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The Golden Beast

Welcome to Friday Fight night! Tonight we look at the statistics for our Giant Golden friend as well as some of the mechanics for this weeks encounter (more to come on the complications this weekend). We…

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The lost library

Welcome to Wednesday night where we look at twists, turns and secondary hooks – this week I have something hopefully exciting, a bit intense but probably not expected by the foundation I have laid down. So…

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Path of the five tails

Welcome to Tuesday night where we will explore Shiku, the last of the monks who formed the Shuimu’s tails martial arts order. This week our party are finishing their travel up the mountain to see the…

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Misguided resting place

Welcome to another end of week writeup where we follow our adventurers into the second week of adventuring into Ryokughan proper. This week we find our parties making a mistake and camping by what they believe…

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