Dark omens

Welcome to a new week here at Brazen Wolfe Tabletop and as with most new weeks it starts with Monday. Monday here means that we look at plot hooks and those adventure triggers that get the party moving in one direction to achieve a goal.

Last week we looked at a mysterious mist creature that would enter peoples houses and, from what we revealed, consume magical items as a way of a food source (perhaps, who knows..) So this week let’s continue on from there and look at the next step of the hunt for the creature and a way to clear the name of the Red Fleet and their leader Kyoko Harimasu.

Chasing mist


As the party leave Kyoko’s room on the boat they are shown back to where they were staying by the boy again but not before the boy slips a small magical charm into the pocket of one of them (a hawk with stretched wings where the feathers touch to form an arch.

As they see the inn they realise the boy has disappeared (Passive Perception DC14 or an active check would have heard the flutter of wings faintly). That night the party members may (DC14 passive perception) notice a dark mist drifting down the walls, DC10 if they have dark vision) when the last of the lights have gone out. If they watch the mist the creature wont reveal itself and it will disappear however if they ignore the mist, don’t see it or fake not noticing it then the creature will reveal itself.

Once revealed creatures within 10ft need to make a DC12 Charisma save or they remain unconscious/asleep or they remain unaware of the creatures presence. They can re-take this test if something (a sound such as the creature finding a magical item it will begin to feed and this makes a sound like a wind being pushed through a small crack in a wall) with advantage the second time around.

The creature hates silver and will flee from mirrors or silver weapons or jewellery immediately but seeks out magical items (such as the hawk talisman). If the PC has a magical item they will (no roll needed) notice something in the room with them looking over their items. If it’s discovered they will find a magic item displaced and strange pox-like marks. This doesn’t damage the item but it looks like it would be irreversibly damaged if the creature was to finish its hunt for the magical items.

The creature will generally only visit one Party member if un-disturbed but if all party members have a magic item it will visit each of them until it’s discovered or its destroyed the magical items.

If the party find the creature it will disappear through the roof whilst emitting a hollow shriek. If it was disturbing devouring a magical item it will revisit that character again to try and slake its thirst but it will increasingly grow more violent the more times it is denied its meal. Eventually attacking the party members who come between it and the magical item.

Now that the creature has it’s sights set on the party they need to decide what to do about it, if they report it to Kyoko or the guards (or both) and how they will get rid of the creature. Changing inns/ taverns or sleeping arrangements won’t stop it from finding them and it will reappear each night just as the last lights go out.

Well that’s where we are going to leave it for tonight with plenty of wriggle room for me to update and expand this weeks content as the days go on. Thanks for joining me tonight and if you like what you are seeing here, and aren’t already, consider following the blog for daily updates. If you have followed me don’t forget to come back tomorrow for the next days instalment where we look at the NPCs that may be interacting with the party and what they can do for our party just as much as what the party can do for them.

And as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe