Siu’s Request

Hi all and welcome to the end of the week writeup – a bit of a slower week I will note but one that I think was needed to ensure that the transition from land to sea was done adequately.

This week we looked at Siu and his request of not only the party but also Priestess Lizbet and Kyoko – his cousins great granddaughter to travel across the sea to help save his families land and homes from the darkness that stirs beyond their borders.

Honour bound request


Believing that his time was short and that his treasured gift of his humanoid appearance was coming to an end he used his time to warn the priestess and priests of Chauntea of the attack that as coming for them. Using the last few precious hours of his gift he went to do something that he had dreaded for quite some time, approach his family and reveal his true nature in order to begin to make amends for the betrayal he had committed to his closest family members.

Areas and places of note

The Temple– The temple has guest quarters where the party would have been encouraged to stay to rest and heal, as well as to have close in case more creatures appeared in the middle of the night. The people who call this place home, the priests and priestesses are kind, welcoming and excellent cooks believing that Chauntea’s bountiful blessings are meant to be shared to not just he devout but all.

Daye Streets – The streets are empty early in the mornings and talk of the creatures and nightmarish sounds from the night before are the talk of the town. Soon though merchants bring their stalls, wagons and carts out and begin to advertise their wares – it truly is a market city where the streets, particularly around the docks, are a source of just about all mundane items and objects you could seek.

The docks, however, of late have begun to start selling magical items and as the Red fleet begin to head home back across the waves to restock on goods the demand on magical trinkets and items is at a new time high with supply being short and the patience of the customers being little.

The Docks – Quieter than when the party first stepped upon the docks they are still busy with people from the red fleet still selling the last of their wares. Many of the large red sailed ships have left and several other trading ships have also arrived and they have brought with them not just their normal wares but a small influx of magical items. Different to the lucky trinkets and lesser magical items of the Red fleet these merchants sell potions, scrolls and other wondrous items – if the gold is plentiful enough.

People of Bracken Hollow (in this adventure)

Elizabeth “Lizbet” Scaulder

Being swayed by Siu’s plea for aid and her own predestined call to fight a wave of darkness Lizbet has organised for Katya to work with the other sons and daughters of Chauntea – having been instructed by them many years ago she believes that under their guidance Katya will surpass her one day. Having found someone to look after the town and its duties she is, somewhat anxious but resolved on going to help the wondrous merchants of the Red fleet defend their homeland if she is able to assist.

Kyoko Harimasu

Having heard stories of creatures from the mists and shadows able to look inside ones mind and deceive humans in order to devour them since she was little, Kyoko is still uncertain about Siu – but what he has said and a strange familiarity draws her to help him, and believe that he, the priestess and the party could really be able to help her family in the fight against the dark.


Using the last few hours of his human form he was sure that this was his final hours before a sword, arrow or axe would pierce his flesh the moment his true self was revealed. But to have the blow withheld and his mangy fur that he has hated for as long as he can remember shed to reveal a carpet of golden dragon scales covering his form was a shock. Not sure where the change came from or what spurred it to begin he is glad to be rid of the fur and thankful that he is still able to see his mission through.

The prospect of being free from his mater is beginning to take a back seat to wanting to see his family succeed and the foolhardy hope that they could beat back what lies in the shadow.

Environment and running the adventure

Decision– The decision to leave would need to come from the party – Going to go see Siu at the docks wouldn’t be a hard decision (he looks just like a man after all) and Lizbet would ask the party to escort her just in case of a trap before deciding to walk off herself.

The party can tell that she is nervous, perhaps anxious about the decisions to be made and her nerves would be obvious to all (she isn’t one to hide behind a mask).

The boat– Once the party see the boat the decision needs to be made – follow the creature and Kyoko across the waves with Lizbet to help save their people or stay back and wait. Regardless of the decision initially Kyoko will ask that the party and priestess give her a week to give her time to get ready for the voyage back home. This gives the party some time to shop, if they are short of ropes/ arrows / etc. and to find out more bout where they are going from Kyoko, Siu or any of the Red Fleet.

If the party do stay behind then the adventure at the end of the month will come into affect (with the aim of still getting the party to travel across the sea)


There is really only only social encounters this week – talking to Siu, Kyoko and Lizbet about the journey, the apprehension behind it as well as what to expect across the waves as well as any shopping that the party want to do.

Thanks for joining this week – the goal is to really get the party across the sea to Kyoko and Siu’s homeland to experience new adventure, meet new people and creatures as well as fight a dark threat that threatens the stability of the Harimasu family and the countries western boarder.

Don’t forget to come back every day this week to see more content, this week will, hopefully, be the first week of sea voyage and adventure with new twists, turns and encounters for the party to steer through.

Don’t forget to let me know if you are playing through the content here, how you find it as a game master (if you are one) and how your players find it! All critique is good critiques in my view.

Oh, and as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe