Dice-ember day 22

Hello and welcome to day 22 of Dice-ember!

Today I had planned to wrap up the cast of NPCs that we have but instead I will keep it a bit shorter and give a sneak peak of what I am working at completing on the side the same time, hopefully targeting to get it completed before the end of this week.

Only nine more days of dice-ember and hopefully time permitting during this crazy time of the year it can conclude with a bang.

In the city of Merchants Glen anyone can find anything they have ever wanted, or lose everything they have. A city governed, run and built for the sole purpose of it’s massive central market which houses hundreds of stalls, shops or carts where all types of merchants are welcome to come and sell their wares. 

To the south of the great market that the city was quite literally built around lies a gathering of manor houses. The roads turn from dirt to cobblestone which frames the picturesque manors that line the roads in this section of the city where the merchant elite live. These houses and their families have typically lived in this part of the town all their life. Their grandparents were merchant elite and were the wealthiest of all the merchants in the city and as such these families act as a governing body of the city. 

To the north of the city lies the river Sea breach which the city has built a large dock district on the widest part of the river to fuel its mercantile and economic endeavours. This huge river is so aptly named for it connects the inland cities and towns with the sea where foreign trade, import and export, is the fuel that burns in the fires of progress for these merchant cities. 

To the east and west of the great market lie the common districts. This is, in effect, where all the non-merchant elite live. These people feed the market with all manner of foods and items and are the beating heart of the city, despite this most of them earn just enough to get by as there sheer volume of market stalls and shops that sell the same items has increased competition so high that the chance to make any real profit only lies in the larger shops which are owned and run by the merchant elite. 

This fierce competition and volume of traffic in the market has enticed opportunistic and vicious street gangs who wait and ambush the unaware or unprepared and leave many having lost everything in the pursuit for the one thing they wanted. 

That’s it for tonight, come back tomorrow where we will definitely look at adding to our growing amount of Dice-ember content and what I hope to be able to wrap-up by the end of the week.

Don’t forget to come back again so you don’t miss out on any content and as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe