Investigating Snowtown

The fifth day of Dice-ember brings us to the party investigating Snowtown. Tonight the party investigate the town during the daylight hours and uncover something quite disturbing. So sit back, make yourself a hot coffee and enjoy the festivities!

Investigating Snowtown


As the party levered the door open and crept out the bright morning suns rays reflected off a fresh blanket of white snow. Gone were the creatures from last night and only the occasional pile of snow, twigs and stones remained in near piles around the town. Moving from door to door the townsfolk crept outwards as the party began investigating Snowtown in full.

There was no sign at all. No foot prints, tracks or traces of the frosty reception they received the previous night. Where wild or malicious creatures would attempt to get to their prey through doors or windows these creatures did not. There was no sign of forced entry, attempted or otherwise on any of the buildings nor fresh scratch marks on doors or windows. As the smoke rose from the chimney stacks in each house, a sign of how cold it was outside and inside the buildings of this town, the party were left looking east to the woods.

The pine woods were dense and dark. Even the brightening sky seemed to be unable to penetrate these woods that grew at the top of a hill and while the town was coming alive once more the party set off to investigate the woods whilst breakfast was being readied. The trek to the woods was difficult but the thick cold clothing that the villagers provided them kept the chill at bay. The trek uphill through shin deep snow made the trek more difficult but all was peaceful on the hill.

The Forest

As they came closer to the forest the darkness, branches and leaves made the forest seem alive and whilst above the snow covered fields the birds sang and welcomed the dawn the forest remained silent. As the party came closer to the forest the shapes between the trees started to take form.

Dozens! Scores even of snowmen were standing in the shadows of the trees, unmoving but focused on the town. As the party came closer to the treeline the stone eyes seemed to stare into their souls and the crushing silence hit the party like any true strike could. After a few moments of staring and investigating the snowmen they noticed that amongst the compressed snow bodies fragments of cloth could be found. Similar clothing to what they were wearing now.

Looking from construct to construct they edged closer. As soon as the party left the sunlight and drifted into the shadow each and every head from the snowmen swivelled in their direction. Suddenly inanimate constructs of snow moved like lethal predators and moved towards the party at a frantic pace. Stumbling backwards into the sun and down the hill as fast as the snow would let them they retreated. But as they glanced behind them the snowmen had ceased moving and were once again frozen in place amongst the trunks.

Setting the scene for this weeks components we find ourselves with spooky, sudden-moving constructs in the shadows of nearby trees. A slightly horror inspired adventure for this years Dice-ember but one that I promise will be rewarding. So don’t forget to come back each day this week and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

Distortion Field

Welcome to the last Monday where I create content related to the Adventure of this last month. Tonight I want to propose something for those players who decide to travel across thr waves and head home to Fareun, a distortion field.


Distortion Field


The salty sea wind caressed their tired faces as they stared towards the bow of the boat. It had been a week since they confronted the Shadow and defeated it, though at a steep cost.

Now returning home felt like the best option for those onboard. Away from the evil they had seen, witnessed and the loss of those who they had grown accustomed to.

“with good weather we should be home within a week” the captain called out, not Kyoko… She stayed behind with her family.

“be on the lookout for pirates and beasties now. We need to warn them we have the heroes of  Ryokughan onboard so they have a chance to flee with their lives” the captain barked out in a mirth riddled tone. The crew laughed and cheered as the large ship bobbed up and down on the waves.

The captain was right. They had made good progress and the few ships they did see left them alone. The weather was fair and great for sailing and they were perhaps halfway home already. “You’ll be glad to be home now aye?” One of the crew asked as she handed around a bottle of liquid, rum. Definitely rum. “I can’t imagine going through what you lot have but is going home the right thing? After all you’ve done and seen. Surely you have the hunger for adventure. I know when I was a young girl and joined aboard..” she was cut off by a loud whistle.

“all hands on deck. Look lively. The spotter has seen some oddities in the waves. Be on the lookout for anything strange…” Now it was the captains turn to be cut short as a wall of wind and translucent colour materialised infront of the boat and spread out like a curtain of some great jellyfishes stingers.

The boat had no chance to swerve or adjust and plowed into the curtain of colour. Except, it didn’t. The bow of the boat passed through harmlessly as the colours danced across the hull, sails, rigging and crew alike. As it crossed over the party their skin tickled and as they spoke it was in several octaves higher than normal. The crew laughed and marvelled at the spectacle and as boat slowed they realised they had come into a pocket where no air was present.

“be prepared men in to paddle us out. I don’t like this at all.” Thr captain squeaked.

The crew moved to prepare the long oars whilst giggling at the captains voice. This distortion field affected other things too. Colours changed, sounds were different and even walking felt odd. As they were about to put the oars into the water the sails picked up again and the distortion suddenly stopped.

“onwards. To Daye!” The captain called, much less squeaky than a moment ago.

Under the waves alien creatures swam and moved through the water away from the boat. The creatures that flew on the wind currents up high beat their three pairs of wings as six eyes scanned below for a meal.


A distortion field is a way to either throw the party into a new realm, new horrors and adventures or have that world seep through. Or, it could be nothing but a weird occurrence and the party carries on with another story to add to their tale of the land of Ryokughan.

Well its the start to a new week but end of a eleven month campaign. Thanks to all that have followed this journey with me and I look forward to what comes next. Dont forget to come and read the last week, this week, as we wrap some things up and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

Shadows maze

Welcome to another Monday, plot and hook night where this week revolves around the confrontation between the party and their hunt for the dark master through the Shadows maze like citadel.


Shadows Maze


The party scurried forth towards the heart of the citadel. Or at least that’s what they had thought atleast. The citadel was a tangled mess of halls and tunnels. The halls were obviously well crafted at some point but tunnels were dug between halls.

The halls were largely barren and empty as were the tunnels. Occasionally they would witness a screaming wounded oni being dragged down a hall before disappearing into a tunnel.. But otherwise the minions of the Shadow were frantic. Their movements, organisation and coordination were disorganised and hasty as if anxious or fearful. They did have an army at their front doorstep and their master was weak or so the vision had indicated so.

The party were running out of time but they were getting nowhere fast. They would have to find a way to the dark master soon before it was too late.

The very human cries and screams brought them to their present moment and without a moment to lose they took off down a well used hall. Eventually they began to notice a pattern for the tunnels as some lead to new rooms, hallways, dead ends of refuse pits. As they were approaching what smelt like a refuse pit they heard the muffled screams again in the tunnel. Venturing forth they found a well concealed secondary tunnel, unlike the others to date, perhaps, which lead to a large chamber with cages and cells built into the wall. A large ogre stood in the middle of the room brandishing a whip as it lashed out at humans pleading for mercy.

The ogre stopped flaying a middle aged man and looked up towards the party. The look of shock was quickly replaced by a stupid grin and malicious twinkle in its eye. The Shadow would have to wait.


A creature as strong and ancient like Shadow would surely have an defensible position within the mountain. Oni, in this campaign, are very similar to a familiar goblinoid; the hobgoblin.

Like these foreign creatures the Oni of Ryokughan live in tunnels and have a warren of them to live in. It’s part defensive tactic, part disorganisation and effective for gaining an advantage against their opponents.

A short one this week as there is more to come in the coming days. So don’t forget to come back each day this week to see how the campaign ends. Tomorrow we look at the NPCs for this week which sets us up for secondary hook and the map for the adventure. Don’t forget that we’ve made it through 11 months of this campaign and and feedback is great, and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

Dark Script

Welcome to the second week of November where we have found some dark script for the players to piece together. With Christmas just around the corner we may find ourselves chasing darkness as the party venture deeper into the shadow lands. Towards the Shadows Throne we find our party surging forwards on the tail of the fleeing Oni. Their intel received they ready themselves for the battle ahead and move to intercept the creature at the centre of it all. A beast not only of Shadow and magic, but for a short window, one of flesh and solid form.


Dark Script


The party stared at the sheets of paper in front of them. The small droplets of blood that clung to the parchment left a trail as they slid to the ground. The letters, maps and notes that lay out infront of them revealed a side yo the Oni that they hadn’t seen. And one they wished they hadn’t.

Diagrams for a ritual in a large antechamber were revealed. A large altar or pedestal looked to be in a large bowl or recession in the chamber. The drawings indicated sacrifice of spirit folk, oni, humans and other races deemed lower than the oni.

The ritual looked to be one of creation. Binding bones, flesh and blood together to form a new body for something. The ritual pages finished here but there other pages that looked to be schematics for a fortress within a mountain. It mapped plans for guard rotations as well as the hidden path for escaping the citadel in case of emergencies.

Taking the plans, Gin and the surviving members of the plan they head back to the wall. The captain, Kyoko and the messenger for Kuang were all eagerly waiting for the party when they arrived.

After some time they started discussing what it could mean in hurried conversation before they turned to the party for advice.


Hopefully there is enough in the description (more coming Thursday) to cover the meaning of these scraps of paper. The idea really is that the ritual, the vision from the wall guard who recovered from affliction and what they have witnessed will them to the right conclusion.

The next part of the puzzle is how to get them motivated to get to the mountain.


The week is fresh and its looking at being a cracker of one at that. Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for the dark NPC night and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

Pursuit of the Oni

Welcome to another week, our forth last week of the year where we begin the pursuit of the Oni. This month we find our party ensuring the safety of the perimeter of the wall whilst Kyoko sends a message urgently to General Kuang and her father with the developments of the last night.

Pursuit of the Oni


With the retreat of the Oni and the cracking open of the mountains peak the party woke up feeling refreshed. After the defeat of the ice queen and defence of the wall against her magic the wall guard offered them the best room and comforts available to them. Four walls and a bed each.

In the morning the party emerged to find the wall quiet. The land beyond the wall was even more so with only the occasional movement at a forward base camp the shadows minions had on the ridge further towards The Shadows Throne. The oni and their slaves, the Butatō, were the only things that could be seen as left over from the battlefield. The Spirit folk and other creatures that had been fighting the party and the wall guard had disappeared which gave the wall guard a day of repairs to the wall.

“Message from the General. Lord Toshio was found dead in his tent and his troops had surrendered. Apparently they have all claimed enchantment and enthrallment from the Yuki-onna and the warriors claim that Lord Toshio took his own life when he heard his wife had been killed.” The messenger from the general recited to wall captain Hou and Kyoko. “The General has begun to detain and question the Toshio troops but Lord Harimasu has pardoned them on condition that they return to their homelands and begin to broker peace between the two families again. The general is on his way here to make an attack on the mountain. He will be here in two days however he needs what ever intel we can provide him.”

Kyoko frowned at this and asked for a map of the battlefield from what the scouts had been able to map out. “This camp of Oni. How defended is it?”

“We estimate that it would be a few dozen Oni, their leaders and slaves at a minimum. A frontal attack would go poorly but if there is another way that we can get the intel without risking more lives or leaving the wall undefended then I am all ears.” Captain Hou replied as he pointed towards the map, indicating where he would suspect the intel to be kept.

“Sir, I volunteer to lead the operation to retrieve the intel.” a voice said from the door. Wall Guardsmen Gin Seng stood there looking determined and fatigued. “I’ve grown up training to fight these creatures, to defend this wall. If I can help finish the war then I want to be involved… Sir.” he added with a moment hesitation.

“This mission is too crucial to leave it to one person. But too difficult and risky for a large scale attack.” Kyoko said as she nodded to Gin Seng.

“Perhaps these heroes from across the sea would be able to be of assistance once again?” Kit Hou said as she smiled at the group. “They seemed to have saved half of Ryokughan already from the Oni and the Shadows influence so what’s one more mission?”

General Hou frowned at his daughter. “We put too much pressure on them. They have done enough. We can not rely on them forever and I fear that there may be worse things up in those hills which we just haven’t seen yet.”

Kyoko smiled to the party. “It’s up to you. But we may need help distracting the main force if we were to send in a smaller group of wall guard to retrieve the intel. If you can help with either endeavour I would feel more confident in our success. The entire Oni force would know of you by now and surely they would want to have a chance at gaining the Shadows favour by attempting to best you in combat.”


Bit of a weird one tonight. Two options this week are laid out for our party. Distraction duties by attacking or bolstering a smaller force to distract the Oni from the insurgents or… They are the insurgents who are looking for intel. Either way I have a feeling they will be fighting Oni, Butatō and what ever else they have in those hills.

The first Monday of the last month. It’s been a long time coming and I am not sure if I am ready for the final stretch. In fact having worked on this adventure for ten months now makes it feel impossible to finish it. However, I know the next month is around the corner and I am excited to bring back Dice-ember once again with 25 days of D&D. But for now I will ask you to not forget to check in daily this week as we attack the Oni camp, or not, and prepare for the end. And, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

Call of Darkness

Welcome to the bonus week leading up to the end of the month. Tonight I wanted to touch briefly on the aftermath, the immediate outcome of the defeat of the Yuki-onna (Yukri Toshi – the Ice Queen). The call of darkness is strongest just before the coming dawn, or so some say, and in this case the party get to witness it first hand.

Call of Darkness


As the Yuki-onna fell to the ground and the remnants of ice cold ichor flowed from her wounds the battlefield fell silent. Then with the sound of a great exhale a gust of wind blew with such ferocity that the wisps of the shadowy smoke that hung to the ground and creatures were sucked into a vortex of wind which hurtled back towards one of the large peaks in the Shadowy mountain ranges. Then, bit by bit the clouds above the wall shifted and sunlight shone down upon the warriors, oni and spirit-folk.

With a shambling upheaval the undead fell to the ground, the dark magics that animated their bodies banished. The spirit folk looked around in fear and confusion before cheering as one and running for the hills. Most dropping their weapons.

The Oni however bellowed for a retreat and fled towards the peak in which the shadow-laden wind retreated to. That’s when the first tremor was felt.

Gradually a low murmur turned into a deep sorrowful moan as the ground itself seemed to lament the passing of the Ice queen. Then with a building of pitch the crescendo was reached and an almighty ping was both heard and felt as a monumental portion of the Shadows Mountainous peak sheared clear from the mountain itself. As the rock hit the ground it took a few heartbeats before the shockwave was felt and an colossal boom was heard for miles around. Just after the ringing in peoples ears started to diminish a large wave of dust moved across the land and stopped just a few hundred feet from the party and the wall.

The Shadows Throne. The unholy seat of power from where it commanded its troops and moved its pieces in the grand game lay open. A faint red glow could be seen coming from beyond the cloud of dust in the open wound of the mountain.

“The way is open to the mountains heart, to the Shadows throne.” Kyoko said as she appeared at the parties side. “We have never been able to penetrate the mountains defences. But now it looks like we have a chance to defeat the shadow. Killing it or pushing it from these lands for good.”

As the wall guards rejoiced a horn bellowed from the top “Captain!” Gin Seng called. “Officer Yuon has awakened!” With that Captain Hou, his daughter, Kyoko and the party rushed towards the wall. Officer Yuon was one of the afflicted who had been confined to the infirmary since the parties first encounter with the Wrath Wraith.

As the party stepped on top of the wall, great sheets of rough ice made for an easy way up, Gin ran to meet them.

“Captain! She says she has seen it. A way into the throne room. A way to the Shadow its self.” he said breathlessly. “and…” he paused as he looked at those gathered “she says it is vulnerable.”


The last of the end of this years campaign where we reach our crescendo with a dungeon delve. It’s been a bit of a wild ride and I still have so many things that I want to achieve. But the format of the blog is that I have a certain amount of time, and only so many hours a day to write so I am pleased at where we are at and what is left.

Another night down and only 37 more nights of content for this years adventure. I am truly thankful that you have joined me on this adventure and this little project of mine. I want to finish the last month on a bit of a high so this week I will be looking to produce two bits of content. The extra content for the month and potentially something a bit more spooky. So make sure to visit each not between now and the end of the month and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

Chilling Call of the Queen

Welcome to another plot Monday where this week we look at enduring the chilling call of the queen, Yukri Toshio the Yuki-onna. This week sees the commencement of a siege, perhaps the breaking of it and maybe even the closing conflict between the Yuki-onna and the heroes.

Chilling Call of the Queen


As the Onikage snorted with barely contained violence and hunger, Yukri watched the humans from its back. The yuki-onna knew that the Shadow, the one who had given her powers to rule as the Ice Queen, wanted these humans dead. But killing these humans had proven difficult, even the enlisted help from the Laelóng but the vain beast failed.

“Queen. The humans have escaped back on top of the wall. They have powerful weapons and we have to retreat…” a hesitant voice spoke from her side. The Oni looked down at its feet and braced for the worst but it didn’t come. A second voice spoke, much older, darker and more influential than the lowly Oni.

“You must stop them. Those weapons are cursed by the dragons and elves of old. Their magic has the power to bring down your kingdom. You must kill the wielders and stop them from taking everything you have fought for” The Shadow whispered in her ear. The sound of its voice so filled with power and malice that all other noises, thoughts and reason drifted from her mind. Eventually the sounds of screams, pleading and The Shadows intent washed her thoughts away until there was nothing left but overwhelming rage.

All she had worked for. All she had sacrificed and for what? A group of humans and magic swords to take it from her. Not likely. She watched her warriors and the creatures she commanded flee from the wall, all except the mindless undead, and her frustration grew. The frustration and rage boiled up within the Yuki-onna and it overflowed. Screaming her hatred and rage across the battlefield her intensity of her thoughts mixed with her magical abilities and a wall of frost formed over the fleeing warriors.

“Cowards…” she muttered as she looked upon her frozen troops. “Tomorrow they will take the wall. I don’t care how many it takes I will not have everything I worked for taken from me.”


The start to the end of the week and we have a bit of a fun one planned. A siege firstly followed up by something a bit more… Regardless it looks like it will be a good week and a good closure to the month.

Thanks for dropping by to read my content and for remaining up-to date for this yearly adventure. Don’t forget to come back each day this week as we explore more of the Yuki-onnas plans and see if our party can survive the siege. Oh and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

Atop the wall

Welcome to another Monday-plot night where this week sees the party arrive at the all and, well, it’s not looking good. Atop the wall they find themselves looking out across a warzone there the injured lay dying from both sides. Whilst the party investigate what’s happening they are attacked by a mysterious creature that vanishes as quickly as it appears. Can the party provide a glimmer of hope and act as a beacon from atop the wall to rally the bastions of humanity under one banner? Well this week we find out.

Atop the wall


As the party arrived at the wall the first thing that they noticed was the sheer lack of people. For such a crucial point in the defence of Ryokughan it was shockingly unmanned. A head appeared at the edge of the wall twenty feet above the ground before calling out. “Princess Kyoko is here! Reinforcements have arrived!” the voice was overcome with emotion before several others echoed with joyous cries of relief.

“Kyoko. I don’t think our message hawk arrived here safely. They believe we have more reinforcements for the wall” Takeo spoke in a hushed whisper to Kyoko and the party. “How did you want to handle this?” he added looking from Kyoko to the party who were in fact the reinforcements.

After a few moments a platform was lowered over the side and the party, the princess and the spy were lifted atop the wall. Despite the low numbers of people on the wall they all were veterans. Heavily armed, armoured and trained they carried themselves with a martial poise that was lacking in many. As they rushed towards Kyoko they greeted Takeo and the party, the exhaustion on their faces replaced by joy and relief.

“Before we continue the pleasantries I believe I need to have a word with you lady Kyoko” a particularly grizzled and hard man said from a nearby door to a small tower. “There is something that is of great urg…” he began as he held up a fist and listened to the quiet that his signal instilled. “It comes!” the wall captain roared as every single soldier drew their weapons and surrounded the party and princess.

In a moment of chaos clouds of shadow-smoke appeared around the wall in sporadic bursts. Soon the sound of steel clashing, grunts and combat rang out around the party as the unknown adversary launched itself at the walls defenders. After a few moments the creature disappeared and the shadow-smoke dissipated soon after.

“To your posts. Prepare for combat!” roared the captain who eyed his men and women closely, inspecting for wounds. Finding one he pulled them aside “to the infirmary,” he said with a sigh as the realisation set into the face of the woman in front of him. “you’ve been stung. You won’t be seeing battle again until you’ve recovered” he added as he clasped the soldiers shoulder.

“yes sir!” the soldier barked obediently as with a great deal of sadness she handed over her weapons in resignation to the captain before retreating down a nearby set of stairs. As she disappeared into the bowels of carved and fortified stone.

“We are hounded by a creature that does not kill, it barely wounds but what it touches quickly dies. Normally at the hands of the victims allies.” the captain said as he grabbed a helmet and moved to the wall. “Those unfortunately enough to get injured by it recover after some time. Normally after heavy sedation. Some don’t and they choose to live on the outside of the wall so that in their condition they can still benefit their brothers and sisters.”

“What do you mean wall captain Hou?” Kyoko asked as she moved over to the wall before clasping a hand to her mouth.

“They go mad. Their blood boils and they cant detect friend from foe. They will kill anything in sight. Lethally trained warriors who can’t tell friend from foe and who have a lust for blood that a demon would envy. I haven’t seen it before. Our healers can only sedate and hope that their spirit is strong enough to fight the affliction. If they can’t resist then they spend their final days ripping into our enemies and serving us in their death.” the captain said with great reverence as he saluted a human who stopped pacing by the base of the wall, bloody froth covering its mouth.

After a moment the human, one a warrior that defended the wall turned and charged away from the wall, picking up a crude looking sword as it charged headlong into a mass of charging Spirit folk. The brutality in which the warrior cleaved into the fey creatures was outstanding and hard to watch. But that wasn’t only sight on the other side of the wall. Dozens of injured and dying lay strewn about the battlefield on both sides. Humans, those afflicted as well as the minions of The Shadow, all of them calling for help or crying out in pain or fear.

“We have tried to recover our wounded or dead and we started to lose more men than we saved…” a wall guard said from next to the party. Nodding towards the captain who pulled on a helmet and drew a magnificent longbow as he climbed a nearby watch tower. “He lost his daughter. She was a fine warrior and led the last recovery mission. She was cut down by a Oni.” The guardsman nodded towards a banner that stood high amongst the bodies, rocks and toppled trees. “She lies somewhere over there. Some men swear they have seen her moving about the battlefield but I think they are just seeing things.” he sighed. After a moment he ran off down the wall to continue to guard as creatures started to reach the wall.


A few things for this week. A creature that attacks by teleporting which aims to spread an affliction – a blood rage if you will. Those afflicted by the blood-rage affliction who cant shake it being amongst the dead and rubble of the battlefield fighting non stop for their last few days. And lastly, a missing daughter to the captain. All of which can help drive action from the party. But what will they do? Maybe Wednesdays post will help us tease that out.

Thanks for joining me tonight. This week looks to be a big one with a few different roads to follow but its all leading up to what’s approaching at the end of this month. So don’t forget to come back each day this week to find out what’s in store for the party and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

Mote of Radiance

Well it’s the second last month of the Brazen year-long content arc and we are finally off to have audience with the Ice Queen… Again.. This time however eyes high above the roads and plains spot the party from miles away like a bright mote of radiance as they travel towards the wall. But is ancient ancestral weapons forged by dragons and elves and the desire to repay the Ice Queens hospitality enough?

Mote of Radiance


Black feathers caught the wind currents under the dark ominous clouds and caused the large winged creature to soar above the ground far below. Beating its wings it looked down below at the group travelling along the road. It’s keen eyes picked out everything. From the colours of their clothes to the wear and tear on their cloaks not a detail was missed. That was until the hilt of a blade, the tip of a staff and the glimmer of an amulet glimmered from under cloth.

The resulting burst of radiance in the creatures view caused it to reel with pain. It wasn’t just its pain it was feeling but also its masters and its desires were simple. Don’t let them reach the wall.

Tucking its wings in the creature dove down the wind now aiding in its rapid descent as it plunged. Noticing movement from its left and right two of its brethren also had been urged downwards. However, their descent was halted as a bolt of radiance shot up from the travellers, connecting with the torso of the creature next to it. The tangled mess of skin, flailing limbs and gore tumbled down towards the earth as the creatures dove onwards.

Too late did the creature realise as the blades, limbs and bolts piece and shred their flesh that these motes of radiance were too much for them. Even as they began to flee shredded wings flapping in a panic they were cut down no far from where they made their foolish attack.

As the radiant light burnt through its flesh and it lay in a pool of blood and gore the power the Shadow had leant it all those years ago evaporated with the last beat of its heart.


This week we start the journey north-west, towards the wall that the Harimasu family had patrolled for years. With enchanted weapons and items the party are more than a match for anything they have fought previously and even now the minions of The Shadow don’t stand a chance. This week is to demonstrate this power and boost the players ego’s a bit at their newfound power.

The reason for it is a simple one. We want them to feel powerful heading towards the wall and so sending small ambushes on they way to the wall is on the menu. So this week is creatures attacking from everywhere and we need to make sure that they all fit the bill for fiend, fey or undead. Next week and the week after we hit the walls and beyond and take the fight to the yuki-onna.

Thanks for joining me tonight to look at the plot for this weeks adventure. Don’t forget that Monday is just the start of the week and that we have more content planned. It goes without saying, don’t forget to come back each day and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

Turning Point

Welcome to the end of the monthly content and the last Monday of the month. This month we followed our party as they reached a Turning Point. The battle against The Shadow has swung in the favour of good as they removed the Lómipilu. This week we continue that turning point a the party uncover exactly just what they found within the Shadowy dimension.

Turning Point


The party found themselves on the ground and the blinding light lessened as their eyes adjusted to the room. From down the hall the sounds of footsteps could be heard approaching at a quick pace. As they picked themselves up off the ground doors burst open as guards spilled into the room they were in. The guards greeted them with spears and swords drawn as they eyed the glittering and shining items on the ground. Looking down the party found scattered weapons and wondrous items that shone as if the sun was contained within.

“Wait. Hold I say.” a groaning man spoke as he picked himself up shaking from the ground. “Lower your weapons. I must talk to Lord Harimasu immediately” said Master Fukiyomo.

“That’s what the last Master Fukiyomo said too.” muttered one guard. “How do we know you are who you say you are?” another said.

“That’s because I believe him.” Spoke a commanding voice from behind the guards. Turning towards the voice and lowering their weapons the guards stepped aside as Lord Harimasu strode into the room followed closely by Takeo and Lady Kyoko. “In fact my daughter and Master Takeo have vouched for these adventurers and have informed me of the plan to rid our kingdom of this Lómipilu.” he continued.

Takeo and Kyoko smiled briefly towards the party before their eyes, much like the emperors, were drawn to the pile of artefacts on the ground. “It seems you recovered our lost treasures as well. We have much to discuss.” the Harimasu emperor said as he smiled broadly.

“Might I interject?” spoke a voice from above them all, “the situation at the wall grows Dire and my master has allowed me to break my vowel in order to let you know”. As everyone looked up Kyoko exclaimed in disbelief as a man-sized golden dragon flew down through the air as a snake would move across the ground towards the party.

“It’s been some time my friends…” Siu said as he turned around with a mixture of sadness and happiness in his eyes.

Well this week see’s us reach that turning point in the adventure as we strive forward quickly. Thanks for joining me with the re-emergence of Sui and the discovery of the Harimasu artefacts that went missing. Don’t forget to come back this week for more content as we push through the last week of the month and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe