Welcome to Monday where we look at the main plot, story hook or adventure theme of the week and this week we have the final confrontation between Katya and her family.

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Family ties


Katya was scared, confused and more than anything else she was angry. As she looked at the portrait hanging above the three sarcophagi there was o doubt that she was in the the young woman in the painting and there was an undeniable resemblance between her and the other two in the portrait.

She looked back towards the wolves at the door to the room, she had remembered them talking to her, her uncle and aunts voice coming from the outside the door and when she opened to usher them in the wolves had jumped in the door. Being startled she fell backwards and flung her hands up in defence only to feel this wave of energy wash out from within her as plants crawled up between the stones and wrapped around the wolves tightly, one had escaped breaking free from the vine around its ankle but she regretted not granting it a quick death.

She had felt that familiar pull again, that feeling of a heavy hand pointing her in a direction and something pulling on her conscious to come to it. This time there was no horrible faces or decay just power and the understanding how to control it. As the new people and Paul, yes she could remember his name being such from a faint dream like memory, tried to calm her down and understand what was going on understanding sank in to her core like a kick from a horse to her gut.

Those faces, those people in her house were not her family. The more she thought on it and the strangers explained what they had experienced or believed the more it made sense. Looking up at the group of people she asked them a favour. To come to her house for tea and help her confront her family.

Now to really cement it in things like a book, or scroll or magical wards around the mausoleum could be incorporated. The book and scrolls could be family history and heritage in with mini portraits painted within the pages. It should include the reasons they died too and their will for their daughter, Katya.

The wards would be to keep those who have ill will to the family or the contents of the mausoleum out whilst preserving the pristine memory of the family within so that they could be remembered.

The Poleski family was one or the founding families of Bracken Ridge, what the town used to be called and bridged the barriers between its human and mundane folk and they protective fey of the wilds. They brokered a peace between people and fey and even to this day, not knowing or remembering the real reason why the people honour the bargain between fey and people of Bracken Ridge.

If questioned, in the unlikely case, both Katya and Paul would state that “Father” had been seen disappearing to the woods to hunt game recently and would come back with food for the table. Not saying what it was just that it was the sweetest of meats.

(He had been hunting Fey).

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