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Welcome to Brazen Wolfe Tabletop where I bring weekly content focusing on Tabletop & Role Playing Games through Daily blog style updates. My focus is to encourage more people to get into the great, and growing, world of TTRPGs and to give new and experienced game masters tools and content to use at their table.

Each year I look at how I can improve this blog and make additional changes to make it fit best with how the style of my writing is evolving and changing. This year I am focusing on a single adventure per month broken down into weekly ‘session segments’. Some sessions will be shorter, some larger but the idea is that there should be enough content at the end of one month for an adventure arc to happen.

The last few posts

The Golden Hourglass

Welcome to a surprise night where tonight we are looking at an offer, an exchange of goods, wealth or inspiration for the Golden Hourglass. To make a very exciting week for us D&D, and RPG aficionados…

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Infiltrators and Competitors

Another fight-night is here and this week we look at infiltrators and competitors of the party and their mission. Just as the King can hear his queen talking to him there are a few who walk…

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Draws the Eye

Welcome to Thursday night where tonight we look at what draws the eye in the castle! These little things elude to the overall plot, the twist and the extra little bits that make this adventure fun.…

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Captain Parks Request

Another Wednesday has come and this week I welcome you to read through Captain Parks Request. This week the king, his maid and his friend Park attempt to set a trap for would be assassins and…

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Guests of the Queen

Welcome to another night where we look at the potential NPCs of the week and this week we are meeting some guests of the queen. Well to be more exact we have a maid, the King,…

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The Kings Hidden Queen

Welcome to another week at my tabletop where this week we are looking at an adventure that features the kings hidden queen. Normally with a quest giver you have someone, something or somewhere to meet, retrieve…

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