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Saying farewell

Hi all and thanks for dropping in for tonights writeup around saying goodbye to a character or NPC. Now occasionally we will have a PC die and how we handle that generally is based on the…

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Frozen Dinner

Welcome one and all to a Brazen Wolfe fight night! Friday nights we generally explore the encounters for the week and tonight we have an interesting one – one where the main big bad doesn’t really…

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The Birth of Frost

Hello and welcome to Thursday night where we look at those little bit extra things that help us weave the tapestry of an adventure for our players. Tonight I want to introduce the Yuki-Onna, and Yukri…

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She who brings the frost

Hello and welcome to Wednesday night where tonight we reveal the tip of the iceberg that is The Snow Queen, the Toshio bride and the one who brings frost. Frost Maiden 225WeFrMa As the woman descended…

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The Queen approaches

Hello and welcome to Tuesday night, where we look at the NPCs that are present in our weekly game. This week we are looking at those who are present in the dining hall who do not…

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Unexpected Dinner guests.

Welcome to the last Monday night in this months Ryokughan adventure where, as promised, we reveal what I think is the biggest twist of the year. This week we find the party joining Kyoko, Kuang and…

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Dinner is a great distraction

Welcome to another end of week where this week we are out of the weather, enjoying the hot springs and looking to uncover plots against the Harimasu family within the sacred Toshio family halls – or…

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