The White Prince

Welcome to Wednesday where tonight I want to look at the White Prince. The White Prince is new to these lands but power hungry and despite his young age, ambitious. Using what he has found he begins to be more aggressive and this is what brings the adventurers to Pine Ridge. Curious to meet the Prince? Well let’s sit back, grab a coffee and roll on with tonight’s adventure.

The White Prince


As the last of the kobolds moved through the cave he looked across his minions with satisfaction. However he knew that it was a matter of time before a larger male moved into this spot. Well that was his fear. He knew that unless he instilled fear into his pathetic minions that they would default to the next big boss that arrives here. As one of the kobolds was carrying what appeared to be a large polished dish of steel he lashed out with a claw and with a sickening thud separated its head from shoulders. The large dish rolled to the ground

The other Kobolds in the cave stared at him opened mouth and wide eyed, the musk of fear was palpable. With a cold, high-yet rumbling voice he spoke to the humanoids. ‘Let that be a reminder to you. This vermin was coveting the riches that are mine. All riches in, above and around these mountains are mine.'”‘ he spoke as he crawled forward to grab the polished dish and jammed it between roof and floor, creating a distorted mirror.

Some of the remaining kobolds skittered forwards and grabbed the twitching body and head, dragging it out whilst they moved around the lair with renewed vigour. Smiling the prince admired himself in the custom mirror and the food and growing treasure from the area near his den. But the pile was small, growing still, and he wanted more. Looking towards the larger, stronger Kobold nearby the Prince barked at him.


‘Kizzet, where are the other treasures? I thought you said that we had more!’ a mote of white smoke-like drifted from its nostrils ‘Are you keeping some from me?’ he snarled.

The Kobold turned around and dropped to a knee, this one did not smell of fear at all. ‘My Lord. We ran into a issue. a warrior from the village ambushed us and slew a few of our people. As we rallied the female retreated with some of your treasure. We gave chase but she escaped.’ the kobold reported.

‘You will find this warrior and teach this female a lesson. No one steals from me!’ the prince roared as he threw himself onto his treasure and killed animals and started to take his frustration out on the meat.

‘You heard the white prince!’ barked Kizzet, ‘Rally the warriors. We move at dusk!’

Thanks for dropping by tonight. This see’s us with the beginning of a two-stage adventure planned this week where we have Kobolds attacking the village and then the hunt for the white prince. So don’t forget to come back the last few days this week as we explore more. Also don’t forget that with the weekend approaching fast to set aside some time for your own hobby. Whether its painting, building, reading or rolling dice make sure to nurture that creative spark. And lastly, as always, don’t forget to roll it with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

The People of Pine Ridge

Welcome to NPC Tuesday and tonight we are looking at The People of Pine Ridge. Yesterday we were introduced to the young hunter Rashel, the village Elder Penelope and a prestigious farmer Reginald. Tonight we will get a bit more of a glance at our NPCs for the weeks adventure flesh out this adventure a bit more. So sit back, grab a coffee and let’s roll on with the adventure.

The People of Pine Ridge


Elder Penelope

Created in Artbreeder

Penelope has spent most of her life in the village and has earnt a great deal of respect amongst her people. Her father, and his father before him were local heroes. Slayer of beasts, defenders of the village from bandits and monsters and in her youth she aspired to be the same.

But as she got older she was unable to participate in great hunts, or even mild ones and she became content to lead the village. She cares a great deal for everyone within the oaken gates and will put their safety above anything else.


Created in Artbreeder

Coming to Pine Ridge as a young man he quickly spent his timing mining the hills for its wealth. After a few lucky breaks in a row he quickly became the wealthiest man in Pine Ridge. However, instead of taking the wealth elsewhere he bought land, built houses and brought more people to the small village to man his farms.

He is still the wealthiest man in Pine Ridge but he works with the people here, and Elder Penelope, to ensure that Pine Ridge is looked after. He currently has most of his fortune resting on the success of the farms and was planning on funding a mine to bring more people to live in the little Village. If this rumoured dragon continues to eat his animals then he wont be able to put Pine Ridge on the map.

The Hunter Rashel

Created in Artbreeder

Rashel travelled to Pine ridge with her mentor, Lake, who taught her how to track creatures and how to survive in the wilds. A natural with a bow she quickly manged to cement herself in with the people of Pine Ridge.

Not long after her, and her mentors arrival a strange sighting of a beast appeared when she was out on a hunt. Lake, her mentor, decided to investigate alone and he stumbled upon a lair of a ferocious beast. Despite being experienced Lake didn’t survive the encounter and managed to make it back to the village.

Rashel returned home with fresh game for the village half a day later. But instead of being greeted with cheering and happy villagers she was greeted by mourners.

Ever since she has kept a watchful eye over the village in case the beast that killed her mentor returns.


Tonight we have three different people to look at. Reginald is wealthy but supports the town. Supposedly from the goodness of his heart but there may be more than meets the eye. Penelope may be ruthless when it comes to protecting her village but she knows a fight she cant hope to win. Despite the sacrifice of the villages funds her pride as a hunter will likely be the biggest cost when she asks for help from the adventurers.

Thanks for joining me tonight as we looked at the people of Pine Ridge. Tomorrow we get to look at this adventure from a different view point and oh I am excited. So don’t forge to come back tomorrow night for the next part of the adventure. Thanks to everyone who comes back back daily and, as always, don’t forget to roll it with advantage,
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Pine Ridge

Tonight heralds one of my favourite early game encounter that can be scaled up to any level. This weeks adventure centred around Pine Ridge; a small farming community, looks to serve as that adventure that ups the ante. So without giving any more away for this week let’s grab a coffee, sit down and roll on with the adventure.

Pine Ridge


The trip through the hills and mountains upwards towards the large expanse of land at the top of the rise. This land was extremely fertile and it was evident by vast amount of vegetation growing in any suitable soil. The party had however ran into several obstacles on the way up. Hunting snares, pit traps and the like were frequent on the path or just off it. The oddest of them all were traps that released beasts that attacked them on sight. Without a cause or evidence of who caused them they were written off as the pranks of youths the party continued their trek to the town of Pine Ridge who was reportedly in need of heroes.

As they pushed past the last few crests of the mountain range they were ascending they stumbled into the large, oaken gates of Pine Ridge. A few moments of talking to the guards they were let through with nothing less than cheering. In fact the guards proclaimed that they were the adventurers sent to them to aid them. This only increased the volume of noise and frequency of well wishes. However, moving their way through the streets they saw that things were grim. Several wagons had belongings piled up high and several draft horses or mules were attached already or nearby. In fact as they were led towards a large central house the sense of worry increased with each step. Something was not right in Pine Ridge.

The Job

Entering the house they were greeted by a elderly man, woman and a young woman who was dressed like a hunter or scout. They walked through the halls of the house and noticed many of the paintings in the house had images of heroes or hunters who had slain a great beast. There was even one of a dragon hunter mounted at the top of the stairway they ascended. Moving into a small room they were sat down to a small lunch of hot meats and fresh bread.

‘Sadly this is all I can offer you’ the woman said who sat opposite them, the elderly man stood to her left. ‘We have a problem you see. All the game is disappearing and sometimes our livestock goes too.’ she said softly nodding to a servant who closed a door.

‘It wouldn’t be so bad if it was just the animals. It’s not that frequent that I lose my beasts.’ the standing man said. ‘But I lost one of the farms I maintain just last night. Burned to the ground and the people and animals lost or taken.’ he continued. ‘I have had Rashel look into it trying to track what happened. What she found is troubling.’

The young hunter nodded and leaned onto the table. ‘I think we have dragons…’ she breathed out slowly. ‘One or two, young ones at best. But its the only thing that could burn down the houses and that would take and eat that much meat.’ she continued. ‘But I also found something else that confirmed my suspicions.’ she said as she reached into a pouch on her hip. After a moment she produced a long, scaled digit that ended in a sharp claw.

More than just pests

‘A kobold. In fact I believe we have a den of them. My master told me that kobolds gather in great number under the rulership of a Dragon. They worship them like gods. I have no doubt in my mind that there is a dragon somewhere in this mountain.’ she finished as she held out the finger to the party.

‘That’s where you come in. I am the one that placed the request for aid. I hope that you are fit for the task and up to finding out what’s happening in Pine Ridge. For all our sakes I hope its just a few kobolds but we can’t be sure yet.’ the elderly lady said as she sipped on some tea. ‘I hope you will accept our request for aid, we may not have much to offer as a feast but these mountains are full of gold and we have ample to share.’

Tonight I wanted to bring my favourite early encounter to light and bring with it the promise of something more. A dragon is a great encounter to have that really sets the tone for the campaign. We also have the prospect of a kobold nest and I find them one of the most fun low level encounters to be had. However, despite being fun they are quite dangerous and this weeks adventure is going to be a testament to that. So don’t forget to come back daily to keep up with what I am writing here. I hope that you find this encounter as much fun as I believe it will be. Don’t forget to let me know how you go with the adventure and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

The Mystery of Crelion Manor

Tonight and I have again decided to create a zine out of this weeks adventure, The Mystery of Crelion Manor. This adventure can be used system agnostic as we explore other RPGs out there other than D&D. So please adjust to what ever creatures you are using in your adventure! However as always Kobold fight club can be used to quickly balance an encounter for Dungeons and Dragons and Tetra-cube currently provides the stat-blocks for creatures (but this may change).

So I hope you enjoy this weeks adventure, The Mystery of Crelion Manor. If you like this format please let me know and I hope you enjoy.

The Mystery of Crelion Manor


Crelion manor was a splendid building overseen by the Crelion family. Lord Crelion however was extremely lonely after the death of his childhood love and wanted someone to share the empty halls with. 

However, as time went on his loneliness disappeared with the arrival of his lady and they were soon wed. But on the night of their wedding a terrifying storm struck the manor. So terrible and ferocious the people that lived there died and the bodies of the Lord and Lady of the Manor were never found. 

Years later and the Manor has new owners who rent out rooms as a half-way inn between two large cities. But those who travel the roads are often preyed upon by terrifying creatures and flash storms that have fuelled the rumours of the manor being under a curse. 

PDF adventure – The Mystery of Crelion Manor

That will be it for tonight but I hope that next weekend you can get a party together, or find a DM/GM, to run this adventure. Don’t forget that next week I will be bringing another adventure to the table so don’t miss a thing and come back daily. And as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

A Cursed Crew

Friday night is here and it brings with it the tidings of battle. Tonight we look at a cursed crew, burdened with the knowledge that they can never leave their vessel and only the instigator of the curse knows the cure. However that’s not quite right as there is another who knows and who is dying to, well, finally die.

A Cursed Crew


Tonight I want to broach the thought of hybrid monsters. I am not talking about the delightful owlbear or Seawolf or the like but the mix of two archetypes. The cursed crew that we will be encountering this week are a hybrid between a shadow and zombie. more nimble and spectral that a zombie, not as strong as a shadow but somewhere in between. So I will have a go at marrying the parts we need and see where we end up.

Created in Tetra-cube.


The idea behind these creatures is that they are the bound crew to the ship, except the captain of course and one other hidden one. But that’s for later.

They shouldn’t be able to do anything more than they could in life its just that they are affected by less. A normal strike, blow or cut from a normal weapon that would remove an arm connects but the semi-spectral body doesn’t appear to affect them as much. They aren’t meant to be strong as reflected by their actions but they are a pest that is hard to kill and they fight as they would be used to by now. By swarming and hoping their semi-spectral blades connect (reflected by poor to hit and damages).

Due to the increased durability they are more of a threat than a zombie but less than a shadow – but CR1/2 is probably the most suitable that we will come across.

As we wrap up another week here make sure to set aside some time for your hobby this weekend. I have a little goal to try and get a small force of Nighthaunt ready for a “let’s play” event I am assisting with in a few weekends time. For me this motivates me to pain models, something I struggle with, but it also has me excited to paint a few models I have in boxes still. So hopefully I will be able to field something other than Ghouls, Ghosts or Rats in the near future.

Don’t forget to come back to see what else helps to inspire this weeks adventure and, as always, don’t forget to roll it with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

A Port to Call Home

Welcome to Thursday night where we look at a port to call home for our pirate crew this week. The birthplace of a famous pirate may be romanticised in some instances but this week with Lamberk we aim to look at the darker nature of it. The encounters, to be covered tomorrow will likely involve a mixture of battlemap and theatre of the mind. This is one of my preferred methods as it gives a lot of flexibility for the DM. We don’t need a map every week but it can aid in tracking combat and positioning. So for this week I will scour my older posts and see if I have a ship and a house. For the eventual reveal, well you’ll just have to come back and see.

A Port to Call Home


The Flying Owlbear is a massive ship that is rumoured to be able to travel across land as well as the seas. As the party look up at its ripped sails, ghostly lights and rotting wood as it rests in the middle of the town of Tarmak the rumours are true.

The Flying Owlbear – Created in

The town of Lamberk has developed around a successful port. The majority of the infrastructure and commerce involve the sea and in the last few years after the installation of a naval guard the seas have become a safer place. Except for the rumours of ghostly sails that stalk the waters.

Due to its proximity of the water and the wealth that travels the sea its also the birthplace of many pirates, thieves and other criminals who prey on those that live or pass through.

Port Town of Lamberk – created in

A rather short one tonight but its just the beginning steps to inspire this weeks adventure. So I do hope you will not forget to visit daily and, as always, don’t forget to roll it with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

The Parrots Call

Welcome to Wednesday night where we look at the advancement of our adventure this week as our party heeds the Parrots call. Now this one is a bit of a riddle to this week, with combat but perhaps with a twist. So sit back, grab a coffee and let’s roll into tonight’s write-up.

The Parrots Call


The Parrot looked around the room at its silenced audience. A man stood up from his seat where moments ago he was slumped over.

“Shank. Shank foretells the arrival of the Flying Owlbear. See I am not crazy. The stories are true!” and he roared with laugher, ale froth still caught in his beard. With that the room cleared out, everyone running for the exits as the booming canon fire could be heard getting closer and louder. As the party went to move the parrot, Shank apparently, looked at the party. Its odd almost human like extra toes seeming to skitter across the table was it walked towards them.

‘Wait,’ it said as it got closer, turning its head to stare at the party with a ghostly eye. ‘Sin’s of the son wealth haunt the father. One unable to return to the place of his living, the other unwilling. One cursed to still live, the other lives a curse. Both existences healed only when both returns to ones place of birth.’ The parrot hopped closer and repeated it staring at them. Saying it loud enough that the sounds of canon fire seemed to punctuate the rhythmic sentences. Then the canon fire stopped and the parrot flew to land in front of the man who cried out before. Then with a groan of wood from outside signalling the arrival of something, the parrot flew towards the front of the Tavern and passed through the wall.

The stomping of boots came from the front of the tavern after a moment. Slowly the doors opened and a ghostly man strode in. Looking around he tavern he strode towards the bar, passing through a table, part of his ghostly body knocking over a tankard that bounced across the floor.

‘Rum, please.’ he said to no one, but a bottle flew across the table with a glass and he poured himself a glass.

‘So,’ he said as he turned to look at the party and the crazy man who remained. ‘Do you know where my treasure is?’


Tonight the riddle, the parrot, Bryce (the crazy old man) and the spectral NPC (Percy Bryceson) all play an important role. The riddle is hinting that we need both the Father, Bryce, and son, Percy to go home. There is the treasure and the encounter for the week. Well the encounter is on the boat as well – but let’s see if we can convince the party to get on a ghost ship that travels across the land…

Don’t forget to come back for the last few days of this week as we continue our adventure. I have some interesting maps, I hope, that I plan to do for this week as well as some more additions for our adventure. So I hope you will not forget to visit daily and, as always, don’t forget to roll it with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

The Owlbears Crew

Welcome to Tuesday where we look at NPCs that will join us for the week and this week are look at the Owlbears Crew. Tonight we have the star of the show, Josh aka, Shank the parrot. But the plot is a bit thicker this week so let’s not wait any longer and let’s get on with the write-up.

The Owlbears Crew


The Owlbears crew were rumoured to be bloodthirsty, cutthroats who loved nothing more than pillaging and killing. In fact this was… True. Almost all the crew members were hired, captured or enslaved because of their brutality and hunger for violence and plunder. But despite all this there we are few who were there because they felt obliged and none more so than Bryce Bronson – the father of the Captain of the ship.

Bryce was disheartened by his sons actions after a rather bloodthirsty skirmish with the a merchant vessel. Shocked by his sons behaviour he faked his death by falling overboard and secretly made his way to shore. There he blended in with society and became a farmer.

When the news of the ship and its crew’s demise came to Bryce he was both relieved and distraught. Despite the repulsion he felt for the unwarranted violence he still adored his boy and the though of him never reconciling and making peace with the pirate lord shocked him. This eventually shattered his sanity and he began to see ghostly visitations of his son, hearing the ghostly cannon fire of the Flying Owlbear and even seeing his son walking through the streets, searching for something.

Josh “Shank” – the Parrot.

Created in

A ghostly glow has taken over the parrot, that and the extra clawed toes it appears with that gives it an alien and haunting appearance. When ever the parrot named Shank appears the Flying Owlbears cannon fire shortly follows, real or not.

Old Bryce the farmer, refers to the Parrot as Josh and breaks down into a nervous wreck when the parrot appears in town which has lead to rumours of a curse. And of a treasure that old Bryce and the parrot called Shank both know about.

Bryce Bronson

Created in Artbreeder

Bryce was once a member of the Flying Owlbears crew, although it will take divine intervention or magic to get this information out of him. His plundering days long gone he spends his time farming and providing food the the village of Tarmak.

However when he drinks, which is most nights, he can be found in the Iron Crustacean, run by old maritime workers. When he drinks he tells tales of the Flying Owlbear and its crews exploits, the daring escapes and the heroic rescues of those stuck out at sea. The tales make it sound like they were heroes rather than Pirates and so he is normally ignored or laughed at by the other patrons.

Percy Bryceson Bronson

Created in Artbreeder

Percy was Bryce’s son and the captain of the Flying Owlbear. He lost his mother early to a mysterious illness and since then he was obsessed with ancient relics and treasure. One night during a storm he was flung overboard and despite the crew, and his fathers best efforts he wasn’t able to be rescued. However as the sun rose on the next day he was found alive and straddling an ancient treasure chest that contained a solution to his problems… and the key to his future.


Tonight I wanted to touch on the three main NPCs that we will encounter. However like previous weeks and earlier adventures any NPC can be called upon in order to bolster the people available to us. A few weeks ago I recycled and reused a few adventure maps. This week we could take any NPC from the past… well almost any, and add them to the tavern, the roads or the town of Tarmak.

Tonight we met a few NPCs including a spooky parrot, Josh (aka Shank). Tomorrow we will expand the plot and cover the next part of the adventure. The mystery of the Flying Owlbear crew, treasure and the ship itself. So don’t forget to come back daily and, as always, don’t forget to roll it with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

The Flying Owlbear

Well I promised a coastal adventure to start this week and I deliver you the Flying Owlbear! Yup, I’d be a bit confused too but I do have a plan for this week inspired by, apparently, the imagination of a 4 year old. So without giving away anything let’s roll into this weeks adventure.

The Flying Owlbear


Rumour’s have flown around for a many years about the pirate ship known as the Flying Owlbear. For many years the ship and its crew raided the southern coasts, no merchant vessel was safe from the pirate crew. However the stories didn’t finish there. Stories started to pop up of their owlbear crested ship crashing across the land, its broadside cannons roaring as they fired across the hills, valleys and plains.

But then they stopped and a new story started to emerge. One of ghosts and a lost treasure that would make anyone as wealthy as a king.

Spectral Envoy

As the party sit at a tavern, the Iron Crustacean, the room went silent as the grave. The scratching of claws on timber was the first sound that the party noticed as the spectral parrot squawked once and then silently flew down to land on the table in front of the party and their drinks.

‘The Owlbear rises once more, batten down the hatches. Load the Broadsides for it rides once more!’ it squawked before manic, yet squawky, laughter erupted from the tiny spectral bird. Slowly the sounds of broadside cannon fire could be heard from across the hills.

Tonight I get back to other RPG adventures that aren’t part of the Soulbound story ark. Don’t forget that tonight is only the beginning of the week and so you’ll have to come back each day this week to follow along. Also don’t forget to set some time aside this week for nurturing that creative spark and as always, don’t forget to roll it with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

Crelion Manor Guest book

Welcome to the end of the week where I had a bit of a lazy day and create the puzzle for this week, the Crelion Manor Guest book. This is the puzzle piece that needs to be worked through with the roleplay aspects in this adventure to help drive the party to the answer to the riddle.

Crelion Manor Guest book


Throughout the manor, as the party moves through the halls the walls are decorated with portraits or landscape paintings of the manor on a large expansive field. The rolling hills of grass touched by sunlight gave the paintings of the Manor a wondrous appearance. Further down the halls portraits of Jane and Tom were hung on the wall, proudly sitting in chairs and looking fondly outwards.

The brass frame of the portraits was perfectly polished with not a spec of dust on it or the canvas itself. However on closer inspection Tom’s portrait seemed to have suffered some damage and his last name “Dottery” has been scrubbed off. Either by accident or deliberately its hard to tell.


The idea is to drop hints that Jane’s real name is Crelion, not Dottery. Upon saying her name, and her hearing, the visage that she portrays disappears and her true form is revealed. Upon being revealed the house starts to break apart and her body starts to wither and fade. I think by having it be a puzzle rather than pure combat encounter it can be a fun way to end the adventure.

Thanks for joining me tonight. Tomorrow I will aim to have the Zine out for last weeks adventure. This week I will look at Soulbound adventure so be on the lookout for that. So make sure to come back tomorrow and the other nights this week and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe