The seekers of the lost god. P1

Xer’lyss looked over their host as they sped forward across the ashen ground, rotting wood and shattered stone. Chariots, steeds of slaanesh carrying daemonettes and mortals alike, heralds and mortals who ran in foot wanting to curry favour with the warhost as they sped ever closer to their forgotten prince.

Breathing in deeply they detected the waft of the sleeping prince and eyes flickering with ecstacy as they detected the faintest trail of whome they sought. But there was a darker, danker smell on the breeze. One of death, of bones and of rot.

Sending one of their fastest riders off they began to prepare for the hunt, mustering the host for battle and driving them ever forwards towards their god. A few hours later their rider returned carrying a shield of solid bone, expertly crafted from shoulder blades, skulls and the like to be a work of art. Violence and even the harvesting of bones from the living in excess was still a calling to Slaanesh. A wicked smile spread across Xer’lyss’s face as a shiver of anticipation wracked her body.

Letting out a trill that resonated through the host. All steeds, mortals and daemons stopped and watched as her alabaster steeds tore off, her returning rider leading the way to the bone reapers and their tithe of excess.

Yup it’s finally Warhammer night!

As I prepare for a battle against my opponent, a friend I am teaching AOS 3 to, I wanted to make my army as thematic as possible. For me Slaanesh is fast, lithe and deadly and for me that’s chariots, mounted troops and super fast daemons. It may not be the most competitive army but to help my friend learn the hobby and new edition (not so new for many of us) I believe it will do just fine.

My list

Allegiance: Slaanesh
– Host: Godseekers Host
– Grand Strategy: Sever the Head
– Triumphs: Bloodthirsty

Synessa, The Voice of Slaanesh (260)*
Viceleader, Herald of Slaanesh (140)*
 Lore of Slaanesh: Born of Damnation
Xer’lyss – Bladebringer, Herald on Exalted Chariot (265)*
 Command Trait: Speed-chaser
 Artefact: Girdle of the Realm-racer
 Universal Spell Lore: Flaming Weapon

5 x Hellstriders with Claw-spears (135)**
5 x Hellstriders with Claw-spears (135)**
5 x Hellstriders with Claw-spears (135)*
1 x Seeker Chariots (130)*
1 x Seeker Chariots (130)*

5 x Blissbarb Seekers (220)*
5 x Blissbarb Seekers (220)*
3 x Fiends (200)**

Core Battalions
*Battle Regiment
**Hunters of the Heartlands

Total: 1970 / 2000
Reinforced Units: 0 / 4
Allies: 0 / 400
Wounds: 118
Drops: 4

The opposition

Allegiance: Ossiarch Bonereapers
– Legion: Mortis Praetorians
– Mortal Realm: Shyish
– Grand Strategy: Hold the Line
– Triumphs: Bloodthirsty

Arkhan the Black, Mortarch of Sacrament (360)
Katakros, Mortarch of the Necropolis (450)
Liege-Kavalos (185)
– General
– Command Trait: Katakros’ Chosen
– Artefact: Artificer’s Blade

20 x Mortek Guard (280)
– Nadirite Blade and Shield
– 2x Soulcleaver Greatblades
– Reinforced x 1
20 x Mortek Guard (280)
– Nadirite Blade and Shield
– 2x Soulcleaver Greatblades
– Reinforced x 1
5 x Kavalos Deathriders (190)
– Nadirite Blade and Shield

Gothizzar Harvester (215)
– Weapon: Soulcrusher Bludgeons

Total: 1960 / 2000
Reinforced Units: 2 / 4
Allies: 0 / 400
Wounds: 103
Drops: 1

Teaching my friend is a true joy. Keen as a knife, smart as a whip he learns quickly and we got into the swing of things by the end of round 1. Despite our best efforts we left it at the end of round 2, turn 1 and the beginning of OBT turn 2 at 2am on Sunday morning.. unfortunately this means that we will have to wait to see if Xer’lyss can defeat Katakros and Arkhan’s combined might.