The Lost Ship

Hi all and welcome to Tuesday where we look at NPCs and the development they can give our adventure.

This week the ship and crew the party was travelling with had to stop by an island to make emergency repairs after they ran into pirates and a storm. After setting down anchor in a deep cove on an island they sey about looking for materials yo repair their ship and some crew members returned to announce they had found a shipwreck that they could salvage from. However the crew were superstitious and captain Kyoko had warned them not to adventure to far onto the island as it had a bad reputation for sailors going missing.

Forgotten goods


As the party leave the piles of wood, fibre, ropes and food that the ships crew had gathered already they looked ahead in the direction that the crew members were taking them outside the cove they were nestled within and towards a thick line of trees.

The sandy pebble ridden shore was picturesque, golden sand, smooth rounded pebbles and the gentle lapping of waves at their feet as they walked along the shore line. Marks littered the sand as they walk and the party identified them as some kind of snake slithering from waters edge towards the thick vegetation to their right, and the centre of the island.

Pushing their way onwards up a small embankment and up through the rows of trees they come across the remains of a ship, a large hole in its hull nestled against the sand in a similar beach. The large tattered but mostly intact sails hung and danced slightly in the breeze that washed across the party – making the leaves around them hiss as the wind caressed plant and person a like.

“See, the ship. That hole in the side, that breach. It’s not natural. No reef or pirate could have made that. But we should get the mast and check to see if we can salvage some parts of the hull and deck to make repairs to the Dancing Drake” the crew member they had met on board the ship and fought along side when the pirates attacked said.

“If you can get us there we can direct you to what we need from the ship, give you the tools – but we can’t go on board – its a bad omen for us to stumble upon a wreck like this and the signs aren’t good.” he continued. As the party moved forward they found bits and pieces of equipment, a broken shield, a snapped sword, a half of a spear but no head and scattered clothing, bags (mostly empty) and crates. It looks like the people may have made it some distance from the ship, or these items had washed up the shoreline quite a distance from a significant amount of water.

Nearing the ship they looked up at the deck, seeing a clear entrance to the beached ship through the breach in the side as they marvelled at the size of the large trading ship.

Out of sight a whisper of cloth moved as she moved over the wreckage of the ship, her hand gripping the blade tightly as she stared at the face of the new comers. She recognised sailors when she saw them but those in front, looking as if to board the ship were different. They had the appearance of people who were from the land, adventurers perhaps, none of them walked like the others, chanting under muttered breath or glided across the ground with unnatural movement to chill her blood.

As she looked through the hole in the hull, looking for signs of the beasts she almost sighed with relief that they had not found her hiding spot again, nor found the people that walked so naively across the sands. They never killed their prey immediately always took them back to their nest deeper into the island, but no one made it back once they had set their fangs into them, except for her as she was too small for them to notice as she slipped out when she saw her chance.

She let a bloom of hope flutter in her chest. Maybe she was able to leave this wreck, leave this island and perhaps return home to warn people.

Do not come to Ophidian Island.

Thanks for joining me tonight and thanks for sticking with me for the twelfth week of my journey through 2022. Don’t forget to come back again tomorrow to look at the twists and turns I have in store, those who read the introduction to the island and linked it with a previous post may already know where this is going. If not, then let us know what you think is happening on this island.

Oh, and as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe