Weekend Skirmish – battle report Skaventide vs Blades of Khorne

A quick writeup for a 2000 point game of warhammer age of Sigmar 3.0.

The armies

Skaventide (Moulder) – The Brazen Wolfe

A bit of a long list to get in a single image (on a phone) but there it is. Normally I try and run with a Warlord battalion for an extra artefact/free 1 command point. The idea here was for the board with meaningless (sorry rattos) chaff and play the objective game. I hadn’t used rat ogors before in 3.0 but remember them being mediocre. So I was going to use them with my hellpits as a counter punch once my giant rats failed.

Was also hoping to use unleash more more beasts command trait multiple times per which meant making sure that they would be dying in every phase

Blades of Khorne – Josh

A pretty scary list with a focus on stacking +1 attacks on the bloodthirster and bloodletters to try and dish out scattered mortals. Having dealt with bloodthirsters of Insensate rage a few times and having witnessed them butcher armies before I was a bit worried. I mean the thing is only 280 points!

A big difference in drops here so skaven was my ever going to get the choice. With that in mind lets talk about the battle plan.

Power in numbers

An interesting battle plan. 6 objectives 3 just in each players territory. You score 2 points per tactic you complete but only score VP when you burn and objective (starting at round 2) which is worth more points the longer you have hold it. 2 points if you just nabbed it, 4 points if you held it the turn before the current and 8 points if you held it since turn 1.


Deploying a wall of giant rats across the entire front of the battlefield with rat ogors as a second wall followed by heroes, support units and hellpits to ensure that the bubbles from the master moulders, pack masters and bell had good coverage for buffs.

Khorne had heroes up front to lead the charge with the blocks of letters covering the three objectives. Wrathmongers and Bloodsecrator auras overlapping to give the majority of army giving a bonus +2 to attacks. The bloodmaster was positioned within teo blobs of bloodletters to get them to fight straight after him.

After deployment I selected my hellpit on roids to be loved by his daddy master moulder more, adding 1 to his already impressive 14 wounds. Karanak selected my bell as his target of affections.

Josh gave me 1st turn.

Round 1

Skaven turn 2.

Tactic: Ferocious Advance (2 units of giant rats and a 2 man unit of rat ogors)

I tried to generate an additional command point for my master moulder with rabid crown but failed as I rolled 2. My opponent bloodthirster gained an additional unbind with heroic willpower.

The bell tolled and rolled a 2, giving myself 2 mortals and killing 1 rat from my 12 rat shield and dealing 3 wounds to my master moulder near my bell. No shrugs were made. I then tried to cast warpgale but failed with a double 1. Rerolling with the generic command trait master of magic i re-rolled the casting attempt getting double 1s again. Oof. Suffering 2 mortals (non shrugged) this ended my hero phase… The great horned rat was obviously mad at me

Running my up units I made a line to prevent my opponent from getting any where near my objectives whilst I set up for a counter charge if he fid made his way here. I scored 2 vp

Khorne turn 1

Heroic will power went off for his bloodthirster and I healed 1 wound on my screaming bell.

He then ran up most of his army to push into the middle of the field, shooting with his flesh hounds borks at my giant rats on the left flank.

The skull cannon shot at my bell and failed to wound

They fell to the dogs attack (2 models died). The dogs then charged the rats and they died easily to 12 attacks. Spending a cp and rolling a 5 I summoned the 6 man unit of rats into his backline threatening his left and middle objectives.

Round 2

Skaven turn 2

Selecting monstrous takeover i knew id be able to keep one of my hellpits on the objectives away from the bloodthirster. Opting to heal my screaming bell (heroic recovery) I rolled a 6 and healed 1 wound.

Casting spells I managed to get warpgale off dealing 1 mortal to his blood thirster but halving his move,run and charge characteristic. My second spell, mystic shield, was unbound by Karanak dealing 2 mortals to my bell.

Moving my giant rats up to screen my forces and backing them up with rat ogres, moulder support and hellpits I moved a bit too close to his bloodthirster so he redeployed closer to my rats and out of sight from 2 of my rat ogor warp guns.

My screaming bell went down one gnawhole on my right side of the table and to the left to support where the majority of my troops would be.

Shooting, not much. Dealt 1 wound to bloodthirster. No charging was declared as I braced for the khorne charge.I

Scored 2 points this round. And opted to not burn

Khorne turn 2

Ok. Pain town. Battle tactic was broken ranks, picking my 12 man unit of rats near the bloodthirster and 20 bloodletters. On the right of the map. Healing bis bloodthirster to full he moved to get army wide charges on my forces, but. He ignored my 6 man unit of giant rats on his left objective – moving off it so I gained control.

A small misplay on my behalf, I redeployed my rats when the first unit got within 8 meaning his bloodthirster could still move to get to 3″ away. I rolled a 1.

Shooting, a pot shot from his skull canon missed when targeting my screaming bell.

Charge phase. Oof. bloodthrister rolled a 8 (halved to 4) and just made his charge. If he had failed Josh would have struggled to get his battle tactic. Everything else made the charge into my rat walls and engaged all my rat ogors and my suped up hellpit

Well well. The giant rats all died, except my left wall who only suffered 3 casualties from the 6 bloodletters who attacked.

The bloodthrister attacked and killed the giant rats, the master moulder and a rat ogor model. Luckily it was only one proc of outrageous carnage.

My rat ogors (6 man unit) engaged. Killed the bloodmaster and 4 wrath mongers with only 3 models being within range to fight. Wow.

My 6 man giant rats on the left flank, protecting my pack masters and hellpit from being charged, managed to kill 3 blood letters well done rattos! They also shuffled along so that they would block his skullgrinder from getting anywhere near my hellpit. The bloodletters retaliated and killed 3 rats, leaving a gap for my hellpit. The hellpit killed the rest of the bloodletters (oof) and the skullgrinder. He earnt his points in that one combat.

The last 4 rat ogors (2 units of 2) piled into the central blob blood letters and killed them down to 6 models from 20. Considering 1 of them was out of range the rat ogors when supported by pack masters AND a master moulder with rabid crown was brutal.

I tried to bring back my 12 man unit of rats but failed with a roll of a 3.

Battleshock. All his units that suffered casualties fled. All of them. My rat ogors who suffered 1 loss stayed around, phew, but my giant rat pack on my right side fled.

But a cp and they were brought back to capture his other forgotten objectives. I now controlled 5 of 6 objectives. That was until he burnt his middle objective scoring 5 points for the round putting him on 7 to my 4. I then controlled all objectives.

Round 3

The rats did it. Rolled a 6 and kept turn order. No scary double turn.

Skaven turn 3

Start of round I selected aggressive expansion, I already controlled the two objectives in his territory so it was already a thing. I healed my rat ogor packs, rolled a 8 for the bell and splashed mortals across his entire army. That felt good. I also healed my bell, rolling a 4 i tried to heal d3 and got a 1. Sad rat.

Spells. His bloodsecrator was within 16″so I tried cracks call. A 4″ move meant surely he would die. Rerolling the success into another success I was then unbound my the filthy bloodthirster. Dam nit. Then casting warpgale to stop the bloodthirster from getting away i got a 13″. Being within 1″ of gnawhole is Precious. But he rolled a natural 8 and I suffered 4 mortals and failed my cast. Damn it.

He kept the theme of extra unbind for heroic action and spend 8 points for exploding 6s army side. A bit terrifying.

Movement. I ran my rats up using their vanguard once per game 6″ run to get near his altar to prevent future summoning as I planned on leaving him heroless soon. I moved my bell home to be near the thirster and provide battleshock immunity where there would be the most rat casualties.

Shooting I did nothing. Feels bad.

Charging, I got everything in. My suped up hellpit on the left flank got into the wrsthmonger unit and flesh hounds, sending everything. into the wrathmongers. My 6 man rat ogors charged into

My regenerative hellpit got into the bloodthirster and started swinging with Titanic Duel. Sending avalanche of flesh into the remaining bloodletters next to their king(?) I managed to deal 4 mortals out of 5. The hellpit dropped the bloodthirster down to 4 wounds from 14. Close.

Spending a command point he made his thirster fight at full profile. No 6s rolled to explode, and 2 misses. Then only a single 6 on the wound roll into my 6 man (now 5 man as a deadly check on the charge killed one…) feral rat ogors. This left my rat ogors on a single wound on a single model left.

My 2 man rat ogor unit on that side moved up and piled closer to the thirster to wall off my last feral rat ogor model and slew all but 5 bloodletters from that unit. Not bad for 2 models outside of buff range.

He swung with his skullcannon, killing my poor 3 man unit of giant rats (charged in as a unleash hell deterrent)

My hellpit opened up a can of hurt on the wrath mongers leaving none alive.

My feral rat ogor attacked the bloodthirster and after the bloodsettled the leader of the khorne forces was over-killed by 2 damage!

Mop ups continued and at the end only 9 flesh hounds, Karanak, 4 letters and the skullcannon (on 1 wound) was left standing. Burning all objectives and completing my tactic AND killing a monster saw me gain 19 points and leaving no objectives left on the field.

Losing all my giant rat packs, re-summoning 2 of them though, 5 rat ogors from my original 6 man pack, 1 from one of my 2 man pack and 2 from my 4 man pack most of my field was battleline. My screaming bell was feeling the hurt, but he kept my forces from running, both my hellpits had suffered some wounds that they would heal and be fine with in the end and losing 1 master moulder (nearly 2…) It was a close battle until the fighting beasts of moulder got into the fray.

At the end of the battle I have a new respect for rat ogors.

Thanks for listening to my writeup! It was a tense game at points there.

As always don’t forget to roll with advantage,

The Brazen Wolfe