A shift in view.

Hello and welcome back to Brazen Wolfe Tabletop.

This year, until I adjust it again I want to focus on the 5 main points for an adventure again but refining it down to a core focus each week. What that means, I hope, is clearer and more concise daily content which adds to the existing catalogue I create here on this blog.

Mondays will be as normal focusing on the plot or story behind the weeks content and drilling down into it.

Tuesdays will be the whos or whats. If there is a something or someone who we want to focus on, normally this was NPC day and for the most part it will continue to be just that.

Wednesdays will be that twist or secondary hook. Most great books or memorable adventure’s I have read or run for my party have that mid adventure spike in the plot/hook. Whether the quest provider is actually the villain or BBEG of the adventure or maybe they learn something new that changes their perspective.

Thursday’s, I’ll admit, became my least favourite of days (mainly due to it being a busy work day). So I will leave thursdays to detailing and adding something more. A refining day if you will. I still hope that this can include maps but having it as an option not a must may relive some pressure I have on that day.

Friday’s or fight-night were for encounters but not every week or TTRPG session has fights. So I will use Friday’s for game mechanics, stat-blocks or things the party need to use their skills and abilities to overcome.

The weekend content may shift slightly too.

Saturdays for me will be a busy day for hobby in the evening with a new season of Warhammer picking up as well as being a day to either post a post-week writeup or some additional content.

Sunday’s will be whichever Saturday didn’t cover, whether it’s a writeup for the week just gone or a battle report for a Warhammer game or two.

I am excited for what this year will bring and hope you can join me once again as we roll the dice to create our own stories.

And as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,

The Brazen Wolfe