Dark Cliffs

Hello welcome to Brazen Wolfe tabletop where on Wednesday night where we look at twists, turns and speed bumps that we will throw at our party this week.

This week we find our party exploring a isolated island in hopes of making some repairs and getting materials food and water for their trip ahead across the sea. After finding a beached ship with a large breech in the side of it and the crew and the party said about salvaging materials from it and returning back to the ship. Little did they know that there was someone watching them from aboard the ship, a castaway, someone who had been lost on this beach long before and who saw their only way of Salvation in the form of the party at risk of being taken by the islands other inhabitants.

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That which nests in the dark


As the last of the sail and the weathered but salvageable planks came down from the beached ship the party looked over their work from the last day. As they walked away from the ship and down the beach they couldn’t shake the feeling that had nestled within their heads that they were being watched. Shrugging as they helped the few crew that remained with them take hold of the bundles of planks, wrapped up sail and other bits and pieces the party continued down the beach, dragging and carrying their pilfered goods and materials down the beach towards the row of trees they had walked through initially. To intent on their task they did not notice the rustling in the grass or the long thin bodies moving in the underbrush nor the distant screams and cries for help that the wind whisked away and the trees muffled to the point of silence.

Moving towards their ship there was no movement from the crew that had remained behind to continue their search for food, fresh water and materials as they had left to investigate the broken ship. As they drew closer to where they had set up a temporary camp, the lack of movement and people moving about the canvas tents set off alarms in the party’s minds and they dropped their heavy burdens and looked around for their travelling companions.

The astute and observant members of the party looked around in the ground and noticed many signs of a struggle and several sets of large, deep drag marks that indicated people were dragged off towards the forest not far from the waters edge.

As the party followed the drag marks and disturbances in the sand towards the forest edge a short figure darted out and grabbed a hold of the lead Party members arm.
“Don’t go in there,” the little wild looking girl said, “you will end up like the others trapped… trapped in the dark waiting for your fate as the never ending hiss comes from the cavern below.” She spoke in hushed tones and looked around nervously as if expecting to see something more.

“The forest is too thick you won’t be able to find the way to where they’re keeping them. Anyway there’s to find the tracks and avoid avoid the scouts that will be keeping an eye out above the monolith, there is no way in or out not out of the dark not where the great beast nests.”

After a few moments and realising that the party would could not be decided from following their friends and trying to save them the little wild girl ran off into the forest disappearing amongst the trees and the bushes. As the party set foot leaving the crew members that help them with the salvage operation behind, they followed the drag marks and tracks as far as they could before the jungle Swallow the air tracks. After an hour of travel they eventually came to a large roughly hewn path in the side of the mountain leading up towards the spire.

The trees with sparse at the base of the mountain except for at the waters edge of the large freshwater lake that appeared to be fed from a stream coming down from the mountain.

The rough uneven ground of the path leading up the mountains enabled the parties to traverse it without much difficulty the bumps grooves and uneven rocks although creating trip hazards enabled enough footholds and they would not sleep further down the mountain. After further our of travel are they eventually came to a Plateau I’m high above the treetops of the jungle around the mountain and from this point they could clearly see several other wrecked ships positioned around the island each one of them nestled amongst the sand except for the Dancing Drake. Ahead of them lay more purposely carve out steps that lead to a large archway leading further towards the spire at the centre of the mountain.

Although vigilant in paying attention as they traverse through the jungle and the mountains and seeing no humans or humanoids on the journey the feeling of them being watched never left them and the further they climbed up the carved steps the more ghostly shed skins of snakes did they find.

As they passed passed underneath the intricately carved archway that depicted snakes coiled around bound humans that supported the large archway above. One hundred feet past the archway, at the base of the spire they could see the beginnings of a building much like a temple from back home carved into the side of the rocky face of the spire and from within its murky depths a penetrating cold feeling clutched at them greedily.

Ok thanks for joining me tonight I hope that you have enjoyed the write up this Wednesday around what happened to the crew when the party was salvaging materials to fix the Dancing Drake. Don’t fret though our little wild friend will be making a return visit in the near future perhaps assisting the party on their way through the temple.

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