The Silverborn lining of Dark clouds

Welcome to the end of the week writeup where we look at whats happening upon Kyoko’s ship – the Red Fleets Dancing Drake.

As the sea throws a Squall at them they also have black sails following them and no way to outrun them short of going through the storm itself.

Silverborn’s Storm

As the party settle into the Dancing Drake as it travels on the waves they encounter a large storm that is approaching them at fast rate. Not only that but they have also a pirate ship following them and gaining on them.

The storm hits hard and Siu is ordered to take Lizbet below deck by Kyoko who suggests to the party to tie ropes around their waist and then to the ship itself to prevent them from being lost to the waves.

Not long after the storm hits the Pirates make their move and attempt to board the ship.

Area of note

The boat – The Red Fleets Dancing Drake is where the party find themselves calling the ship home, for the time being at least.

NPCs in this adventure

Elizabeth “Lizbet” Scaulder

Lizbet is taken below deck when the storm hits and will heal those who are able to be healed after the fight happens – however she wont come to the top of the deck (as Siu wont let her).

Koyko Harimasu

Kyoko spends her time between the help, coordinating the crew and looking at her maps in her cabin. When the storm hits and the pirates board the ship she will not leave the helm and will stay there to keep it safe.


Random NPCs. The Dancing Drakes Crewmates.

Environment and running the adventure

The Weather

The weather affects on the ship come and go (see Wednesdays post for a full writeup)

When a particularly bad wave hits the boat, a skill check results in a failure that would cause the ship to lurch or shift a DC14 Dexterity check will be required for the party to avoid falling prone on the deck.

Helping the ship

Moving about the deck to tie or untie sails, tie down cargo or hatches and the like or assisting at the helm. This can be done by a DC14 or DC15 Water vehicle check.

Helping/Saving the Crew

To help save a overboard crew member, lift up a crate or barrel of a pinned crewmate or you can roll a DC 14 Athletics or Strength check.

Repelling invaders

To push boarding planks or invaders into the sea a DC12 (or 14 if particularly heavy) Athletic or Strength check will see them in the water. To cut boarding ropes it would be a attack roll with an attack that could destroy or cut the rope (AC 8, HP 10).

The Boat – See Map


For this fight let’s assume that the party is Level 4. For this fight Milligan wont appear on deck unless his crew look to be having trouble, which they will with our party, and when he does fight he will bring 3 to 5 of his crew into the fray with him. He uses them much like a sailor uses knots, to hold things in place while he can make the most out of the situation at hand and control the flow of the battle. For this encounter I would have 2 to 3 pirates attacking every 2 rounds, roll a d6 and add the number of pirates that are left fighting the party on the Dancing Drake if the result is 4 or Less then another 2 or 3 pirates will also join the fray.

Once 10 pirates have been dispatched then Milligan and his crew will join. If Milligan drops below 20 HP he will retreat to his ship and if the party look like they will dispatch the rest of his crew easily he will cut the lines (if not already cut) and will flee with his remaining crew to not return. He will plead a parley if he cant escape and is injured.

Milligan Silverborn (Dragonborn Pirate captain)

Born on the seas and pledged to the lord of the waves Milligan grew up with a connection to the weather and to the pirates he called family. After several years he grew so used to the rough seas to the west of Faerun that his proficiency went from something inherent to something mystical and those who fought with him also became like water and wind across the decks of those they sought to plunder from.

Silverborns Crew

The crew that follow Milligan Silverborn are more accustomed to life on the waves and amongst the storms than others and believe that their captain and the sea itself will protect them. As such they rarely wear any armour so their movement can flow across their prey like waves spilling over a deck

Thanks for joining this week. This week there was trouble on the water which overflowed onto the deck and caused issues for the crew and the party. As Pirates boarded they were forced to not only defend the ship but also keep it afloat and on course.

Don’t forget to come back next week as we look to wrap up this months adventure and look at some bonus content for the final adventure.

Oh, and as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe