Dice-ember day 27

Welcome to dice-ember day 27! Admittedly the end of year catch-ups with family and friend’s is reducing the days that are available.

So today will reflect this end of year dynamic that occurs for most if not all of us.



During the adventure putting the sense of a time pressure or constraints can add to the adventure. It they have only a few hours to catch up to a certain NPC then every interruption, each encounter and each character who stops the party could cost them their mission. Only, it wont. The perceived delay, whether random combat encounter or request for aid, doesn’t actually have to impact the time frame applicable for their quest.

As long as it conveys the message that it could potentially delay them it will have the intended effect that we want for the party.

The alternative is making it so that each side track or distribution does impact the progression of the quest. If we, the DM, choose to run the game this way we need to make sure the distractions are manageable if not completely optional so that we don’t force the party into a lose-lose situation where two competing quests or jobs (or one main quest and a distraction).

A bit of a short one tonight but something that will come up on any adventure in the market place (or in Merchants Glen). Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for more Dice-ember content and as always don’t forget to roll with advantage,

The Brazen Wolfe