Dice-ember day 13

Welcome to Dice-ember day 13. Today we will be looking at yesterday’s post for inspiration for todays content.

Yesterday we were introduced to Locus, the sly and nimble member of the crew we have been learning about these past few weeks. Today we will look at some of her Arsenal of tools, trinkets and the odd weapon or two.

The Infiltrators Toolkit


Zorban’s Animal Figurines

Zorban was an eccentric mage of moderate power. Shunned by his fellow wizards and sorcerers for his love of animals above human he found himself surrounded by a variety of mammals whom he shared his life and love of magic with. It was his love of animals, and his longevity being a half-elf, that sparked his fear of losing his companions so he dedicated his life into ensuring that the loss of ones closest companions would not be forgotten.

His creation was a series of Magical sandstone figurines that if you touch upon the form of a small mammal such as a cat, dog, rat, sheep, goat, pig, fox, etc. that figurine will form an exact copy, including memories, of the mammal it touched. When a command word is spoken the figurines will transform into that animal and will act very much so as if alive. This transformation lasts for a week before the animal sadly turns to dust. Several attempts at prolonging the life of these animals was made and the figurines can be found in Sandstone, Clay, Granite, Jet or Marble.

The Three Fangs

The three fangs are darts that are always found in groups of three. Whether on a belt, a pouch or a box the number is never more or less than three. It is rumoured that these darts were formed by a triad who above all else desired the ability to remove their competition without drawing attention to them.

The darts are always drawn to be as a group, a representation of the triad that reportedly created them, and as such if the darts are thrown together at the same target the wielder of these weapons will find that the second and third dart strike more accurately if thrown after the first has struck.

Vial of Smoke

The Vial of smoke contains a magical substance that when exposed to air will emit a plume of smoke that is enough to fill a 30ft cube or a 600ft tall and 10ft wide cylinder plume of smoke if the vial is broken outdoors in an area where there is no wind. The original inventor of such a magical substance was attempting to find a way to signal to people across vast distances of approaching danger however he quickly found that people wanted to buy his invention for novelty reasons instead.

Now the vial can be found in all manner of coloured smoke and any fragrance also. Rarely are two vials of smoke the same.


Wood Melter is a dagger which has been enchanted to cut through wood as if it was paper. The original creator of this magical item was a fanatical wood carver and wanted a way to make wood whittling easier and a more approachable hobby. Unfortunately thieves, burglars and worse found that this knife made breaking into unfortified buildings easy as a hit knife through butter.

There we have it 4 items created that are ideal for that city infiltrator. Items used for distraction, items used for breaking and entry and a weapon used for quickly dispatching that target you really didn’t want raising the alarm, if it should come to that.

I hope you liked the items created today. All of these, and the previous ones, have been created on D&D Beyond so if you like them let me know and I will seriously consider making these items public so you can use them in your own games.

Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for more Dungeons and Dragons content on the 14th day of Dice-ember and as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe