The Goblin and Lute…

Welcome to the end of the weekends writeup. This week we looked at taverns and Inns and how we could spice them up a bit.

With yesterday being a bit of a break from a creative day let’s crack on with the TTRPG content, but with a bit of a twist!

The Goblin and Lute

The Goblin and Lute (06MoGaL) is a drinking hall which seemed to appear from nowhere out of a morning mist. The rustic frame, old paint and dual layered building drew much attention as it was different from the other buildings in Ravenbrooke. Not that they were in any better starter of repair but the first creatures to step out of the tavern were goblins.

The city guard were called immediately, Afterall a band off seven Goblins stepping out of a Tavern is reason enough to work in these parts, but as the guard approached the goblins, one with an hilarious fake moustache announced the Tavern open and began the opening festivities. Several platters of food and ale were offered at the door, legal paperwork was produced to the hostile guards indicating that the goblins had indeed purchased the land from the city recently and had their papers in order. Soon the village were talking of nothing but the little goblin run Tavern and how they couldn’t wait until opening night.

Opening night was in here and as the first, daring I will add, patrons walked through the front door they were greeted by a room that was at least twice as big on the inside as it was in the outside. Large long tables with piping hot meals (mainly potato forward) were set up on the ground floor in a communal drinking be style with a second layer along the walls of the tavern that had smaller tables for more intimate or less communal drinking. The seven Goblins ran you and from startled guests and hurried into seats where they were urged to begin eating.

‘welcome-welcome. The Goblin and Lute Tavern had two rules. One, drink and eat all you want and we expect for you to pay with what you can remember you have. And 2, no harm, threat or malcontent is to come to any host, employee, patron or visitor whilst under this roof.

Those who do not follow the rules be well be dealt with by the tavern owner.’

And with that the air, wine, spirits and videos flowed all night. The level off merriment went from a subdued townsfolk to one of unbridled joy as food and alcohol filled the bellies of the hard working people.

As the patrons stumbled from their seats heading towards the front door they didn’t notice their coin purses were empty and as a Goblin.. err.. Lass offered a paying drink they thought nothing in of it.

‘our home speciality, a morning glory. You will start to feel better and recover from your night of drinking very quickly’

As the farmers, merchants and townsfolk left the front door and downed the shot of blue liquid they felt better instantly. After one step they realised the ground wasn’t spinning, two-steps they were walking straighter and taller and by the seventh step from the door they felt sober, clear-headed and the most content they could ever remember. But, they could bot remember a single thing from the night. Not what they drank, what they ate, what they spent their gold on. Nothing, but for what ever reason, they didn’t care.

The city guard lined up outside the tavern, expecting many ruffians, drunks and no-gooders to step out and they approached the first patron, readying themselves to deal with trouble they found themselves staring at a sober woman, smiling and getting the officers politely as she walked towards her home. The rest of the Patrons were the same with not one disgruntled or hostile person coming from the Tavern.

The following morning the goblins were everywhere in town. Purchasing food, supplies and goods from the townspeople. The money flowed freely and the goblins didn’t protest or argue if prices were too high or if they were barred from certain buildings. They smiled politely and wished the owners, merchants and farmers good day and went on to try and find what they were after.

This continued for many weeks and the village folk, with the exception of the guard Captain, Clarice, and her loyal guard men and women became more welcoming to the Goblins. Soon the entire town could be seen entering the Goblin and Lute atleast once a week, sometimes as frequently as daily, and the people of Ravenbrooke were happy. The townspeople also began to notice their crops were healthier, the fabric they wove seemed to be of higher quality and generally all those who visited the Tavern has some form of Goodluck.

The Guard captain Clarice sent her men in occasionally, sometimes to just report back on what was happening and once she sent in her lieutenant to cause a fight and get a black mark against the taverns name. But those guards who went in came back out happy, broke but without any memories. Her lieutenant though was found a few blocks from the tavern, drunk, disheveled (but not naked atleast) and vandalising property. The guard could only remember his orders and then coming to in a cell with a very stern captain watching over him from the other side of the bars.

This is where our adventure begins, the party members happening to stop by Ravensbrooke on their way through couldn’t help but notice the sunny disposition of the townsfolk, or the way that everything seemed to work out. On their way in a runaway bull carting barrels of ale was spooked by a horse from a traveller and ran down the road at a mad pace. Almost as if clockwork, without being aware of the bull, his owner or the speeding cart people seemed to flow effortlessly out of the way, a child playing with a ball tripped at the last second as the bull stomped where she had been but a moment before and just when the bull was approaching the party a little green goblin appeared infront of the party and the bull skidded to a stop. The goblin greeted the bull, gave its massive jaw a kind scratch before checking on the owner. Taking the lead of the bull, the globin walked upto the party and apologised for any troubled he had caused before walking the bull and ita cart to a tavern just down the road.

As the party decided what they wanted to do a coty guard approached them (06FrMi) and explained they they were expected and that they had come just in time. The guard would then escort them to the guard hall where Clarice was found head in hands and staring at perfectly penned legal documents (and if the party wanted to try and read it they would be referring to ‘The Globin and Lute’).

Clarice would go to explain that they have a problem. Violent and dangerous goblins had infiltrated the town and had somehow bought the goodwill of everyone in it. She would then hand over a bag of coins with 500gp inside it explaining that the 500gp was the agreed amount for them to deal with the problem discretely. She would cut off anyone who wanted or tried to speak as she explains that she needs proof that the goblins are a threat to the town and she needed the group to infiltrate the Tavern known as ‘The Goblin and Lute’ to support her damning evidence of their misconduct and evil intentions. An insight check would reveal she is lying, she has no proof but she is sure that the goblins mean trouble.


The party would have a small house offered to them by the guards as a form of a bonus. They can keep gear here if they want to or rest before they go to the tavern.

The party make their way into the tavern, a friendly globin face greets them and explains the rules of the inn. The party was only to bring in what they could deal without and on that condition they can eat and drink as much as they want as long as they can pay what they can afford. Also, if you are deemed to be of malcontent, ill will or intending harm to someone in the tavern you will be dealt with by the boss.

~:Ask the players what they want to do or if there is any plans:~

Once in the party can eat and drink what they want. As they leave they find out that 500gp has been taken or that they have only %10 of their original funds left if they left the 500gp from the guard elsewhere. They also forgot everything not written down or inscribed somewhere.

The guard would find the party and take them to Clarice. Clarice would interrogate them for information and get frustrated if nothing is returned. She would then subtly blackmail them suggesting that they would be branded as criminals and arrested for treason to the crown.

Upon leaving the building they would witness a woman begging a merchant to let her get food for her family to which the merchant refuses.

At this point one of the goblins brings a pouch of coins from its clothing and runs to the lady insisting that she dropped her coins on the way to the merchant.T

The goblin notices the party watching it and gestures for them to be silent.

When the party goes in again the goblins will be weary of them. Eventually the boss will appear and will question them.

If the party reveal that they are not working for the guards then it reveals itself as a fey creature who creates an environment for happiness so that it can gain magical power and provide happiness to those who give the Tavern patronage. By taking the money of the town the being can ensure that the money is distributed amongst those who need it and can use the positive energy to shift things subtlety, like moving children out of the oath of a bull.

It’s up to the party then what they do. They know the guards are wrong and the goblins are not what they seem.

This concludes week 6. If it comes to a fight goblins are normal goblins and I’d use a CR1 fey stat block (fairy or pixie perhaps). As for the guard use guard and knight stat blocks.

The idea behind this week was to look at non-combat encounters and explore other ideas on what a tavern or inn could be for us.

Thanks for joining and as always don’t forget to roll with advantage!

The Brazen Wolfe