Dice-ember day 17

Welcome to day 17 of Dice-ember! Today, I wont lie, I’m not quite ready to reveal somethings but we are so close to finishing Dice-ember that there really isn’t much left to go through. So no lets explore two new things that are ready to go out.

A reminder to everyone out there to take some time this December to spend time with those you are close too and maybe organise an afternoon, evening or full day to play your favourite Tabletop game with your favourite friends.

Experiment 507


“The spider shows great promise despite the failures of the first few its kind. It isn’t overly aggressive but the fey blood that links it to us ancestors gives it more intelligence and self awareness than I thought possible for an arachnid.” He paused as he dipped his quill into more of the purple velvet like ink he was using.

Dabbing the excess away he continued. “The spider is, for lack of better words, showing signs of vanity and narcissistic traits particularly around its long Silvery thread which it uses to build its webs and, surprisingly, nests. However if someone was to deliberately, or accidentally for that matter, break the silken thread the in spider becomes aggressive and has displayed some affinity to enchantments much like it’s predecessors, the sprites.” He paused as he studied the dissected creature in front of him, noting the clearly spider like parts but also noting the enlarged brain, muscles and chitinous plates over its face as well as some drastic changes in its spinnerets.

The spider seems to attempt to strike fear into those who disturb its threads, if the fear fails then it will attempt to bewilder them with visions before coming in to bite its victims. However once the target is under the enthral of its spells or poisoned it seems to like to steal small items such as jewellery, keys, coins, trinkets and the like.

Fey silk cloak

The Fey Silk cloak is made from a special thread produced by the Spirinak spider. The cloak seems to glow in the moonlight and when viewed at different angles, as if someone walking by, the cloak shimmers and shifts as if phasing between one plane and another.

The user of the fey silk cloak can as an action create a nearly invisible line of Spirinak spider from one point to another as long as the start and end points are within 10 feet of each other. If any creature walks through the line of silk the user of the cloak will be alerted to the creatures movement (as per the alarm spell). Three such strands of silk can be laid at any one time.

The Fey Silk Cloak also has 6 charges. If the user expends charge they can also imbue the silken thread with a magical affect with a save DC14.

  1. Charm person, who ever comes in contact with the silken strand comes under the affect of the Charm person spell.
  1. Tasha’s hideous Laugher, who ever comes in contact with the silken strand comes under the affect of the Tasha’s Hideous Laughter spell.
  2. Enthral, who ever comes in contact with the silken strand comes under the affect of the Enthral spell.
  3. Enemies Abound, who ever comes in contact with the silken strand comes under the affect of the Enemies abound spell.

Well that’s it for today, thanks for joining me and looking at a created creature and an item created from the silk it produces. You may notice that this post may adjust or update in the next day or so as I was having a few issues with the PC when writing this one up which causes some updates to go astray. Apologies.

Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for day 18 of Dice-ember and as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe