The journey ahead

Hi all and welcome to an end of the month Monday!

Tonight I want to briefly explore what I have planned for next, how Katya interacts with it and also give a glimpse of what waits for the party after their return back to the village of Bracken Hollow and what lies ahead along the path back to Daye.

What’s next

This year I want to further explore what really kick started my imagination when it came to D&D and in particular what really cemented my love for being the dungeon master as opposed to a player. I am not saying that I don’t love having my own Player character and exploring a world already thought of for me, it’s a great experience, a nice break from running the game and you can get some really good tips and hints into what you want to do or include in your next adventure, but for me that sense of wonderment and that want for more after every D&D session is what really drove me down that path more.

So for me I hope to do justice to what I have planned and will have a relatively rapid escalation plan set in motion, each month another milestone for the party and another set of challenges and experiences for them to engage in and at the end of the year I want to have a cohesive multi-staged adventure campaign that you, I and our players can sit down and enjoy.

Bringing the family in

So in January we met the people of Daye, the Red Fleet (a exotic merchant fleet who brought literal boatloads of magical talismans to the town of Daye) and a ancestral spirit that had not been seen before on these lands. We were also introduced to a child protégé, Lizbet, who after being saved by the party and protected by the Red Fleet felt like there could be something.. more to life. So she acted on knowledge that has been passed down to her and requested the party to find one more powerful, more connected to Chauntea than her and bring her back if willing, this girl is our Katya.

Now you can probably see how Katya is involved but the next step is really quite exciting, an adventure that begins with another request from Lizbet. A voyage for Lizbet to explore another culture and follow her deities guiding light into a new land.


Katya smiled at the villagers around her and prayed with all her being that they would prosper and that their lives would be both richer and easier from here on out now that the shadow from the Manor on the hill, her family home, was no more. A few shed tears, many smiled and waved happily just happy that she could escape and carry on with her life away from her captors.

“Shall we set off then” a cheery voice said from behind her left shoulder, Carline.

“Yes, we best set off before its dark I suppose” Katya said, nodding to the party and Paul who was at the head of the wagon in which she crouched in. Nodding and smiling, a somewhat goofy smile Katya thought, Paul flicked the reigns and the draft horses out front carried on down the road heading towards Daye.

The party had explained that a high priestess there had requested for them to find her and see if she would be interested in joining the priest-hood of Chauntea in Daye where she would be able to learn to talk to the goddess who had apparently chosen her. That was a foreign idea and as she started the ride downhill hill from the village she watched the snow recede as she passed and flowers start to push through the blanket of white at a startling rate.

If what she had been told during the last two days after her family home was mysteriously burnt down it was believed it was due to the strength of her potential connection to Chauntea that had the deities magic slowing out of her soo easily and readily – if she could learn to control it then she would be able to not just melt some ice and grow some flowers but would have the power to help the sick, heal the land and its people as well as a great number of other things.

Leaning back against the travelling pack the Dwarven tavern owners had given her she snuggled in, a touch of sadness washing over her as she look back at the ruins on the hill knowing that it would be a very long time before she saw them again. Not sure whether to be sad or happy about that she began to thumb her way through the book that had been found in what was the library.

Carline started up a happy tune on her lute and the four adventurers travelled close to the wagon and were watching the roads, the woods and the farmland with a dedication that Katya one day hoped she would have.

Thanks for joining me tonight for this little glimpse of what was and will be coming this way in a few days time. As always if you have any comments, questions or ideas about what you have read here don’t put off replying and I am more than happy to have a chat about D&D or table top in general.

Don’t forget to come back again this week to look at more content as I begin the process of wrapping up this Months adventure (although I am one month behind so I may have to update two…) and as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe