Wisdom of the Mountains

Hi all and welcome to the a Monday night post which means a new week of adventure and this week we look at finalising the month of May’s content.

Last week we left out party as they encountered the turtle-esque creatures called the Kappa as they hunted in the forest near the waterfall fed pool that they called home. This week we make our way further up the mountain, experience a new type of fear as they race against the sun to seek the answers they need. A bit cryptic, well read on viewers, read on.

Savage Welcome


Leaving the cave with their wounds and aches being cooled and soothed by the cold chilled water of the waterfall fed pools – carrying their gear and whatever salvageable loot they began to swim to the far shore of the small pool. The sound of snapping branches and the rustling of bushes indicating life was returning to the forest near by but giving them pause as they floated in the water looking about the fire-fly lit grove of trees that surrounded the rocky pool.

Movement up ahead and the bloop as a small stone hit the waters surface near the party revealed Takeo, still cradling his arm up, nestled in the branches of a nearby tree his face covered in micro-scratches and sweat. As soon as he noticed the party had seen him he gestured for them to be quiet as another crash nearby indicated that something large was moving through the trees, not just the deer and pigs that lived in these forested parts. The creature that was moving was large enough that it was breaking branches in its movement as it searched for something, the worried look on Takeo’s face told the party all that they needed to know – it was searching for him.

Looking up ahead towards their campsite they noticed that the belongings they had left near the fire were scattered around the small clearing and several branches, bushes and even a tree were broken, squashed, shattered and uprooted as what ever was nearby had apparently searched through their belongings in some haste.

The snapping of twigs and branches started to come back closer towards the pool where the party drifted near the edge. A large creature was near by, it’s heavy footfalls and heavy breathing – sniffing out something, could be heard as the party waited, hands on weapons. Suddenly the creature became silent as the sound of rumbling groaning earth and creaking wood reverberated through the stones and still clearing which shook as a sudden large vibration and whoosh of leaves came from within twenty feet of the party. A moment of silence was greeted by the parting of clouds above and the appearance of a nearly full luminous moon which flooded the forest with its last light as dawn approached from the horizon.

A ground quaking howl of rage split the near tranquil silence as a trunk of a tree the size of a battering ram erupted forth from the location of the creature as it flew through the air, exploding against the tree where Takeo was hiding causing the splintered to flutter through the air like autumn leaves. A violent howl of rage or satisfaction was bellowed from the creature as it strode forward on two powerful legs, a cascade of golden fur covered its head, shoulders and back, illuminated by the moonlight.

The creature stepped over the fire revealing it to be a giant ape, larger than anything the party had encountered before of its kind, golden with a long tail curling around what appeared to be a silver blade as it moved towards the tree that it had just shattered. The creature stopped before the tree, sniffing loudly as it searched for its prey and victim before turning around and staring directly at the party as the dawns first light touched its face – the brief moment of recognition of the party members, of Takeo who had somehow made it to another tree closer to the pool (without anyone noticing) and the rising of the sun crossed its eyes. A deep sorrow immediately paling the rage and white hot anger that filled its eyes as it dropped a sharp splinter of wood onto the path before dropping to all fours as it fled up the path, further into the mountains.

Takeo slowly dropped to the ground, his body bruised and battered. “I am not sure what that was, legends have it that these mountains are guarded by a golden beast that has long both terrorised and protected the monastery. I believe we met the beast and soon we will meet the monastery. It is not far ahead, in the direction the beast fled and I fear we are running out of time. Another night in these woods will be suicide.”

getting out of the water and piling some of the splintered, broken green wood onto the fire they were greeted with a smoke filled but warming light that allowed them time to rest, dry off and prepare for the mornings hike ahead – up the mountain in the shadow of the golden beast.

Well that was a lot of fun. I wasn’t sure what creature I was going to put at the centre of this weeks plot, but I know where we need to go, what we need to do and now how we are going to do it – so I am hopeful that this week will be story heavy but filled with challenges that I want the players to feel the thrill and anxiety dripping moments as they enter the territory of the beast, visit the monastery and seek the cure of the shadow’s curse. So don’t you forget to come back each night this week as I toy around more with Inkarnate for another map, potentially a regional map of the mountains, and of the monastery. Before I go I wanted to thank the new subscribers that joined whilst I was unwell these past three weeks, welcome to my tabletop and I hope you are able to use and are inspired by what you find here, oh and as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

Entering the port

Hi all and welcome to the a Monday night post which means a new week of adventure.

Last week we saw the introduced refugees and corrupted crew fall to The Shadows corruption and begin to turn on Liz and the adventurers. This week I want to take our first few steps onto Ryokughan proper and venture into the Mountains near the Bay of Five Tails

Bay of Five Tails


As the sun rose on the third day after they had left Jade Point, the Dancing Drake sailing a bit slower due to the hasty and crude repairs done to the breached hull, the Dock city that controlled the Bay of Five Tails was in sight.

“It’s called the Bay of Five Tails,” Kyoko said, watching her most trusted men stand around the central mast where she noticed some crew and refugees from Jade point tied up, it was reported that there were eleven in total but she could only count five, Choi amongst on of the afflicted. “It’s called such as it is believed that one of our great ancestor dragons, a water spirit that had five tails fought a great battle here and as it brought its great many tails down on its foe the earth shattered before its might and five great channels were carved into the land. Soon these channels filled with rushing sea water as the wounds caused by its strike spread out far and wide forming the marshes, the ones we sailed through and the others further west, and inlets to the sea not far from here.” Several other passengers, Liz and Siu included listened intently to the tail.

“This city we call Shuimu, after the ancestor spirt that fought here and opened up what once was a land locked area and brought trade, wealth and prosperity to the people of this region.” she said smiling as she her remaining crew helped position the ship to dock, her hand reaching out to stroke the wings of a hawk, Takeo, that had flown to her side just as the last of the Shadow Bruised were being rounded up. She looked from the Hawk to the adventurers for Faerun. “He will have to remain in this form for a few days, it seems that he had to call on too much of his clans magic and the change is, not as easy to flow back into human shape as it is to shift to an animal. He did discuss with me before he left his plans, to talk to his master and then to seek out the monks that live within the mountain ranges nearby the City, about two days walk, a week round trip to find the monks and return. I believe this is the best chance we have to learn how to cure and help these people afflicted by the shadow’s curse as well as cure Siu as he has been unable to shake the stone for days and, between you and me, he is not himself.” Kyoko said looking concerned at her ancestor-come-shipmate.

Looking towards the city, the vast open market covered in red, gold, green and blue flags representing different family houses the party were welcomed with a chorus of noise, sights and smells that wafted across the waves and up to the boat as they docked.

“We will keep the afflicted behind bars for a week, then their families may begin to ask questions and I cant risk bad relations with the other major families. In this time I need you to seek out the monks and return with the cure, or knowledge of the cure, so we can begin the process of fighting back against the shadow.” Kyoko said as she picked up the hawk on her arm.

“Takeo will help you, as much as a bird that cant talk can. Just ask and he will do what he can – this mission is as important to him as it is to us. As soon as Siu and the others are healed we will head to my city, where my family rule, and we can begin the fight in earnest.” Kyoko said, grasping the hands of the party members “I am grateful the ancestors let your path cross mine. Please seek provisions with this bag of gold and return back as quickly as you can. I am sorry you can’t rest for long, perhaps half a day at most, but we know nothing of this affliction only that it appears to be from the Shadow in nature and that it makes the host simply not exist. We need to know how to stop it before they get lucky and something irreversible were to happen.”

As the boards were lowered and trade goods, people (some in chains) and the host of other things were taken across to the docks where important looking officials dressed in white robes stood waiting the party set their first foot down in Ryokughan proper.

Thanks for joining me as I continue my recovery. I hope you are excited for this weeks content as I am as we continue along this exciting adventure and start to meet some of the people of this land in true. There is a bit of content planned for this week, I hope to get out Inkarnate again for some battle maps amongst other things and as my recovery goes well I also hope to also look at more soulbound this week. So don’t forget to come back daily and as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

Shadow Bruised

Hi all and welcome to the first Monday of the month where we look at the plot for the month, well for this part of the month.

Last week I introduced some refugees onto the boat, one of which having a run in with Mugrave outside the town of Jade Point, so this week I want to see where I can take that.

The Touched


As the ship sailed down the widening River the last signs of the marsh retreated into the wild under a chorus off toad-kin singing songs of praise, protection in and victories to be come.

“It’s nice isn’t it. To be nearly home and be with the first glimmer of hope we’ve had in quite some time” Kyoko began, breathing deeply and looking out across the water and slowly approaching fields be and farmland. “I bet you were be staying to worry weren’t you Takeo” she said turning to the tawny hawk next to her. After a ruffle of feathers Takeo Mei stood next to her.

“When my birds returned without delivering a message I worried, when Jade Point was under siege I also worried. But now I am glad to see that you have made some stalwart companions to usher you home, I knew that they were a good omen, but I don’t remember the Priestess being amongst them earlier.. ” he frowned looking towards the Lizbet as he could sense a strange energy about her.

“She is something else. Single handed turned the Toad-kin into allies. They call her a fallen Star” Kyoko said as she sipped from a cup and watched her. Takeo nodded to Kyoko before walking towards Lizbet and the party of adventurers he met weeks ago.

“I could sense something about you from across the ship. You have a light about you Miss Priestess, one that the darkness and shadow will try and snuff out” Takeo said, nodding to the party as he stopped to stand amongst them, tilting his head listening to a sound that only he could hear.

“Well they have tried already, luckily for me I have had these adventurers, heroes if you will, protect me and shepherd me from harm for now. Even Siu has taken to following a few feet behind me to ensure that I am safe.” she said as the golden scaled beast moved forward making Takeo startle if only for a moment.

“No, I can’t. I won’t. She is the light that will protect us.” he muttered under his breath as he shook his head – the whispers getting louder with each passing moment. His legs walked on their own carrying him next to the railing, around the back of the gathering where the adventurers stood with the person made entirely of blinding light. “No, don’t please. Its a price I cant afford” the man continued as he felt the change happen – suddenly people stopped moving aside, no one looked at him and even the astute and watchful gaze of the man talking to the priestess and the party frowned as if something was missing.

As more people bumped into him he cursed the card game that had won him the stone that was now in his possession, again, a pain on his neck forming as the stone took its mark on him. He couldn’t live like this again, not in the shadow, not without the warmth of others and so with a shuddering sob he drew his long knife, a memento from his father – a fisherman – and drove the point into his chest. He shuddered as the stone fell from his hand and clacked against the railing of the ship and then over the side as he felt his body go cold. All of a sudden people were screaming, the man who appeared to have been watching him before the shadow enacted its price was there in the space he drew his last breath. “The shadow…” he managed to whisper to the man as he felt his eyes close.

Takeo knelt next to the man he remembered seeing, hearing talking to himself as if a mad man then nothing – as if his existence had been wiped from the world. When the body hit the ground he remembered what had been witnessed and heard and as he heard the words “The Shadow” he searched the man for marks – a large, deep bruise had formed on his neck where it met his left shoulder as if a large round object had been forced onto him for some while.

“Kyoko, we need to restrict the priestess and her companions at once. There is darkness afloat these waters”

Thanks for joining me tonight for the start of a new week and I hope that this slight twist in the plans we have here came as a shock, well at least part of it did. I am looking forward to the next legs of the journey as we approach Kyoko’s home city so don’t forget to tune in daily so you don’t miss a beat – and as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

Desperation Point

Hi all and welcome to the last week of the month where this week we compile the previous three weeks writeups into one post to be looked at as a single adventure.

Tonight I want to look at the easiest choice for the party to make and the easiest way forward – making a run to the town.

Jade Point


The Run down to the town wasn’t the be difficult part nor was the exhaustion setting in from days of poor rest. Dodging arrows and the ever encroaching mist hiding Oni or worse within was. As the party ran past a line of barely noticeable white stones in the grass arrows and bolts whizzed passed them to meet a rushing Oni as if two opposite poles of a magnet finally able to be united.

“supportive fire, lose when ready” a gruff voice bellowed up ahead as the party had to jump abruptly as a few logs came into view causing them to slow down or jump if they wished to avoid being stuck behind a 3ft high log. As they cleared a few logs they saw hastily repaired walls, well scaffolding, where a handful of archers stood and shot into the mist as the Oni slowly ceased their pursuit. As the party neared the wall several armed but tired looking soldiers rushed out from behind a door that was pulled open quickly and escorted in the party.

The moment they crossed the threshold behind the barricades they were surrounded by soldiers who had their weapons trained on them. “Take them to the inn. I’ll be there shortly once we know if the Oni are dealt with” said the voice before.

Three party didn’t have to wait long in a large, cold storage room at the inn before a haggard man stepped through, a fresh bandage covering the left side of his face. “Well, you best get talking before I send you out with the Oni. Where is captain Jake and private Yu?” The man began by sitting and clicking this fingers which caused a fire place to bloom to life in the room.

After a run of questions from the man in In front of them they find out he is Lieutenant Mattyias, second in command to Captain Jake who went missing sometime today. “Well, if what you say is true it sounds like we are both working for the same side. We came to the defence of this city on our way back to White fort and have been at a loss how to get the town’s folk our of here. If we could mend your ship and get the townsfolk, well those who remain, onboard we could save the rest of these people. But the Oni won’t let us leave or escape. Lost a few of my men and brothers in arms to that plan.” He mused out loud.

“What we need is a distraction, one that would keep them away from the town long enough that we can get these people out of here. I also want to find Captain Hart. He is one of the best captains we have and he cant be left in enemy hands. His knowledge alone is worth his survival and the Oni probably know that too. My guess is he and Yu are behind enemy lines.” Mattyias continued. “Perhaps you were sent here for a reason? Got any ideas?”

Thanks for joining me tonight for the wind-down before the wrap-up this weekend coming. Don’t forget to come back each day this week so that we can look into the tweaks, extra detail and additional things for this adventure and see what it creates at the end of the week. This week marks the end of my short break and with only a unit, and friends, painted alas I was unable to get through 80 miniatures in such a short timeframe but I will endeavour and push on! Don’t forget to keep an eye out for my extra content and as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

Across the Marsh, through the Jungle.

Hi all and welcome to a new week and a new weekly session where we just saw our party seek the aid of an ancient Toad-kin shaman who calls the marsh home, and during the endeavour they had to go and complete the Shaman, Varda’s, shopping list.

This week we will be looking towards the journey to the Docks and what lies past the Marsh. Now this month as come and gone very quickly and next week is the last week of the month which means I have to accelerate my plans for this months adventure – which means more content for you all!

Port Side


True to her word Varda’s two charms, the Longsnout talisman that enabled the Toad-kin know as Kiri to speak not just understand Common as well as the Kookastem fetish that allowed the party to scout the dangers of the marsh from a birds eye view and through navigating the marsh, the mud banks and deep patches of water (and avoiding the dangers they now knew lurked in the murky water) it saw them standing on solid ground soon at the base of tangled grove of trees.

The Jungle, which is the only thing that could describe the hot, dense mass of trees and plants was hard to traverse and the fetish as of little use due to the heavy canopy above them. The creatures in the jungle were smaller than the marsh, skittish even and there was always a noise, a growl, a call or a shadow near by watching the party as they moved through the dense vegetation. As night fell and the party set up camp Kiri warned them of the many dangers, a list that went on for quite some time, and as the noises increased the party began to believe some of the stories the toad-kin told over the flickering embers of the fire.

After a day walking after one of the worst nights sleep that anyone could remember for some time they stumbled through the edge of the forest and looked down upon the port town which sat at a large cove in the river about a mile away. Thick black smoke billowed forth from buildings on the outskirts of the town and evidence of battle could be seen from this distance, fallen bodies and a small camp settled in from the North West, to the north of where the party had come from the jungle, could be seen cloaked by an cloud that defied the wind and cast a massive shadow over the ram shackle camp.
The Toad-kin seemed spooked, jittery even, and when the party finally spoke they jumped in fear.

“That’s no brigand or ramshackle force there, that’s an Oni camp – blessed by the shadow. It seems they, the shadow, had a backup plan in case my people could not stop you in the marsh.” he began, fear causing his voice to tremble. “I will go and warn my people, and the ship, there must be another way to where you need to go. To face the Oni is death.”

Looking forward at the town and the ramparts the party discussed on their course of action, tired and low on reserves after the marsh and the jungle they were unsure of what their next move was but knew that they could not stay at the edge of a jungle and that the port was their next stop and best hope at returning back to the ship to re-unit with Kyoko, Siu and Lizbet to complete their quest.

This month has gone very fast and after a day hobby-ing (painting a doom wheel and taking to the field with my Skaven against Orruk warclans) I am very quickly running out of time to paint as much of my Skaven army as possible and line up this weeks adventure.

So don’t forget to come back each day this coming week so that we can continue on this adventure and see where it takes us. Don’t forget to ask about my hobby table too – without being reminded I may be prone to forgetting about the challenge I set myself and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

Across the Marsh

Hi all and welcome to a new week where the heroes would be continuing on their journey across Ryokughan – well they would be if not for the battle that took place in the marshlands.

So this week we will be looking at the next stage in the adventure, being the fifteenth week we have been writing for this year (and the 4th month!) we have a lot of ground to cover if we want to reach our end of year goal – So I better roll on with it.

Marsh Caller


As the war-chief fell back and slid into the murky depths of the river the boat rocked and ceased to move along the river current. It appears whilst the main fight was going on above deck something more sinister was happening below deck, below the waters surface to be more precise. A series of large holes had been ripped open in the hull just below the waterline while the ship took on water it had drifted between two marsh islands and as it sank it had become lodged between the muddy banks.

The Toad-kin left the ship and celebrated on the marshy outcroppings below whilst tending to the wounded who had survived the attack, and their chiefs and a chorus of grunts, hoots and croaks filled the sound in a rhythmic tribal beat. Thankfully a large portion of the toad-kin had survived and the crew had come away with some wounds, but nothing life threatening whilst Lizbet was around.

After some time two unarmoured toad-kin approached the crew and were eventually lead to Lizbet and the party. Whilst able to understand common communication seemed hard, body language and communication with hand gestures revealed that these two toad-kin (Kiri and Trip) wished to help those who walked amongst the walking star and could show them the way through the marsh, they think.

The crew and Kyoko both agreed that travelling the marsh would cut days off their travel, considering their ship was grounded until repairs could be made, and it would take a savvy survivalist to lead them through unscathed, particularly the darker deeper parts of the marsh and jungle that lay between them and the port they were travelling to.

The issue is that the Toad-kin could not communicate traditionally but they wanted to take them to someone who commanded the spirits and magic of the swamp to create a charm that would lead them through the worst of the marsh and perhaps find a way to enable the two Toad-kin to communicate with those they wished to serve and assist.

Reluctant to agree they considered their other options, sure that they could find a spell or charm to speak and communicate with the diminutive humanoids they set off on their own, heading in the direction with a compass borrowed from Choi to seek help at the port to retrieve supplies and a crew to repair the dancing drake and get it sailing again.

Kiri and Trip not wanting them to fail followed them but not being able to communicate effectively started to wear down the party and their guides nerves as the marsh got thicker and the sun got lower as the day went on.

I can not begin to express how excited I am for this weeks adventure. What I don’t reveal that often is that most of the time the process I have with my adventures is very adhoc, natural and spontaneous which means that the story grows, shifts and evolves as I wear it – however this week I reached that point of clarity much earlier in my mapping and I am excited to see what I can reveal to you this week as the party continue through the marshlands and beyond.

As I say every night don’t forget to keep an eye on the blog for my daily updates, I have a bout of leave approaching and I plan to make a mad sprint to have a lot of my Skaven army painted by the end of the two weeks of leave. I also have a few exciting days ahead for this weeks adventure as we meet colourful critters and lumbering lurkers that wait amongst the reeds and rotting wood.

So don’t forget to come back each day this week and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

Shallow Shadows

Hi all and welcome to a ‘new month’ where we begin the next leg of our journey across to Ryokughan – the home continent of Kyoko Harimasu and her Red Fleet.

So, instead of delaying the writeup further I anticipate it may be bit of writeup tonight and I really do need to kick it off.

Shallows of Ryokughan


As dawn greeted the Dancing Drake a week after they left Ophidian Island Kyoko and her crew stopped what they were doing so they could walk to the bow of the ship to witness what the dawn’s light revealed. The Captain, crew and passengers nearly breathed in deep collective breath as the salty air mixed with the jungles of their Red Fleets homeland came to view with dawn, Ryokughan they had made it at last. A few of the crew who insisted on wearing their masks came looked around cautiously before taking them off, revealing themselves to be Vanara, the simian race that the party had encountered back in Daye.

“We will be at the great docks in two days as we head west along the coast. This boat is built to fit down the shallowest parts of the marsh which we will be passing through tonight and with any luck we will be through it by dawn.” Kyoko said, clapping the party on the back as she walked up behind them. The injuries she had sustained during the fight with the pirates and then the snakes and Naga on Ophidian island had been healed finally, the crew and Lizbet insisting that she get her own wounds taken care of first.

The crew’s mood increased threefold as they began to sing songs of their homeland, music and laughter now the main sounds onboard the Dancing Drake and their mood and energy was infectious. Soon even the glum and brooding golden scaled Siu was singing as he climbed up the masts and helped where ever he could (whilst keeping an overly protective eye on Kyoko and Lizbet that is).

True to word and prediction the ship began to encroach upon the land as they headed towards a wide river through the marshes that broke up the coast between the border of east and west Ryokughan. The Party looked on as strange creatures grazed, stalked and drank near the waters edge until the boat passed at which point they looked on with interest or disdain at the ship spooking their prey. Each of the creatures had similarities to the ones back home in Faerun but there was distinct differences whether it was horns, tusks, colour, size, extra limbs, a long tail or any combination.

As dusk encroached the noises from the jungles started to echo and boom out, drowning out the scattered merriment and singing as sails were restricted, and oars came out from purpose built holes in the sides of the ship which would give the party more control over the ships speed and direction than the sails and rudder alone.

“Don’t follow lights in this jungle. Not during the night and definitely not during the day” Choi fang mentioned as he wound up a length of rope as he finished tying up one of the sails. “There are witches and fell spirits in these marshes that would love for nothing more than the easy meal of someone who doesn’t know the rule of these lands. ”

“What’s that?” Lizbet asked, shrugging over a hooded cloak to shield her from the evening chill.

“Don’t follow the lights..” Choi replied with a grin. “All light casts a shadow and the smaller the light the bigger the shadow” he said as he walked off below deck to get a meal in before a long night of navigating through the marsh.

Thanks for joining me tonight and sticking around for the next leg of this journey I am taking us on this year. Now I cant have a ship moving through a marshy/swampy patch of water next to a jungle without some form of drama – so make sure you come back for the next few days to see what I have in store for the party and the crew of the Dancing Drake.

Don’t forget to keep an eye on the non-story posts too as I am attempting to ramp up my other hobbies and may have more than one post coming out per day in the future.

And, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

Shadows rising

Hello all and welcome to the last week of March where I consolidate thoughts, take a bit of a breather and, collate a months worth of work into a single post that aims to be used as an adventure of its own.

Today I want to expand on some plot thats happening beyond the reach and sight of the party but something that helps drive understanding of the situation for the world we are steering into.

Shadows amongst the stalks


Ling walked along the road using the haft of her spear as a walking stick as she and her patrol partner walked along the stone fence that was the border between the fields of wheat and other grains and where fields gave way to buildings and houses.

Pausing Ling watched over the tall stalks of crops, watching them sway in the light cold breeze that came down from the mountains to the north – the seemingly unending tide of crops eventually ending at another small wall that indicated another boundary between property under the Harimasu families land. Squinting, the setting sun to the west causing shadows to drive lazily amongst the stalks of grains she watched as a cloud caused rippling shadows to pour over the far wall giving them a writhing look briefly. Yawning and stretching she continued her patrol, her partner a few feet ahead now but within ear shot and a close enough distance if required to assist if anything went poorly quickly.

“hello” a soft voice carried from the paddock across the wind causing both Ling and her companion, Rohun to stop and look across the field for th owner of the voice. “Hello” it came again, this time Rohun and Ling climbed over the stone barrier and stood in th waist high stalks.

“Hello?” Called Ling,

“We are from the Harimasu family guard. Do you need help?” Rohun asked gripping his shield and spear tightly.

“help” The voice called back, a soft tone that sounded distant and muffled. Ling and Rohun walked through the crop sticking to each others flank and moving in the direction that they thought the voice was calling from. A few moments later the voice called again, this time stronger with more urgency “Help!”. Rohun and Ling began to jog in the direction.

“we’re coming to help. Hold on!,” Ling called out.

“Where are you, show yourself! Let us know where you are” Rohun called.

“Help! Where are you?!” The voice called back. Louder and more frantic which made Ling and Rohan run. “Help!” It called again once more closer. “HELP!” This time shockingly loud, close and desperate.

Then the other voices began. “Help”, “show yourself”, “coming.. we’re coming!” The voices rang in a chorus as the stalks of grain rattled and shook all around them. Stopping, their blood Freezing Ling and Rohun looked back towards the road, they were hundreds of feet away, near the next wall. The rustling continued, now aware of the situation they could pick out their own words and voice being spoken back at them.

“Run Ling. It’s all we can do now” Rohun said. Gripping his spear “Go now!” He yelled running towards the road and Ling running next to him, the stalks either. side of them bending and shaking as shadows moved between and through them.

The first attack came quickly, the shriek of rage inaudible through the cacophony of words, their words, being spoken back at them. Burning hot scratches appeared on Lings back and as she spun around she heard Rohun grunt as he was also attacked, their aggressors to quick for them to see or counter attack. This continued for what seemed like minutes then with a final high pitched “WE’RE COMING!” they stopped and Ling and Rohun jumped the wall as best they could, their backs, legs and arms a patchwork of cuts from talons.

Looking back over the field they sprinted through they noticed the same shadows cast by the clouds reversing over the wall towards the mountains.

Well, thats it for tonight. The threat that the party is coming to aid with has almost reached settlements and are becoming bolder to attack during daylight.

I hope you enjoyed this little glimpse into what’s happening elsewhere and, like me are excited for whats to come.

Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for more content, and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,

The Brazen Wolfe

Rest and Repairs

Welcome to Monday of the 4th week of the month, mostly, where this week I was going to wrap up our adventure and add in some bonus morsels but instead decided to look at the calendar and I realised something…

We have nearly another full week of March. So instead we will be exploring additional content for this months adventure!

So let’s get on my with the write-up!

A Welcome Site


As the storm subsided the party and the crew made their way across the waves their ship having sustained damage from the fighter and the Storm. It was on the second day that the crew saw across the waves and island with tall trees scattered across the island surrounding a lone mountain. Jutting from this mountain was a tall steep spire which towered above the island and into the clouds above.

As the ship limped its way to the sandy shores Kyoko limped forward having sustained a crossbow bolt to her leg during the pirates attack. “Alright crew. We rest here for three days. Get some in wood to repair the ship, get some fresh water and food and we leave. Anyone late to the ship in on the sunrise of the third day gets left behind” she commands and the crew, most of them fully healed from Lizbet, rush off to complete their captains orders.

She beckons for the party. “My maps show this island but warn people to not set up camp, they believe this island to be cursed. Can you keep watch over the crew, Siu and Lizbet to make sure we all leave this island in one piece, or at least the same state we arrived in” she requested, grimacing as she lent the wrong way on her injured leg.

The party nod as Kyoko turns to head back towards her cabin and maps. She had insisted on Lizbet healing her crew before using magic to heal her leg, Lizbet had used all her magic on the crew and was yet to fully recover her magic to heal the captain.

A hour later a group of four crew members run towards where everyone was set up not far from where the ship was moored, the deep water of the cove perfect for a ship of this size.

“we’ve found another ship that looks untouched that would have all the gear we need to make repairs. The other crew are too spooked to enter it and we are finding it hard to get the materials from the trees to make repairs. What should we do?”

Thats it for tonight, thanks for joining me here at Brazen Wolfe Tabletop!

Don’t forget to come back tomorrow as the party get to know the crew better and perhaps more when we explore more of the island.

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Black sails

Hi all welcome to Monday night where we look at the content for the weeks adventure and get an idea of what the party will be going through in this week.

This week we hope to see the party onboard Kyoko’s ship and heading off for her home continent with reinforcements to help fight against what assaults her people.

Upon dark water


Kyoko frowned as she withdrew the spyglass from her eye and shimmied down the mast quickly, unhooking a section of the mast as she dropped allowing it to unfurl and catch more wind.

“We’ve got a ghost” she muttered to her crew as they watched her with a worried expression on their face “prepare to outrun them but don’t bet non it. Make sure you know where your weapons are and secure the valuables in the hidden hold.”

The crew burst into action, bumping into the party as they ran to grab weapons, coils or rope and disappear beneath the deck to hide their most precious and valuable of cargo.

Kyoko approached the party “A ghost is what we call pirates, those who sail black flags and who steal from those who use their time to earn their living honestly.” she explained as she drew her sword and thumbed the blade examining its sharpness.

“Captain Kyoko, there is a storm approaching!” called one of her crew as he ran from the helm. Kyoko swore as she turned towards the stormfront that was approaching from their port bow and then jogging up to the stern she looked back over the stern at the ship that was following them.

Jogging back to the party she handed them a rope. “tie this to a belt and then to the ship, if we hit bad weather you will wish you had listened to me as you sink beneath the waves.” She paused looking at the concern in Lizbets face “Siu, you’re in charge of making sure the priestess is safe – that is your only job. If, when the pirates board us I will count on you,” her focus drifted over the party, “to keep us safe. My crew are excellent at sailing the ship but when it comes to combat, they won’t stand a chance.”

With that she nodded at Siu who stood on the deck, his golden scales glimmering lightly as the sun started to sink behind the storm front approaching the ship. Walking off she turned back to the party and smiled “let’s have a bit of fun then.”

A small taste tonight of what the party will encounter this week with the coming of a storm and the approach of pirates from the stern. This week will have a few challenges for the party and its not just what dwells beneath the waves or in the ship behind them.

Thanks for joining me, don’t forget to come back tomorrow for more content and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
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