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Welcome to Brazen Wolfe Tabletop where I bring weekly content focusing on Tabletop & Role Playing Games through Daily blog style updates. My focus is to encourage more people to get into the great, and growing, world of TTRPGs and to give new and experienced game masters tools and content to use at their table.

Each year I look at how I can improve this blog and make additional changes to make it fit best with how the style of my writing is evolving and changing. This year I am focusing on a single adventure per month broken down into weekly ‘session segments’. Some sessions will be shorter, some larger but the idea is that there should be enough content at the end of one month for an adventure arc to happen.

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Brazen Adventure Archives

Tonight I decided that I wanted to look at a way of putting the most useful content in once place. So I created a new page in the blog called The Brazen Adventure Archives. This will…

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The Mystery of Crelion Manor

Tonight and I have again decided to create a zine out of this weeks adventure, The Mystery of Crelion Manor. This adventure can be used system agnostic as we explore other RPGs out there other than…

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A Cursed Crew

Friday night is here and it brings with it the tidings of battle. Tonight we look at a cursed crew, burdened with the knowledge that they can never leave their vessel and only the instigator of…

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A Port to Call Home

Welcome to Thursday night where we look at a port to call home for our pirate crew this week. The birthplace of a famous pirate may be romanticised in some instances but this week with Lamberk…

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Hobby Progress in February

In between writing this weeks adventure I have also managed to get some more paint down and have an update on my hobby progress in February. A continuation from hobby progress in January I have some…

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The Parrots Call

Welcome to Wednesday night where we look at the advancement of our adventure this week as our party heeds the Parrots call. Now this one is a bit of a riddle to this week, with combat…

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The Owlbears Crew

Welcome to Tuesday where we look at NPCs that will join us for the week and this week are look at the Owlbears Crew. Tonight we have the star of the show, Josh aka, Shank the…

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