The Toshio Fort

Welcome to a Tuesday night here at Brazen Wolfe Tabletop where tonight I have planned a small update as I don’t want to take away from the other plans I have for this week. In an effort to stop myself from revealing too much during the NPC night I will add a few NPCs to our existing known list of characters to hopefully sate your hunger for more content for this weeks adventure.

Lord Toshio’s and ‘His Court’


Lord ‘Teng’ Toshio

Teng Toshio is a a cousin to the heir to the Toshio family and holds some small amount of power and influence over the court. Given his title and the family lands near the Rimespire mountains he is tasked with guarding the families lotus pond which lives at the peak of the mountain where the keep is situated. He married the cousin of Kyoko Harimasu several years ago at an attempt to have mutual bonds between the two great families however due to the distance from the main families inheritance and status neither he or his wife hold much power in either family.


One of the newer and younger into the Toshio’s house guard he rides With Lucian – both of who were hired (or purchased as slaves) by the Toshio family to guard the keep and in doing to the Lotus.

Not as jaded or hate filled towards the Harimasu family he is extremely confident in his ability but hold no animosity to anyone other than the spirits and their shadowy puppet master.


Unlike Ruben Lucian has grown up to hate all other families other than the one who he serves, the Toshio family. Bitter, resentful and sick of the cold he takes particular delight in goading people who be knows he can outmatch in a fight, or those who would lose face if they were to dare to fight him. Generally unpleasant he has a fondness for animals and will care for them above all else, except for power – power is what he cares for above everything else.

Lord Ten Toshio trusts Lucian and they can be seen walking together with Lucian being the muscle to Teng’s quick wit.


A mute girl who works in the Toshio household – a familiar face to some she goes by the given name of Sasha and can be seen following and watching the Harimasu heiress and her party of adventures from the shadows.

Thanks for joining me tonight to get a glimpse at the NPCs that we will work with this week. This week I will have two different encounters set up, one starting with tomorrow nights plot twist and the other on our regular fight night as we set the final stage for the closing act for this Month. Don’t forget to come back each day this week as we continue to develop and grow our adventure and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe