Omens in the incense

Welcome to another night here at Brazen Wolfe Tabletop where tonight is traditionally reserved for NPCs and other story driving characters.

So tonight I hope to expand a bit more of a character that was introduced a few weeks back and hope to tie together then, now and the future.

His claws found it difficult to grip the mudbrick walls of the house as he followed behind his quarry, his thin tail thrashed in anticipation of the moment when his hunt would be over. Moving from one thatched roof to the next with a short burst of speed and a jump – the membranes on between his arms and legs helping him to cross the sometimes fifteen foot gaps with ease – he trailed just behind her with ease.

“Priestess Liz,” a merchant called beckoning her over, “how goes the preparation for the harvest?” he asked his smile and warm eyes showing his earnest and warm nature.

“Well Dale, with any luck the harvest in a few weeks time will be bountiful as Chauntea has blessed these lands to be fertile this season” she replied smiling back.

The chatter went on for a while longer, this bored him to bits but he could hear the ringing in his large ears which heralded a astral projection to his masters. Shaking his head causing his floppy ears to clap lightly he tore off down across the roof tops to a nearby warehouse next to the docks where he could find a high, dark ceiling to receive his orders.

Crawling through the open window at the top of the roof, being sure no one was watching, he wrapped his thin tail partially around the plank and gripped on with the claws on his legs and closed his eyes. After a few minutes of intense concentration, not his strong suit he had to admit, he felt his consciousness float upwards and the pull on his astral forms as the masters channelled their ritual to bring him to their location took hold of his astral form and he flew through the astral plane across the sea back to where he came from.

As he slowed down a large temple sat before him and he gulped, he always hated coming to this place. The large stone pillars had stone statues depicting large beasts carved into them as if to both hold up the roof and also guard the entrance. As he floated in their eyes glowed with golden light, recognising him for what he was and almost testing him to attempt something reckless and foolish whilst in the temple – something he was not planning on doing not in eleven centuries. As he came to a large amphitheatre there was a heated discussion waging on between men and women who sat on marble and jade throne like seats around the room.

“I have told you, I will not let my families fortune fall to waste. We need a plan or this blight will infect not only our eastern province but the rest of our lands as well” one middle ages woman said calmly staring across from a man dressed in traditional military attire.

“Then what would you have our family do? Sit back and let the invasion come from the north? If we don’t act now we will be overrun by these beasts before the blight even spoils a single grain of our crops. A military threat needs a military solution!” the man bellowed causing a chorus of support to erupt forth with just as much noise raised in opposition.

“What do you think feeds the soldiers!” one voice called, “Our men and women grow lazy and weak in disuse – mobilise the troops and have them face the thread in their lairs!” a second called in contest.

A low rumble shook the room, quite a feat the diminutive creature thought considering it was in the astral plane, as silence fell across the room. A large serpentine head snaked forward from the back of the room and looked around the room with its glowing eyes. “Fighting amongst ourselves like this will neither cure the blight or address the beasts. It looks like we have word from across the waves. Come Siu, tell us what you have found” the large dragon spoke.

Now, the creature hated being called Sui but I was the name that was given to him when he was broken into water and then reshaped into this form, but he could not refuse his master. “I have found a girl” he said tentatively and quiet.

“A girl, what will a girl do!” yelled the military dressed man.

“What did you mean by that!” roared the female hosts in the room. Sui continued to speak but was drowned out by the rest of them.

“She has magic, a connection to a deity from across the waves. One that can heal the land and people. She also has found some warriors, heroes from over here who bested a Gaki after only just finding out what it is. They may not be an army, but if they can be convinced to come with the red fleet and return back then it may solve one or both of our problems.” Sui said, his head tilting down as the fighting continued above him. Hot breath, once again strange for here, brushed against the short fur on his neck and he looked up to see his master hovering in front of his face.

“Divine magic, warriors that bested a Gaki without our training or knowledge. Interesting.” his voice rumbled – the room falling into a deafening silence. “Very well. Sui. Do what you can to bring these heroes and this divine witch over. At this stage the family may as well be fighting themselves not the threats external to them. Go and complete this task and you may have found the cause of your freedom.” the dragon spoke as he exhaled a great breath – the wind forcing Sui to fly out of the temple, across the waves and to be forced back into his unconscious body back in Daye in what felt like seconds.

When he awoke he opened his eyes to the curious face of a dock worker staring at his face. He had, at some point, fallen off his perch on a rafter in the warehouse and he was dangling ten feet from the ground. The man blinked once before falling backwards off the crate he was standing on, shrieking like a banshee before running out of the warehouse yelling “demon”. Knowing when it was the time to go he used one of his limited spells per day to turn invisible before scrambling up his tail and out the window. Finding it was morning but unsure if it was the next morning or the morning after he could not tell he ran and jumped back to the temple where he could hopefully continue to subtly influence the mind of the divine witch to also try and convince the heroes to come back to his home land. In the last hundred years he had not come this close to his freedom and the thought of being unbound to the dragon was something he was willing to give everything to attain.

Well that’s it for tonight. Now I don’t know if I quite got the image I had in my mind to come out fluidly onto here (was a long day at work…) but I hope its enough to expand a bit more on what I have planned and so… thanks for joining me tonight!

Don’t forget to come back the next few days this week to explore a bit more of what’s coming up and I hope that what you find and read is tantalising enough to have you hungry for next week, and the weeks after that where we get more into the journey ahead!

Oh, and as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe