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She who walks the shadowed path

Welcome to Wednesday where we traditionally look at twists, changes and secondary story hooks that drive enjoyment and engagement for our players. Tonight I want to revisit a very special NPC that we looked at a…

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Omens in the Silk

Welcome to Tuesday where tonight I wanted to do a short glimpse in a window within Shuimu. Confusing? Well let’s roll on and get a closer look. Duplicity 221TuDu Kyoko sat next to Siu, she thought…

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A path once travelled

Hi all and welcome to the start of the end of the Month. Tonight I wanted to cover a ‘scene’ that the party encounter as they descend down from the mountains and b-line towards Kyoko with…

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Shuimu’s Guardian

Welcome to another end of week writeup where we follow our adventurers into the last week of our May adventure. This week we move further up into the mountains near Shuimu and explore the monastery with…

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The Golden Beast

Welcome to Friday Fight night! Tonight we look at the statistics for our Giant Golden friend as well as some of the mechanics for this weeks encounter (more to come on the complications this weekend). We…

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