Come with me on an adventure…

So here’s the plan…

Literally everyone – ever

A great many things in tabletop roleplaying games (TTRPGs) start with those words so I felt it was fitting to do the same.

The plan…
Every week I want to spend some time going through the process I have refined over my many, many years of TTRPG game mastering to build at least 1 adventure a week.

By creating a few different versions of key elements of the session and focusing on a different element each day I hoped to have created a few options for the last step, more on that below.


Mondays I want to focus on creating the overall story for the week. The plot, the goal of the party whether its for dungeons and dragons, open legends or something else you play the story should slot nicely in. Whether you need to go slay the red dragon that has been attacking nearby farms and villages, or escort the prince on his wedding day (which he simply does not want to do), or learn who has been attacking the farm and leaving giant stone boulders and crushed corn the plot of the session drives the story the party goes on.


Tuesdays I want to focus on the main NPC of the adventure, be it a witch, dragon or a genetically modified raccoon. They are the bad guys, the healers you need a potion from, the princess you need to take to the neighbouring kingdom to broker peace – they help drive the story and give the party someone or something to focus on.


Wednesdays I want to investigate twists.
What happens when gathering the herb from the forest to make the potion to cure the mayor’s cat.
What happens if that mutant you were hired to capture is actually the leader of the resistance trying to create a cure for the nano-bot plague that has infected the population of Neon City.
What happens if the thing you have been fighting against all these months is really, just yourselves from a future time period who is trying to stop the calamity you have been accidently misled into doing…

Twists are important, they give the players a sense of wonderment, that unknown, that sudden gain of knowledge or further understanding can make a great session one for the ages.


Thursdays I want to reserve for map and the flow of the adventure as for me it takes the most effort.
Does the road to the hermit who can decode that ancient scroll lead through an ancient forest, or up the side of a mountain?
His hut, is it out in the open or hidden behind the legs of a elderly treant who long since lost his mind?
Does the road itself have valleys, hills and plains that the party must traverse?
Does it go above, under or over the surface of this world you have imagined?

This is also a place to look at how they move through your story. Doe the party travel by horse and cart, hoverbike, tank, truck, donkeys or the magnificent Wafflelump – a flying two headed goose with the legs of a cat? That part is up to you.

The map or journey the players go through is sometimes just as exciting from a storytelling perspective than the fights or encounters.. speaking of such..


Fight night!
Yup, Fridays are about encounters. Whether your caravan is ambushed by diseased kobolds and their traps, or, maybe it’s a fight to survive the traps or puzzles in a long lost catacomb of horrors; encounters generally pit the party against dangers or challenges that look to hinder or distract the party from completing their quest.

Sometimes your players only show up for the encounters, but investigating the other elements of an adventure could help to bring your players around to appreciate the other important aspects of a TTRPG.


The weekend..

Now I have a plan for the weekend. I want to take the favourite bits from the week and make a full adventure and publish it here. That’s it.
Taking what was discussed and getting it ready as the framework for the next session.
Whether that is this Saturday night, next Saturday or somewhere in between I hope to be able to have something that would be able to drive the adventure.

That would be an adventure every week comprising the things discussed during the week. That’s the goal.

Feel free to use anything you find useful in these blogs in your own games.
Like the NPC but not the plot? Go for it, take and use to your hearts’ content.
Want to use plot but hate that the king is sick and his daughter is hungry for the crown and will do anything to get it? Change it up, adjust and create an adventure that is purely yours.


Please do consider spreading the word of what I have created here so more people can enjoy it. These games are great, dare I say essential to many – and in a world where a great plague has impacted every single one of us in some way – perhaps creating a little safe space where people can escape from the outside world is all it takes to change someones’ day or more…

That’s all for now,
Dont forget to Roll with advantage
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