Scattered faces

Welcome to Tuesday where we are looking at the NPCs that we may encounter in this weeks adventure, well normally.

Tonight I want to create a few different NPCs that we can draw from in the coming days in addition to the ones we are already introduced to.

Family Portraits

Aunt Patrica
Uncle Bernard

The resemblance of the family is what drives people in the nearby village, well few houses, to distrust them. The father is always found with a near-manic smile on his face while the Uncle, Bernard, and Aunt, Patrica, can be found staring from the windows in the not-quite right building.

The most normal one out of the family is the mother who rarely can be seen by outsiders unless they greet the door. She is pleasant enough but never lets people inside the front door. When they do glimpse her through windows she is always standing near or around Katya, whom the family seen drawn to, many have speculated whether out of protection or control but the discussions always end up with sympathy and pity put upon the young woman who has not set a foot outside in years.

Chatty Villagers

The Village folk and those who could potentially be on the road are generally helpful townsfolk who are trusting enough, but not too much, and will seek to aid the party in their adventures. They speak well enough of the family at first, not being ones to spread rumours but there are a few rumour mills in the village.

Helpful Villager (Brother to the older brother Naïve Kid)
Naïve Kid

The Brothers who work on one of the farms in the town are polar opposites. The older one is cautious but helpful, always waiting to get a read on someone before helping them. His younger brother, inspired by his brothers helpfulness is overly kind and generous which has cost them before in the past. Despite their kindness and drive to help they both speak openly about their thoughts of what happens at the Manor on the hill, how they contemplate how they could break Katya out and let her live life in the village away from her controlling and, frankly, weird family.

Tavern Bard -Carline

Carline is perhaps the one person who has taken down “Fathers” smile, her quick tongue, brash manners and lack of tolerance for what she deems to be injustice has created many brawls and has even had the Katya’s father broil with rage. She knows when to back off from something she cant win and, she only spoke ill once to Katya’s father until she saw something that rattled her in his rage. She still speaks openly about her distrust and dislike for the family, overall, and perhaps will reveal more to people when she can trust their intentions.

Well that’s it for tonight! A longer one than a few in the past due to the amount of portraits I merged from existing ones I have created before in the past and, also, ones that I created newly tonight. A range of people to meet, perhaps more, will give the town and the family a bit more of a living feel and should immerse our players just that bit more.

Don’t forget that if you like what you see, the images that is, up above feel free to check out the created collection I have growing at Artbreeder (not a sponsor) where you can find all the NPC portraits I have created to date (and some I have saved to be used as a base image) under my profile, feel free to check it out here

Also if you like the direction this adventure is going, or don’t for that matter, feel free to leave a comment! And, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe