The path untraveled

Welcome to Monday and, what will be as of tomorrow, the first week of February (noting today is still January..) This marks the first day of a new week and month of content and I hope that the next few weeks make for good D&D adventure and story inspiration.

Tonight we will expand on what was touched on last week with the additional information of a new priestess, one that is potentially stronger than Lizbet, and of a creature that seeks to make a deal in exchange of the gifted item that the priestess received from a Red Fleet merchant family.

Uncertain familiarity


Katya walked through the halls of her family without a care in the world, except for one thing. Every now and again she would get a pull – a tug on her conscious that would make her see vivid images and nightmarish visions in place of her family. When she brought it up with her family one time it occurred they explained that it was linked to the spell a stranger put upon her when she was 10 which caused her to lose her memories and begin to have these reoccurring waking nightmares which would unsettle her for days if not weeks. After some time things would return to normal and she would move from room to room in her families manor at the top of a hill and go about her reading, studies and prayer to their families patron deity.

Unfortunately those pleasant days of bliss away from the waking nightmares were a month behind her and she could feel the tug on her conscious as she moved to the last room on the left of the long empty hall way, the library. Walking through the door the musty smell of knowledge warmed her mind and soothed her nerves. She had always found solace and peace in these walls amongst the mounds of books and scrolls on slightly dusted shelves. The pull came hard and fast, making her stumble and lean upon a shelf her hand clutching upon a book. “The Earth mother – Chauntea” the faded writing on the spine revealed to her as she opened her eyes. Frowning she placed the book down on the table and looked around the library. Gone was the bright clean library and in its stead was a decrepit filled with worn and dusty tomes. The large window at the end of the room that normally had an image of a saintly figure inlayed with stained glass was gone and a shattered, grime covered window replaced it where none of hte stained glass remained in the window sill. Looking around the room the tattered pages, mould covered books and layers of dust and debris made her heart begin to beat faster.

“It’s just the curse, its just the curse” she repeated to herself as she sat down on a tipped over table and massaged her head.

“Are you alright my dear” a horrible screech of a voice came from the doorway as she whipped her head up to stare at what she knew to be there already. A sunken faced, horned creature with two smaller arms twitching irritated grew from its rib cage. The face looked upon her hungrily but with devoted awe plastered across its bright yellow eyes. “Are you ok Katya?” the creature half scuttled forward, carefully approaching her.

“I am fine, its just.. The visions are back. They feel stronger than before. The Library.. It’s ruined. The books. All ruined.” She sobbed, her mind cracking at the state of her most cherished place.

Long strong sinewy arms wrapped around her and she felt rather than heard a soothing cooing from the creature that embraced her. The creature’s body twitched and she felt a puddle of warm liquid hitting her shoulder, she didn’t need to open her eyes to know it was drool.

“easy now Katya, its just the waking nightmare. Come back to me and feel the warmth of our lord” the creature said all the time cooing softly. Soon the long muscle bound arms disappeared and a warmth could be felt through her core. Opening her eyes, slowly and shakily she was created by her mother standing next to her, tears streaming down her face and pooling on Katya’s shoulder. “Their’s my little snack. Are you back with me now?” She asked, warmth flooding the face of the older woman.

“Yes Mum, it was like it always was but this time it felt more. The pull felt more urgent. I can’t explain it.” Katya half-sobbed as she cuddled her mother back.

“now now my child, lets go to the kitchen and Mary will fetch you something to eat. Pie always cheers you up, maybe with some tea this time? Father brought some back last time he went into town. Its dangerous out there you know, he came back in quite a state.” her mother said as they walked together down the hall. As they left the Library shard by painted shard the stained glass window started to fall back into itself as dirt and grime covered the image of the smiling saintly man. As the shards fell inwards the image of the man flickered, a sneering horned creature was left in its place holding a angelic figure in one hand and a bloodied sickle in the other. As the mother and daughter walked down the stairs the last of the shards of stained, grubby glass fell to the ground and turned to sand before it even touched the chipped, dirties and paper covered floor.

Boy do we have an adventure and a half this week. As you can probably pickup from the short narrative up above the priestess of Chauntea has lost he memories and finds herself in what she believes to be her families home, but curse from a stranger or not not everything is as it seems to be with these nightmarish visions wracking her brain periodically. Of late they have gotten stronger, perhaps building to a time in which she will be exposed to a group of adventurers searching for a child of prophecy?

Hopefully our adventurers can help this maiden be cured of her sickness and find out what’s really happening on Hollow Peak.

As you can tell, I had a bit of fun writing this one up tonight. I hope that this new weeks finds you well and excited for perhaps another week of dungeons and dragons or perhaps you are into another table top game this week. What ever you are looking forward to feel free to share it here at Brazen Wolfe Tabletop.

And, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe