Dice-Ember day 20

The 20th day of Dice-ember has come and while the number 20 is significant for many of us TTRPG players it also means that we are very nearly at the end of the month and that means it’s crunch time for me.

So today we will be looking at another hook or twist for the theme of dice-ember that we have going and following on with the ongoing mini-series we have. So sit back, or if like me you do your best creative thinking whilst standing, and enjoy.



As he strode through the halls of his manor house he could not help but admire what he was able to achieve through his planning and grit. Not born of the streets but from one of the merchant elite families he was destined for this role – however he decided that he did not like decided that he wouldn’t be a puppet for his parents game and he left. The memories of that day still haunted him, not in a bad way of course but it was one of the last times he felt like he had a true friend.

“Lord Carter, sir” a voice, one of the leaders of the gangs he managed rang from the door.

“Come in, tell me your news” he replied politely indicating to a chair in his waiting room.

The man tiptoed in, there was a reason Carter was the only merchant elite amongst those who ruled the streets and it fitted his nickname, The Gent. Sitting down he took of his hat and waited as Carter sat down opposite him.

“A report sir, Reds Wagon was found on bridge street, Red was no where to be found and his wagon was unguarded.” The man began, pausing to lick his lips and gulp nervously.

“Excellent news, what magic items, goods and other loot was returned. I cant emphasise enough how this will change the battles on the streets. With magical items and equipment we will rule without the need of bloodshed and even have a united front when we take the southern district and role Merchants Glen.” He said excitedly clasping the mans hand. His smile faded when the gang leader shed a tear and trembled.

“Sir, we found the wagon empty. It looked like someone else hit it before us. They must have been good as we lost a few of our guys to the traps and guardians of the wagon. Got to give it to Red, he knows his craft I don’t think we would have had got… there…” the man paused as he felt Carter drop his hand.

“Someone else got there before me. I don’t see how that’s possible as there isn’t a single crew out there that is bigger or more well kitted than us, it took us months to plan this heist. There is no one else out there who could have done this.. ” Carter sighed and stood up, walking to a window that overlooks the street and the dock, his dock. “Well, get your boys out there and bring in anyone who is suspicious. I will find my wagon”

“Yes sir, I will get my gang out there.” The man said standing and bowing his head.

“No, not just your gang. All of them.” said Carter, turning around and smiling “Don’t fail me on this”

The man practically tripped over himself as he ran out the door, he would not fail Carter in this.

Well that’s all we have for tonight, another puzzle piece falling into place for Dice-ember.

Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for more Dice-ember content and the final few days until the close of Dice-ember. Don’t forget to put some time aside for your hobby or tabletop game and as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe