Dice-ember day 11

Welcome back to dice-ember here at Brazen Wolfe Tabletop and today things day 11 to our doorsteps.

Today, after 9 hours of playing Warhammer my brain is completely shut down. So tonight I dont have a plan but will begin writing and see what comes out of it.

Albazhars Journal


Few mages, wizards, witches, sorcerer’s or warlocks can claim to even hold a candle against what Albazahr can achieve.

Not much is known about the beginnings of the mage but his rise to fame was well documented in “The Albaz Tome” which was written from the only stolen journey of the mad mage.

Albazahr, reportedly, came into his current place of power of Mage Supreme by taking the position from the previous owner of the title in a duel. The nature of these duels are always public and rarely to the death and can create quite the crowd of onlookers, mages and noblemen. The battle became legend as Albazahr started to cast spells that hadn’t been seen before.

Arcs or black lightning, blue flame and summoned blades, creatures and items flashed and filled the makeshift arena until Albazahr used an orb of black magic that consumed his opponent, the the Mage Supreme, wards and all.

The original book, or the journal that it was written from were lost to time.

Journal entries

The fools of the academy think themselves so wise and funny to throw me out and for what?! Studying. Not the forbidden scripts, not necromancy or anything too abhorrent I was simply studying the advanced topics for the associate wizards and tutors study. They fear my potential, not my current ability and I need to make the two states one and the same. 
In this world you do not get respect until you get power and I am not going back to a baker’s life again, not now that I have tasted what the world has to offer.
If they didn’t want people reading those books they shouldn’t have them easily accessible, well easy for someone of my talent that is. Their wards and arcane locks were not even that difficult to get past. While waiting for the decision for the Magus board I had the mage responsible for the wards and locks approach me and ask how I got past them. We were mid discussion when I was escorted off the grounds for a term so I asked the mage to seek me out if she wanted help in designing better wards and locks.
What I failed to mention was that the spell I had created to get past these locks had no equal, not even my own wards and seals. 

20th Kythorn, summer solstice.

The fools have barred me from the library on account of the rate of my progression through the texts made available to mages who attend the great library and school of magic. Surely they fear that I will run out of material while at the academy and as such have implemented this embargo so that I do not outpace even the teachers. Ha! Such presumptuous fools, I already have many of the teachers approaching me and asking for my help in matters of the arcane, and even one such cleric dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge. 
No matter, I still have several books here with me which the Library does not know about which should help me continue to study and improve my arcane prowess. The teachers that I have helped also have been providing me with even more advanced tomes, scripts and scrolls so that I can still achieve my goal, to be the most renowned magus that has existed.

11th Eleasis.

It’s funny to see that just a few tendays ago they had barred me from the Library and just today they have formally requested that I take governorship over the great Library and its many tomes, scrolls, tables and scripts. They have granted me with the title “Grand Magus” and “Knowledge keeper” but these are mere trifles when it comes to what I want to achieve, I accepted the titles regardless as I am no recognised an equal with the teachers of this arcane school and with that comes unbridled access to the knowledge stored within these walls. 
I have already read the works from Master Leomund and Master Heward in their ability to create, craft and maintain extradimensional spaces. I must make note to investigate this further. 

28th Marpenoth.

It has been a few years since I came into the title “Knowledge keeper” and today marks the day that I have run out of knowledge. I have read every book, tome, script, scroll and bit of paper that has been stored within these walls. I have mastered extradimensional spaces and have begun constructing a space for my study and production of new knowledge, the invention of magic. 
This is not enough for me however as I know they must have more knowledge and more understanding out there, this surely can not be all that remains. 
They must reserve some knowledge, the most powerful or the most sought after magic for the Supreme High Magus and he alone. This is my new goal, I will defeat the current owner of htat title so that I can access what I truly deserve, all knowledge. 

13th Hammer

After decades of study today I will finally reach the title that I deserve, Supreme High Magus. Tonight as the moon is celebrated my pre-arranged duel with the high magus will commence. I have developed new magic, new spells, wards and rituals that none has seen before and with my knowledge of magic surely I will not be bested. 
I hesitate in documenting my latest discovery, the blending of schools of magic to form a new school of magic, the true school of the Magus. I only hope that I am not resolved to using that spell though as the cost of it is quite high, I was unable to cast any spells for a week at my last attempt of the spell and I would rather not go through that again. 

30th Uktar, The feast of the Moon

Well that is a bit better now, a bit better and more information which is what I was hoping to write yesterday but was unable to. Don’t forget to come back tomorrow with a bit more info into this mysterious wizard and for dice-ember day 12.

And as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,

The Brazen Wolfe

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