The Quarry’s frozen Caverns

The nineteenth day of Dice-ember brings us to the heart of the adventure, the Quarry’s frozen caverns which houses the lair of the enchantress. As the party descend the frozen steps deeper into the stone quarry the what will the darkness below reveal.

The Quarry’s frozen Caverns


As the Guardians finally fell, their coal cores ceasing to burn with unnatural light the quarry fell silent except for the constant flow of frozen water into the lower levels. The path ahead through the quarry under the waterfall curtain appeared to be well worn despite being recently constructed. As they approached the stairs downwards the cacophony of the frigid water was enough to dim the keenest of senses. The sound of water hitting the pool from worn out stone and ice drowned out all other noise and sent sprays of cold water across the visitors.

Frozen blocks of ice led down in a large arcing staircase that doubled back on the cave entrance and lead under the waterfall. Frozen stalactites framed the ceiling like hundreds of razor sharp teeth from some giant beast. The feeling of dread and cold grew with every step down into the darkened depths. However as they stepped officially under the waterfall far below them was a flickering bright light that promised warmth and a reprieve of the darkness.

Somewhere deep below the arcane thrum was felt by those attuned to the mystical arts. A ritual was being undertaken down below. For this level of power to be felt at this distance it would be a strong one and it drew the party deeper into the quarry’s depths.

Watchers in the dark

As the party crossed under the stalactites the occasional drip of water or tap of a pebble or bit of ice falling from above interrupted their thoughts and conversation. But as they descended the wide stairs something watched them from above. Moving on tiny claws to adjust its position it lay in wait above the humans as they walked towards its hiding place.

As the party move towards the final stretch of this adventure its time to throw in the customary ambush encounter. Icicle looking creatures that drop from the roof to impale the party. But that’s not all this week brings as our young antagonist finishes up her ritual and the party are left to deal with the consequences. With a big week ahead you can’t forget to come back each day this week to see whats next instore for our party. Oh and as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe