What lies beneath Sparrows Rest Keep

Sunday already, a bit of a delay in getting this out this weekend as the day after a D&D session normally finds me quite tired and brain numb. But I am pretty excited to present what we have today and hope that it finds everyone ready to roll some dice.

Sparrows Rest

The party find themselves approaching the quiet town of Sparrows Rest in the afternoon after hearing that their mayor was offering a tidy sum of gold for adventurers to come to the town and solve a problem with discretion.

Upon reaching the town they are greated warmly by everyone as if they were old friends, making their way to the Dusty Spade, the local Inn, they soon find out that it’s just how the people are in this town, friendly and welcoming to a fault.

The Innkeep advises them that the Mayor was called out to a farm near the keep around midday and that he will seek out the party when he returns from assisting the farmer. The party settle down in the inn for a meal, hungry and not wanting to have rations after eating them over a few days travel and they begin to see the townsfolk trickling in to avoid the afternoon sun.

A loud, prudish boy on the verge of manhood struts into the Inn, several villagers cheer his name, Tim, as he saunters yup to the bar, pushing a few gold pieces over to the Innskeep, Rose Longhammer, as he buys a round of drinks for all present.

He begins to tell a tale of how he lost his grandfathers sword in the belly of a cowardly monster the size of a horse up at the keep at dusk the night before. Several villagers console him but braise his bravery at fighting something that large. His ego seems to swell and another tale almost begins before he notices the party watching him. He approaches the parties table, ordering more ale for them as he does, and sits down without asking. Announcing that he is Tim Carpen, pausing as if expecting applause he continues when none issues forth from those at the table.

He has lost his sword and he wishes the Party to return it to him. He is about to start retelling the tale of his heroics when the Inn door bursts inwards and in steps a weathered but rather unremarkable man. He takes a hat off and wipes sweat from his brow before nodding to Rose and making his way over to the group.

“I would speak to you at my residence if you would be so kind to join me.” he whispers to the party as he waves off Rose returning to the table with several tankards of ale, purchased by the now displaced Tim.

The plot

The Mayor has a problem, crops keep disappearing and every morning something else is missing from the farms in Sparrows Rest. It started a few moons back but it’s become more apparent and they have a holy day approaching that the mayor is concerned will be ruined if the village loses any more of the potential harvest.

The farms crops keep disappearing, sheared off at the ground as if a great scythe had swept in and reeped the crop. It started with a few bags worth of wheat, but last night an entire field disappeared and before that another farmer lost a herd of goats.

The farms closest to the ruins of the old keep appear to be hit first and hardest and even a villager or two has gone missing but no other adventurers who have come to aid the town have been successful. The mayor asks the party to find whats happening to the crops, the livestock and the villagers before its too late. They are to start at dawn and they can have two chests of gold (1500gp) if they can save the village.

The people

Rose Longhammer

When the party return to the inn Rose would put them up free of charge as instructed by the Mayor. After a meal, a few ales and the other patrons disperse Rose tells the party how her she runs the inn by herself now, he daughter used to help her a few months back but thats no more.

If the party investigate it turns out Rose’s daughter and Rose’ brother were the first to disappear, vanished overnight with no sign of struggle at their house. The door was found open and the remains of their wolf-hound was found a day later near the ruins, little more than bones and a few scraps of fur left. She requests that if they do find any information about her brother or her daughter, Susanna, that they bring it back so that she can have closure.

Tim Carpen

Potentially displeased by the Mayor taking the attention from the newcomers ignores the Party and publically states that they must be adventurers of very little renoun to be so poorly equipped to assist the village. His parents are perhaps the most influencial family in the town as Lady Carpen’s (Tims mother) ancestors once defended the lands from what is referred to as “the culling” as massive battle that saw thousands of lives lost, and their bloods, bone and flesh has now enriched the soil.

Tim, secretly, is a coward. Having been at the ruins looking for Susanna, his boyhood crush, had seen something in the ruins and fled, losing his blade as he ran.

Mayor James Goodfellow

A great man with a large heart, he only wants what is best for the town and its people.

The Encounters

The Inn

As the party sleep that night they are woken to a scratching at the wall and something dark on the streets. A few torches and lamps are lit but they are slowly being put out, lamp by lamp.

IF they investigate the party wound find Rose returning from the direciton of the Keep towards the Inn. As she sees the party a furred hand would clamp down over her mouth and drag her between houses.

The culprit is a four ratling skulkers, small by human standards but cruel and fast.

The ruins

Dusk, if the party approach the ruins at night they would find their way uptowards the keep before they are ambushed (see over-keep map) at point of interest (POI) 3. If more than 50% of the attacking forces are salin then they retreat back to the trap door and disappear down it – revealing the entrance to the lair (point 2). Each time the Party return to the keep without finding the trap door change the ambush site and the composition.

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Nightly attacks will happen on the city if they Party dont uncover the source of the Ratlings at the keep. Dusk or during the night.

The underkeep (see map) should have encounters of a few warriors or skulkers at POI 9, 4.

The Encounter of the black rat will be in POI 8.

In POI 7 there should be the brooder encounter but also Rose Longhammers daughter is in the pit, bound with manacles and tending to the rats.

The outcome

The party once defeating the ratlings can return to the village with Rose’s daughter. Decide if the party find Tim’s sword as well.

Once the party return the mayor will give them their small chests of gold (1500gp) and will decalre that the party will always have a place in Sparrows Rest. If the party return to sparrows rest in the future there will be a furnished house that is dedicated to them and a few acres of land that is tilled for them.

Thanks for joining for this weekend’s write up, hope the adventure brings your players some enjoyment.

As always don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe