Start of a new Daye

Welcome to Monday night where we are looking at the plot for the upcoming week and this week I want to introduce the party to someone who is itching to meet them.

A bit thanks and shout-out to those who have been reading along daily, Yep, I see and notice you, I really do appreciate your support and interest in this little adventure I have coming together in my head (I have the what I call wandering plot points – but more on that another time I think) but every week I try and use what we learnt or dealt with in the previous week or month to drive and shape how we get to these points.

So without any more waiting let’s get on with the nights writing.

Searching for Reason


Before they even reached the gates Priestess Lizbet and her fellow devotees of Chauntea rushed to meet the group – Paul and Carline take up an instant defensive position but the party quickly make introductions.

Katya walks from the wagon and those around her part like reeds in the face of a tornado, her presence and radiance glowing around her causing, as expected by now, flowers to bloom and plants to grow, but that was probably just a trick of the eyes. As Katya and Lizbet meet the aura seems to shrink and in doing so both Katya and Lizbet glow in a way that only the divine could.

As they make their way into the city the village folk, the ‘free’ Red fleet sailors and merchants stop and show respect to the distinguished pair as they strolled through the streets with an retinue of guards, priests, priestesses, Paul and Carline and, just behind them the Party who had saved the city a week back.

Meanwhile on a rooftop not far away Siu lounged lazily in the sun and warmth watching the procession with interest, two priestesses of power – the newcomer gave off more of that divine energy than the priestess he had been gently nudging towards the boats and the promise abroad – maybe he had made the wrong call now that there was a stronger one here.

Sighing and turning his head back to the streets his eyes touched on a wisp of black mist as it crept under a door like a worm taking shelter from the hawk – he thought with a smug grin. He crept forward, his clawed limbs making the careful yet hasted descent easy – he will miss parts of this form when he is stripped from it and healed by the great dragon once he completes his mission he thought.

As he crept towards the door he looked around to make sure that his approach was undetected before climbing through a opened window. It took a moment for his eyes to adjust to the interior but when they did he was greeted by a creature of dark mist surrounding and lashing out at a house cat causing minor cuts and abrasions as the cat lashed back out in defence, its claws and teeth ineffective against the mist. Then as if sensing Siu the creature hissed, a low reptilian reverberation that chilled his nerves as the mist-creature rushed the cat entering its body through orifices and its cuts and in the blink of an eye the last trails of black mist disappeared and the cat was swinging its tail playfully – its golden eyes staring at Siu as a predator would its prey. In a flash the cat had closed the distance between them and large shadow-mist claws sprung from the creature and cut through the scaled hide under Siu’s mangy fur coat. The pain was exquisite, if pain could be defined as such, and he pulled on one of his limited spells he could cast and he disappeared as if made from mist, landing hidden on a rooftop just out of reach of the cat – he hoped.

As he watched the shadow-creature-mist-cat.. thing it smiled wickedly before jumping through the open window and started to head towards the priestesses. After a moment he noticed several other creatures were doing the same, malicious intelligence lining their eyes as they crept in the shadows closer to the procession and staying clear from the humans as much as possible.

This was not good, Siu needed help, he could feel his life force seeping from the wound in his torso and he had only one option.

He had to talk to those who he had admired and watched from afar, only their magic could save him and he had to warn them of the shadow creatures.

Thanks for joining me for this quick little introduction to this weeks coming adventure, As I began to write tonight I thought about tonight’s post and wondered where I was going to go with it in full. I knew I wanted Siu to reveal himself so I wanted a reason to do it – and to save himself, and the priestesses (maybe) was a good enough reason for me and the rest just flowed.

For the time being I am associating the dark mist as something that is a common theme in this current part of the adventure – it generally means the same thing when you describe it to anyone “Evil Spirit” and that can get the right reaction out of a party that you want to get involved, or take the plot dark-mist-bait, hook, line and sinker.

Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for more Brazen Wolfe Tabletop content and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe