Dice-ember day 25

Well it’s Christmas day so, much like many others, I have been busy building, cooking, cleaning and sticking tiny little stickers onto little toy for my kids presents all day.

So to keep to that theme I wanted to touch on the content I am bringing at the end of the month and add in a little something day 25 of Dice-ember. We only have 6 days to go for end of the month so I better not take too long basking in merriment and enjoying the burning sun here in Australia.

Under the tree


Red stirred, he was barely aware of his surroundings or how he received this thumping headache. A quick glance around revealed nothing and memory was foggy from the past – well however long it has been until now. Closing his eyes and putting his head between his knees he tried to remember what happened, the last things he remembered was the apples spill before the bridge then the short tunnel under the bridge seeming to go on for ages. He tried to reverse the wagon to no success enchanted as it was with its nine wheels or otherwise. Eight supporting the weight of the wagon and another where the two reigns attached to and acted as a way to street the wagon as it traveled along the roads meant that it couldn’t turn in tight circles and moving it backwards wasn’t an easy ordeal.

Sighing he went to stand but found himself with straight legs but unable to stand. Moving around he became acutely aware of him drifting in nothingness. Drawing his wand Merry, a length of rich cherry wood, he one of the stored spells and created a ball of light that shon like the sun. Immediately he could tell that he was stored in some immense extra-dimensional space and it appeared to go on forever. Well, he was stuck here for now and what made matters more confusing was the magical items that he was transporting to the Supreme high magus were floating around him. He could almost rule out the old wizard as he had bo interest in the magical items and instead only in the obtaining and learning of knowledge.

As he pondered where he was a blinding light appeared from somewhere in front of him and a colossal hand reached in and neatly plucked a floating item out of the space before disappearing. He felt around for his other items he kept on himself to aid in his travelling and came across an unfamiliar bag on his hip. Opening it slowly, curiousity getting the best of him he found two waterskins one filled with water the other with what smelt like wine. There was also several hard little loafs of bread that were about palm sized. As he wondered what the purpose was another memory pierced his mind sharply and painfully.

As he moved through the tunnel and breached the other side a wall of canvas enveloped him and the wagon, throwing him and it into darkness. Spinning for what felt like ages he blacked out when his mind couldn’t take the spinning any more.

He knew this item, though he was only aware of a few that remained, and he owned one in hid wagon. The loaded knapsack, an item that can. Hold untold amounts of goods but only a limited amount of time. Depending on the amount of items it will then rupture all of them forward in a number of weeks, days or even hours depending on how loaded it is. Looking at the food and drink he had in the provided bag he believed he had about two days of supplies in there. Who ever was responsible knew their stuff but they best be prepared when he gets out, everyone knows Red doesn’t go down easily in a fight.

Well thats it for tonight, day 25, content and here from Brazen Wolfe Tabletop I wish you a awesome holiday season and end of the year.

Oh, yes, at the end of the month I plan to release my very first adventure booklet, its almost ready and I had planned to release it this weekend and some additional complimentary items and content for the rest of the month but that may be reversed due to timings.

Don’t forget to come back for this coming week and as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,

The Brazen Wolfe