2022 hobby goals

Hi folks, today I wanted to touch on my hobby goal’s.

1st goal is to finish my flesh eater army. I have a bit over 2000 points painted by have several thousand points unpainted.

2nd goal in make note terrain for dungeons and dragons and Warhammer as they are nearly the same scale

My last two goals are maybe more of a stretch. Paint one of my other Warhammer armies to completion and look to writing a few more zines this year and find a artist to illustrate them.

The first two are relatively easy goals since my flesh eater courts colour scheme is easy and terrain is pretty straight forward pending time. The last two are hard for to the time sink, the resources and the decisions I need to make in order to complete those goals.

Either I hope to be able to show off one or more miniatures each weekend of what I painted on the table that week and periodically publish a Zine to be used by aspiring Dungeon Masters to help them learn the ropes.

Well not much of a narrative or action packed update today but tomorrow starts the next week for content so do make sure to come back tomorrow for it.

And as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,

The Brazen Wolfe