Dare to trespass into the woods..

First Monday, no pressure… Ok we have a fairly easy one today as I was listening to a playlist and scrolling through some old photos today’s topic of stories almost wrote themselves. So sit back, have a drink and enjoy.

01MoEs (will explain this another time)

The local kingdoms king has sent out a call for aid, his daughter, the crown princess Lisa, has fallen ill to (supposedly) a witch’s curse and only the rumoured healing waters of Buttebing spring within the dark Mant forest can cure the curse. The king asks the party of adventures to escort the princess to the healing spring and bring her back safely. The king offers a favour that the party will name upon return of his daugther if they are able to return with his daughter cured from the curse.


The local village populace have approached the party as they took respite in the local Tavern, the Frisky Steer. The village folk alert the party to a merchant, whose’ business was reportedly failing, who was going to enter the nearby forest for he has found the source of a great healing tonic that thrived on the muddy embankments upon the Yooligo river systems. A nearly blind woman comes forward from the back of the crowd and warns the party that a powerful witch guards this magical ingredient and has threatened to curse the entire village if they touch what grows on the banks of the river.


As the party leave the inn you have rested at for the past two nights waiting for a benefactor to meet them, he never did come, they see a man in the tattered clothes of a merchant standing in front of a building that is more charcoal than wood. The man sobs into his upturned palms and apologies to someone called Sylvia. As the party approaches the man tells you of his story, how the business was the means to earn enough money for his mother and father to live in comfort for their remaining days. Now it lies in ruins, a burnt shell much like his hopes for his parents’ futures. He requests the party to go seek the healer who promised to make him healing potions which they failed to deliver on their end of the bargain. If possible, the party bringing back the healing potions could save his business and family.


The local alchemist has excitedly approached the party claiming that she has uncovered an ancient scroll that speaks of a creature in the woods whose milk could cause a man to live forever. The alchemist, although apparently brilliant, is acting erratic and a lot of the villagers overhearing her say she’s gone mad. She insists that if the party could go find the creature that it’s existence alone is enough to grant her the recognition she deserves and that the discovery would lead to peace within the land.

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