Carnival of the Damned

Welcome to another fight-night Friday and tonight we look at the actors who are part of the Carnival of the Damned. There is really only two stat blocks for this weeks encounter which gives us some versatility. But what shines about here is we have an enemy magic user with some pretty nasty tricks behind him. Arbiter Zed is a mean user of the magical arts and as such should be something new for the party. So sit back, grab a coffee and let’s roll into tonight’s adventure.

Carnival of the Damned


Arbiter Zed

Arbiter Zeds carnival of the damned is just that. The people that have been enslaved to work as part of his travelling nightmare fuel for all eternity. That is until someone can kill Arbiter Zed. While not extremely durable, one good smite away from biting it he will hide behind props, in a wagon and use his performers as potential shields. He isn’t above losing one or two cast members to save himself.

Targeting as many people as possible with sleep those who survive the attack will need to deal with his other spells. Heat metal is brutal for any melee warrior. Command, Dissonant whispers and even phantasmal force are also not to be trifled with. However Minor illusion could be used to make it look like a zombie is him standing still, making a pseudo effective duplicate, if only for a turn.

Arbiter Zed – Created in Tetra-cube.

The Carnival of the Damned

These performers will run forward, cartwheeling, laughing and juggling clubs (or limbs) in a morbid display of acrobatics. This should give them a creepy vibe when really they are just engaging into melee. Just because the creature is dead doesn’t crush their dreams of performing now does it?

A general meat shield for Arbiter these creatures are there to distract and provide bodies for the mage to use.

Undead Performer – Created in Tetra-cube.

Thanks for joining me tonight as we get a advanced screening of the carnivals act. This weekend we will investigate them more and maybe look at something else. But the weekend is still young and there are many possibilities. Don’t forget to let me know how you find running these adventures if you weave them into your tabletop routine and as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe