So something that I am (generally) good at and whether it is tactical gameplay walkthrough through scenarios played out in my mind or study I find that preparation helps my wargaming just as much as it helps my TTRPG sessions.

Some weeks though the cards are stacked against you and they either prevent you from being able to prepare for your next session or your next big match or no matter how many times or how much you prepared you are ill prepared for what lies ahead and you find yourself at a disadvantage.

This being as true for wargaming tabletop as role playing games (or even writing that next blog post or chapter in the story you are working on) doesn’t mean that the way around it is the same.

For wargaming repetition is key. Playing the same ‘list’ repeatedly and learning the ins and outs of a army through repetition can help with those moments your opponent does something unexpected or you’re against a faction you are not familiar with. It wont fully prepare you but knowing what you are against will make a difference.

This is hitting home for me tonight as I prepare an army to face off against a friend and local wargamer tomorrow. Returning to an army I have played for many releases now and have a lot of reps done with, Flesh eater courts.

The same prep and approach can be done for TTRPGs. Once you have used the ruleset enough and had enough sessions the random creative approaches your players spring on you don’t seem as random or you atleast have the understanding and foundation in place for you to to respond and adapt to the new information or change in what was planned.

Even if you have hundreds hours, yup.. hundreds if not close to a thousand hours by now, in the one setting (running d&d adventures and campaigns since advanced dnd), if you don’t spend time to sit down and plan your adventure and do a bit of preparation before the session then you may find yourself struggling with having to wing and adlib every interaction, conversation, puzzle or encounter which can leave yourself and your party feeling underwhelmed.

Hobbies such as what we find ourselves partaking in as part of Brazen Wolfe Tabletop are time consuming to say the least and without that practice and preparation you may quickly become overwhelmed.

So when I look to what I want to experience and experiment with this year before I bring some of those experiments here I will be getting some practice in so I can produce content that is not only valuable but also usable.

Oh yeah, the list!

  • Army Faction: Flesh-eater Courts
  • Subfaction: Blisterskin
  • Grand Strategy: Hold the Line
  • Triumph: Inspired


Abhorrant Archregent (245)*

  • General
  • Command trait: Hellish Orator
  • Spells: Spectral Host

Abhorrant Ghoul King on Royal Zombie Dragon (430)*

  • Artefacts of Power: Eye of Hysh
  • Spells: Deranged Transformation

Crypt Infernal Courtier (130)*


6 x Crypt Flayers (360)*
6 x Crypt Flayers (360)*
20 x Crypt Ghouls (170)*


1 x Royal Terrorgheist (305)*


*Battle Regiment

TOTAL POINTS: 2000/2000

This should be a very fast list with large mortal would potential (hopefully) and good rend on the Zombie Dragon. The idea here is high alpha strike potential to take the fight to them without losing too much ground and the objectives.

Well thats thr Saturday night musings, come back tomorrow for some more content and then on Monday I hope to give a battle report on tomorrow night’s game.

And as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,

The Brazen Wolfe