The Famished

Welcome to the end of the week where I bring you the final version of that weeks adventure. This week we look at the final confrontation between the Party and the Gaki (…unless it was slain by a silvered weapon already in which case just look at the final writeup).

So let’s look into this week’s write up.

The hungry Ren


_Part 3: The Rens ship_

Note. If the party managed to defeat the Gaki already with a silvered weapon then see conclusion and adjust slightly.

Once the party sit down with the priestess and Kyoko after being chased by the Gaki more information is revealed and Kyoko confirms that its a spirit creature from her home land and likely has inhabited one of the merchant families. She asks Hurane and Takeo to go find the family to report back to her. She advise the party to talk to Lee Ping, their alchemist come Priest, so that they can have their weapons blessed.

They find the way to Lee Ping easily enough and find his room, on a messy Ship, cluttered with no trace of him except the bubbling cauldron. Astute characters (DC 15 perception) would notice a man walking up behind them using his hands and legs to crawl over and around the stuff that is strewn across the ground. The figure will talk to them if they walk or approach the cauldron. Lee will talk in a shamanistic way, focusing on his task of creating a batch of blessed liquid silver for blessing their ships, doors, windows and the trinkets that they sell.

After leaving the party can do what they want but they are unable to find Kyoko, Takeo or Hurane. If they check Kyoko’s cabin they find a note about the Ren family probably being the family in question.

The party may also happen to stumble upon the ship and note that it looks run down and that there is shattered mirrors on the docs next to the ship.

Once entering the ships deck they are greeted by shambling crying women, Hana and Saki. Hana breaks out of her trance and tells the party to run and that her grandfather had grown to strong and that they were in danger and they must leave the ship.

The fight that commences should be straight forward with the lair actions and the Gaki engaging in combat as per its Stat-block.

After the combat is over the party can rescues Kyoko, takeo, Hurane and the Ren family.

The Ren family will explain that they were in financial trouble back home and that they were visitied by their grandfather’s spirit who offered to help in exchange for a favour. They agreed and when they realised what was going on he had grown to powerful and had taken over the ship and Hiro.

They thank the party and offer them a favour that is within their power. Its also revealed that they are Vanara, a monkey humanoid race from across the ocean.

Thats it for this week. Make sure to come back next week for some more content and as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,

The Brazen Wolfe