A hunger that lasts

Welcome to the end of the week write-up. Admittedly last nights post on preparation was me telling myself that I’d recover and feel better today to do a full day of writing but alas that didn’t come to pass.

But todays woes is just more work tomorrow but I wanted to leave a bit of something here to tie us adventure enthusiasts over for a bit longer. So let’s have a look at a monthly roundup.

Eternal Hunger

The quiet port town of Daye located about 60 miles southeast of Athkatla are greeted by a sight that stills the hearts of many. dozens of magnificent ships carried across the water by large sails the colour of the red dragons from the bards songs. As large boarding planks are lowered to the docks the town guard are greeted by many humans wearing red robes and white masks that hide all facial features. Soon a captain of the fleet emerges, Kyoko Harimasu, a mask-less fair human who Greets the town guard and the officials with genuine respect in a deep bow. Kyoko introduces her fleet as merchants from beyond the Moonshae Isles who wish to establish a trading post in Amn and Daye is their first stop.

After a few days people are charmed by the friendly merchants and sailors and amazed at the wares that they have brought, magic. Talismans, amulets, fetishes and all types of good luck charms that people start to swear have helped them in their lives.
The popularity of the magic talismans however brought about reports or strange figures on streets and rooftops of the thatch houses. One night a sailor came down stairs expecting a stray kat to have entered an open window to find a disembodied figure floating mid air clutching at an item he bought from one such stall. The creature spooked and floated off through the wall leaving the man’s good luck charm dissolved as if dipped in acid.

This is where the party arrives, just as things are heating up and as curfews and trading restrictions are placed upon the kind and well mannered people from across the waves.

This is an adventure tailored as an introduction to a year-long campaign which aims to expose the party to d&d content inspired by the Oriental Adventures (Dungeons & Dragons Supplement) from 2001.

The adventure will be broken up into three parts, Introduction, Exploration and investigation and then the final confrontation

I will add parts 1, 2 and 3 when I write them tonight and tomorrow but hope this will sate your reading hunger for now!

The Brazen Wolfe