Faces of the void

Welcome to a Tuesday night where I return to something that I find, quite relaxing actually – creating NPC portraits. So tonight I have more than one face, several faces of the void to be exact to represent some of the different faces that the creature in the castle can take.

Faces of the void


Tonight is a bit of a creative content night rather than one full of writing. This weeks baddie, the Faces of the void, can make anyone see what they want to see. The faces, the forms and even the environment around them is all one grand illusion for this creature. So the ability to make the party, the guards and even the Harimasu family heads believe what the creature wants them to is second nature.

As discussed in Forgotten treasure and the other adventures that week where we introduced, well part of the focus for this month – the Blades of radiance and Potion of Radiance the creature is quite the artist when it comes to illusion. However it is not infallible.

All images created in Artbreeder

Unlike Mugrave and the Quaigin who physically change shape of someone that they have met this creature can create unique faces or copy those of one they have seen. This makes them a potent threat for the party and, to be honest, a difficult thing to do right as a DM.

Thanks for visiting tonight to gain some insight into this weeks adventure. Don’t forget to come back tomorrow and each day this week to see how we expand our adventure. Don’t forget that this is the third last monthly adventure as we move rapidly towards the conclusion of the year and a final confrontation… and, always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
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