog.

The aim of this blog is really two fold;

1. To both be a creative outlet for myself, capturing the thoughts and adventures that I think of each week. and,

2. To be a source of weekly content where hopefully it will be a resource for people, other aspiring dungeon and game masters to use the content I create for their own inspiration for their own games and creative endeavours.

Thanks for spending time to read through my musings and through processes and hopefully you got something out of it.

I have experience in running a few gaming systems but specialise in arguably the most well known one, Dungeons & Dragons. I also run Open Legend RPG and am working on gathering a player base for Soulbound which blends my other Tabletop passion, Warhammer, with RPGS.

Go forth and Roll with Advantage,

The Brazen Wolfe