Black sails

Hi all welcome to Monday night where we look at the content for the weeks adventure and get an idea of what the party will be going through in this week.

This week we hope to see the party onboard Kyoko’s ship and heading off for her home continent with reinforcements to help fight against what assaults her people.

Upon dark water


Kyoko frowned as she withdrew the spyglass from her eye and shimmied down the mast quickly, unhooking a section of the mast as she dropped allowing it to unfurl and catch more wind.

“We’ve got a ghost” she muttered to her crew as they watched her with a worried expression on their face “prepare to outrun them but don’t bet non it. Make sure you know where your weapons are and secure the valuables in the hidden hold.”

The crew burst into action, bumping into the party as they ran to grab weapons, coils or rope and disappear beneath the deck to hide their most precious and valuable of cargo.

Kyoko approached the party “A ghost is what we call pirates, those who sail black flags and who steal from those who use their time to earn their living honestly.” she explained as she drew her sword and thumbed the blade examining its sharpness.

“Captain Kyoko, there is a storm approaching!” called one of her crew as he ran from the helm. Kyoko swore as she turned towards the stormfront that was approaching from their port bow and then jogging up to the stern she looked back over the stern at the ship that was following them.

Jogging back to the party she handed them a rope. “tie this to a belt and then to the ship, if we hit bad weather you will wish you had listened to me as you sink beneath the waves.” She paused looking at the concern in Lizbets face “Siu, you’re in charge of making sure the priestess is safe – that is your only job. If, when the pirates board us I will count on you,” her focus drifted over the party, “to keep us safe. My crew are excellent at sailing the ship but when it comes to combat, they won’t stand a chance.”

With that she nodded at Siu who stood on the deck, his golden scales glimmering lightly as the sun started to sink behind the storm front approaching the ship. Walking off she turned back to the party and smiled “let’s have a bit of fun then.”

A small taste tonight of what the party will encounter this week with the coming of a storm and the approach of pirates from the stern. This week will have a few challenges for the party and its not just what dwells beneath the waves or in the ship behind them.

Thanks for joining me, don’t forget to come back tomorrow for more content and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe