Driven onwards…

Well it’s been a wild weekend.

Sadly a lot of Dexterity and Constitution saving throws were failed this weekend which resulted it nearly no time for the blog during daylight hours nor last night.

As such I have updated last night’s encounter overview with more of my thoughts from my external notes as what I managed to publish last night wasn’t what I was happy with so I spent a bit of time polishing it a bit tonight.

Tonight I want to do a creative piece focusing on the scenes from yesterday, well tonight, but still Friday’s post.. any way. Enjoy.

As the creature took the sky and spread its wings wide a screeching chorus of wind and sound burst forth from it Jason looked back into the wagon at the other three passengers, Kyoko having sunk an arrow into the beast somewhere moments earlier.

“Brace yourselves! Close the doors and hatches! That beast is doing something!” and with that he whipped the horse as hard as he could, spurring the old horse to dash forward to try and break free of the valley. As the wagon passed the furthest part member back Jason screamed the same to the party, to flee and run as quickly as they could – but his words were taken from his mouth and thrown to the cacophony that the creature summoned as two mighty spears of ice launched from it into two peaks, one either side of the valley, embedding it deep into the ground and rock causing a rumble of complaining earth to answer.

Moments of nothing but a distant rumble could be head, mere heart beats before a splitting like ice and rock cleaving in two before an entire ice shelf shifted and began to fall down the steep valley walls, catching and bringing more ice and snow and rocks into its cause as the avalanche became a living entity all on its own – baying for the lives of all in the valley as it broke trees, shattered rocks and hurtled towards the party and the wagon.

The party were keeping pace with the Wagon, if not slightly in front as they horse found it hard to gain traction and pull the wagon through the rocky road. A body, tired and weary threw itself onto the bench next to Jason as Ester hauled herself onto the wagon that was moving just about as fast as it could, but the wall of ice, rock and snow was moving faster. The creature was swooping the party and wagon now, getting glancing blows on them as they made a break for the mouth of the valley where the snow would spread outwards and not funnel directly into them.

“Jason!” he heard Kyoko cry from the sealed wagon behind him, but he already knew, the wall of the avalanche was about to hit the wagon.

He lashed himself to the seat and threw the rope to Ester to do the same as he gave one final spur of encouragement to the horse as the wagon lurched forward as the first rocks and snow hit the back of it – pushing it forward at the same time as it started to bury it alive, and whole – the sound of rocks, wood and ice scraping against his wagon was the last thing he heard over the roaring of the avalanche-come-beast as he saw the creature swoop and take another swipe at another party member before the white, cold embrace of snow engulfed him – still pushing him, his wagon, horse and passengers down through the valley whilst burying them under feet of snow and debris.

Thanks for joining me tonight and for sticking through this week, well month really, until the end. Tomorrow you may start to notice some differenced with the blog, small things hopefully but as the week goes on perhaps you will notice more smaller things and some larger changes here – which is exciting times!

Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for the end of week writeup and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe