New sun rising

Welcome to the first writing day of the new year here at Brazen Wolfe Tabletop and being a Monday let’s start off with something to kick our week off.

The inspiration for this week, probably month, is one of my favourite suppliment books I got when I was a teenager, and an aspiring Dungeon Master. So let’s kick it off.

Crimson flags on a pale shore.


As the rising sun touches the sails over the docks a shimmering sea of red greets those who rise with the sun. Long masts on beautiful ships sail into port with strange and terrifying creatures carved into the richly coloured wood.

The people seemed to flow across the decks as they tended to great rippling red sails, silken rope and barrels of good. Yet only the captain of a ship had their face not covered by a white mask. As they dock great planks were lowered to the piers below and crates, barrels and cages were taken off the shift and lowered to the docks as the masked sailors moved surefooted across the wooden planks to take their cargo into warehouses and storage.

As the people move across the streets their presence, odd mannerisms and appearance start to cause a commotion across the port town of Daye and soon enough word travels of the animals, items, goods and strange foods that the new ship has brought in. The people are welcoming of the excitement and the traders are accommodating despite never removing their masks or gloves.

After a few days reports of strange occurances of things being moved in houses and shops as well as shadows drifting over roofs and walls. As more of these sightings occurred the people started look for something or someone to blame and curfews were places upon the masked traders to both protect them and rarely their movements through the night.

Well a small snippet to set the scene. Come back tomorrow to look at a NPC or two and to explore what I have in store for this week

Don’t forget to add an hour or two to your hobby and to come back each day for the follow on post and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,

The Brazen Wolfe

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