At a stretch

Welcome to the last full week of January and the last Monday for Januaries content, sort of, and the plan for the last week of January is to wrap up the last of the content for the Red Fleet adventure but this week I will take a step back and collect all the little bits that were posted during the Month and collate them into a cohesive adventure and put it up here at the end of the week.

So tonight will just be some musings around the plot so I can focus on writing up the adventure elsewhere for this weekend.

Red Fleet and the Gaki


So the Gaki was something that I wanted to explore as something ethereal but not something that was driven not by hatred of the living but by out of a desire for itself to complete a goal, however greedy and selfish it would be.

The original thought process behind this adventure was to have a creature that was largely ‘passive’ to move around the city and being drawn to something that the fleet of merchants from across the waves brought to the little town of Daye – readily available magic. Through these minor magical charms I wanted the creature to seek out more and more of them to eventually lead them to the party which serves to purposes. The first is simply to get the party involved in the story but having the creature visit them and the second is to give the party a reason to hunt the creature. Magic items tend to be something that players seek out due to the power and awe that they give the player and having a creature that feeds of such items gives players the fear that their items, the things that sometimes define their character, is reason enough that I hope the party will be wanting to hunt down this creature.

Another driver to participate in this adventure I hope is the promise of travelling to an exotic new land where the Red Fleet are from. I will introduce you all, hopefully soon, to Ryokughan where the Red Fleet is originally from (where I hope to work on several adventures to form a series of them this year) which is a place of superstition, magic, spirits both good and bad, and nightmarish creatures that prey on the people of the land.

Having the Family and key NPC (Lee) being Vanara, a monkey type race, introduces something new that appears in a lot of Asian folk lore there are a few key races that stand out above others and one of them is the Vanara. Having the Vanara as a race for this adventure could be a good selling point for people into playing this adventure out.

That will have to do for tonight. Don’t forget to come back to check on the thoughts and extra content over the next few days and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe