Bonus – Why Roll with advantage?

Hi all, so wanted to take a minute or so to explain why I always sign off the way I do. Apologies if it gets a bit real.

For me, I am not overly lucky, well yes and no. I rarely win anything that relies on luck, rolling dice tends to go in the favour of what ever deity is opposing me at the time and I have had to work long and hard at what I do to be remotely successful.

What I have noticed these past two years, well 22ish months, of lockdown and being away from colleagues and friends is that there are some things you can tweak to make things go in your favour.

Everyone is doing it rough these days. People have lost their jobs, their relationships, some people have unfortunately lost their lives to things that could have been prevented and it’s emotionally exhausting listening to the news or updates from what’s going on. So by just being that little bit more lenient or understanding at work, or the game table and simply enjoying the company that you are around or with can sometimes be enough to make you realise that despite the Nat 1s that 2020 and 2021 have consistently thrown at us maybe there is a sneaky Nat 20 hiding amongst that pile of jailed dice. All we have to do is realise its there and, roll with advantage.

It started at work, just wishing people a bit of extra luck and getting my new team to see the nerdy-geekiness that I can bring out at the flip of a switch and people began to open up. Instead of wishing people “Good luck with that meeting” or “make sure to wash your hands” despite both being very valid messages I started to say “Roll with advantage today all” and it made people laugh, people shake their heads and smile and I hope it made the day that little bit better.

So when I say Roll with advantage what I am wishing everyone is just that ability to stop, pause, reflect and look at all we have and have achieved and to pluck that 20 from the cascade of 1s.

So, that’s me, The Brazen Wolfe, signing off for now and I will talk to you all later for our regular posted content.