Hello all and good evening. Tonight we interrupt the regular planned update with a small message on downtime.

Now regardless of whether it is that you choose to spend your time on you’ll always find yourself wanting a break. Thats why most employment has days iff each week and holiday leave is super important when applying for jobs.

The same can be said for hobbies. You can definitely get hobby burnout and even if you love it sometimes you just need space. But not all the time is it deliberate or negative. Illness or a change in the regular schedule can be enough to enforce downtime. Its these moments that we can assess ourselves to see if we are still on the right track. To see if we still are happy with the value that we get out of the things we invest our time into.

Now… Tomorrow we’ll have two dice-ember posts as we look at wrapping it up for another year. So don’t forget to come back tomorrow and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,

The Brazen Wolfe