Those that bowed

Hello and welcome to Tuesday night, and tonight we will look at the NPCs that are present in our quaint village near the Kugani Ranges. Following on from last night we investigate who remain in the village, what motivates them and why do they reach out to the party so openly.

Merchants and Mice


Ester Yukimono

One of the Villagers who was willing to talk to the party as they approached her store that sells predominantly hand-crafts and some minor blessed talismans that her aunt creates.

After the party show interest in her wares, or not, she reveals that these are the last of the talismans her aunt would be making as the villagers wont let her make any more. She specialises in warding talismans that keep the spirits and fey-folk away but according to the deal made with the Toshio Yuki-onna spirit all such wards and talismans were banned in the village until further notice to avoid the queens wrath. She explains that her house was the first one to be destroyed by the wind, but she seems a bit uncertain about this

Jason Keening

A seasoned merchant in Ryokughan, Jason travels across the main roads within the central area of the continent taking wares from one city to the next bringing back his profits to get items from port cities to take them inland for resale.

Well versed in the land and handy with a sword and bow he doesn’t shy away from conflict but is highly superstitious and based on what he has seen and gone through no one can blame him. Although able to defend himself he would rather barter for a peaceful approach and keeps a bunch of oddities and trinkets behind his seat at the wagon for the fey and spirits that would request a trade – his life or something of value.

Hugh Grohw

Hugh is not native to Ryokughan and came over on a trading vessel chasing his then love of his life. Older and more jaded now he doesn’t chase beauties any more and instead runs the local inn at the village before the Kugani Ranges take hold and travellers decide to run the gauntlet between the towering peaks.

Nervous and more cowardly than the average mouse Hugh is susceptible to intimidation, persuasion by force or any form of deception – probably how he found himself running an inn at the edge of civilisation – but he fears the safety of others more than his own. He believes that to die with blood on your hands by any means will leave a debt upon his soul and in doing so he wont be able to pass on, cursed to wander the world as a vengeful spirit who prays on those braver than he was in life.

Thanks for joining tonight to look at three NPCs for this weeks encounter and perhaps for some more in the future. Don’t forget to join me tomorrow night for more content – twists and turns that change our perspective on the situation and perhaps illuminate a bit of this mystery that covers the Kugani Ranges. Thursday we will look at additional content and that leaves us with Friday where I need to work out what we can encounter in something that, as planned, won’t full of combat.

I want to try something a bit different this week and put off the naming of the village to my readers. If you have a name for this village, the one at the end of civilisation before the famous Kugani Ranges then leave a comment and I will select the best name and add it into our adventure. So don’t forget to think of some great name and at the end of the month I select one, and, as always don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe