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Welcome to Brazen Wolfe Tabletop where I bring weekly content focusing on Tabletop & Role Playing Games through Daily blog style updates. My focus is to encourage more people to get into the great, and growing, world of TTRPGs and to give new and experienced game masters tools and content to use at their table.

Each year I look at how I can improve this blog and make additional changes to make it fit best with how the style of my writing is evolving and changing. This year I am focusing on a single adventure per month broken down into weekly ‘session segments’. Some sessions will be shorter, some larger but the idea is that there should be enough content at the end of one month for an adventure arc to happen.

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Notes on the Snowman

Another night has come around and tonight we are looking at Albazhar’s notes on the Snowman. That’s right the mad-scientist mage is back this Dice-ember and he is bringing with him more study and notes on…

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Hello and once again good evening all; welcome to the the third post of Dice-ember and tonight we have a look at our antagonist for this month. Tonight we look at the Animators Journal Catalyst –…

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Animated Snowman

Hello and good evening all. Welcome to the the second post of Dice-ember where we look at the Animated Snowman. This month is shaping up to be quite a chill one indeed and while my country…

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Snowtown Town

Hello and good evening all. Welcome to the the first night of Dice-ember! Tonight we look at one of the maps that I will refer to as Snow Town for the time being. Snowtown Town is…

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Reign of Shadow

Good evening all and welcome to the alternative ending if the party was unable to defeat the Shadow in its keep or, if they decided to not go over the seas with Kyoko. We also will…

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Shadowed Edge

Tonight we look at a very different NPC, tonight we look at the Shadowed Edge – a sentient blade. I tend to stay away from sentient weapons as they are another NPC for me to juggle…

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Refreshed Legacy

Hi all and welcome to a different Monday compared to what we have usually done. Tonight I went back and looked at a refreshed legacy. Tonight I went back to the first month and created A…

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