Family matters

Welcome to another Tuesday night at Brazen Wolfe Tabletop. Tonight we investigate NPCs and how they shape the adventure ahead.

Tonight we cast our minds back to a time before waking nightmares and wolves.

Family planning


Hunter stared at the bodies as the lid to the sarcophogus was closed on the two people he had admired most in life. A pity it had come to this in order to hide the secret their daughter carried.

Katya was just fifteen but had already displayed acts of great magic so much so that her parents were considering sending her off yo become a priestess. Ridiculous her powers should be used by the family to make them stronger, better off and to make the town better. Just as the blessed one had prophesied. Thats when he knew he has to act and knowing that the masters trusted him fully it was easy to play the concerned cook and speed their affliction upon.

Now that Katya was orphaned he reached out with a few like minded worshippers of the blessed one and tried to help the girl. It was slow going at first but with reinforcement from the blessed one she slowly stopped fighting their help, care and love.

Using their combined faith they began to sooth her anguish and repair the unfortunate side affect of the blessed ones touch upon her mind. Soon she was smiling and happy again, content to spend time with them even going as far to call him father! What a relief it was to finally have her at peace, but it was not only Katya but the whole village were at peace, forgetting about the the folly of the two previous owners of the manor on the hill.

Soon everyone was calling him father, it was easier to help alleviate their pain this way he thought. Dolly was now mother and their helpers were uncle and aunt. All would be well and time would heal all wounds like the blessed one had told them

Some of the villagers started to become more, distrusting of them. They were slow and stubborn and resisted the blessed ones influence on their mind. Surely they could see that he only meant to sooth their worries and concerns. He himself had once been afflicted with hunger and pain. Eating his way through entire households larder before the blessed one had spoken to him. Yes the pain and fear was intense and what, well who, the blessed one had made him eat terrified him at first but it sated bis hunger and cured him of his sicknesses.

It was now outsiders that posed the most threat. The blessed one held power to alleviate the stress and burden that true sight would give them but more frequently people would approach the house asking after Katya. It pained him to do it but these people couldn’t leave, and he was growing hungry again.

Thanks for joining me tonight for a glimpse into who or what Father may be, or was. If you like the content feel free to let me know as we are on the home stretch for this months adventure.

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