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Misguided resting place

Welcome to another end of week writeup where we follow our adventurers into the second . As I mentioned in last nights post I almost went too deep this week, exploring and delving too deeply into…

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Hunters of the alone

Hi all and welcome to this Friday fightnight where this week we look at the beast that lurks in rivers, ponds, lakes and, in this case, a cave under a waterfall. For those who knew it…

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The Lair

Hi all and welcome to this weeks additional content day, Thursday, where today I want to share some maps I have created just for this week. Don’t forget if you like the maps I create here…

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The ascent

Hi all and welcome to this weeks twist day, Wednesday, where I want to lay the foundations down for connection the days which will see the party approaching the last known location of the monks and,…

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Hi all and welcome to Tuesday where I wanted to shift focus away from the bustling city and into the wilds outside of the safety of Shuimu. I want to go back to one of the…

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