Always make time…

Tonight I wanted to have a quick post before calling it an early night. Tonight I had the absolute glory and pleasure to walk my best friend through their first ever game of Age of Sigmar.

Now this by itself is rewarding enough but not only did I get my pants thrashed but I learnt more about my own army.

The importance of bringing new people into the hobby cant be underestimated. Was it the most challenging game? Not at all. Was it the best painted models? Most were proxy. And of course, there was some room for ‘normally we do this, but in this case… It’s fine’. All of which helped a new player and hobby-ist confirm what they had planned. This makes it all worth while.

But it also reminded me or something truly important.

The enjoyment you get when you spend some time to play a game with a friend. No pressure to win, no worries about consequence of mistakes or forgetting rules. Just playing to spend time with someone you truly enjoy being around.

So this is really a reminder to all. Make sure to relax at the tabletop. It shouldn’t be all sweat and stress. Let go and just have fun with it,

The Brazen Wolfe