Snake Bite

Hi all and welcome to another night here at Brazen Wolfe Tabletop. Tonight, being Thursday, tonight is reserved for things that enhance the encounter, adventure or weeks experiences for the party whether it’s maps, additional rules (such as weather effects), creature stat blocks or magic items (like what tonight will be).

So a small writeup tonight to glance at a few items we could throw amongst the temple from this months adventure, or,

Items of the Serpent


Creeper Cloak

The Creeper cloak looks to be made from the skin of a large snake with circular pattern on the scales.

The circular patterns on the snake shift when danger approaches and if the wearer and the cloak are attuned the cloak will extend and move the wearer (and itself) move a short distance away.

Other item ideas

Serpent Tongue earing

This serpent earing pierces the earlobe before looping behind the ear to allow the head of the snake to point towards the ear canal. Anyone who wears this earing can activate the earing by spending 1hp (as the snakes head bites the users ear subtly to draw blood) to be able to detect any lies spoken within hearing distance for 1 hour. The snake would hiss when it detects a lie but otherwise lays inert against the ear occasionally moving slithers backwards and forth.

Serpent Arrow

These arrows appear to be carved from a rich black wood to look like snakes but as they fly they turn into black writhing snakes. These arrows require the creature struck by them to make a DC12 Constitution saving throw vs poison or take 1d6 extra poison damage.

Hissing Amulet

This amulet can be fed poison or live snakes to grant the user a shimmering aura of sound that deflects arrows, magic and sword strikes. By pouring a vial of poison or placing a snake (alive or dead) against the amulet the wearer can gain 1d4+1 temporary hp.

Thanks for joining me tonight for the short writeup to look at some additional items that we could weave into the adventure this week.

Don’t forget to come back the next few days to see the end of month writeup for this month as well as any additional things that come up over the next few days.

Oh, and as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe