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Welcome to Brazen Wolfe Tabletop where I bring weekly Tabletop & Role Playing Game content through Daily blog style updates. My focus is to encourage more people to get into the great, and growing, world of TTRPGs and to give new and experienced game masters tools and content to use at their table.

Each year I

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Doorich cottage

Welcome to Tuesday where we look at the NPCs of this week. This week we look to Doorich cottage, a small establishment that serves as a home away from home for passing through dignitaries. In particular…

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Night Prowlers

Welcome to Monday night where we look at the plot and drivers that push our adventure onwards. This week we will be experiencing the terror of night prowlers. What is that I hear you ask? Well…

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Form Shifters

Welcome to the first of the end of week writeup for August. This week saw the party moving through ruined villages and towns as they head towards Heavens Reach, Kyoko’s castle. While moving through the refugees…

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Welcome back to another Friday-fightnight where our party encounter the formless Quaigin. These shapeshifters are known as the scouts and minions of the dreaded skin walkers who serve the Shadow. In fact these shapeless beings take…

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Panicked Streets

Welcome back to another Thursday night of maps! This week we are travelling through a village where the quiet country streets suddenly become panicked streets as violence erupts. The party is under attack from mysterious creatures…

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The Quaigin

Hello and welcome to the middle of the week, Wednesday, where we look at the twist of the week. Yesterday in Skin Walker we looked at the creature called Mugrave as she had her agents, The…

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