A Brazen Update

As the COVID situation in Australia, well it’s doing something, but regardless of whats going on with it and the new variants out there I am finally able to return back into the office where I normally work (about 1.5 hours commute from home).
This is a great step moving forward to get out and mingle with the new team I joined in February 2021 (of which I have met them in person twice in the last year…) but it also means some potential changes to this blog.

I anticipate that the long hours, long commute and the other duties and activities I have outside of work will sometimes lead to delays in posting updates here, for BTW. But, don’t fear I will endeavour to post something daily but it some things may just be the following morning rather than the night of the day – so a small disclaimer if there I am a few hours later than anticipated.

Or I may be many many hours early and you may think that I have been sipping on some form of Abyssal Naga venom… Who knows what the new world will bring but I will still be here, just may be writing to a different schedule.

As always, find that spark of creativity, be good to your fellow humanoid and as always, roll with advantage – it’s a strange world out there and we can all use that extra little bit of luck.
The Brazen Wolfe