Panicked Streets

Welcome back to another Thursday night of maps! This week we are travelling through a village where the quiet country streets suddenly become panicked streets as violence erupts. The party is under attack from mysterious creatures and well, that means an encounter (or two) may need to be made.

Panicked Streets


Rural village streets which go from passive to Panicked streets in the blink of an eye, or a flash of a dagger.
Made with

I decided that taking a look through the farm collection on incarnate, dirtying up the stone and even putting a sun-set like hue over the top was a good start.

The decision to have work out grass was pretty easy – no farm or village where they have live stock has perfectly green grass without spots of brown. This is due to people walking, animals laying (or eating) and even grubs in the ground destroying plant life. So I wanted to reflect that this is a rural sense, yes it has buildings and market tents (or at least fabric shades) but its still rural.

Closing thoughts

The panicked streets is an easy enough gimmick with people running around and looking for a place to hide. This means that for our party they now have to deal with this movement and shift of potential threats. As DMs we need to really sell this. Describe the moment that the panic sets in or just simply emphasise that these people, refugees or farmers are just trying to get away from the spark of violence.

These small details can help drive the narrative of the encounter and enrich it from just being “Combat” to being “roleplay”.

Thanks for dropping by to look at a little encounter in a sleepy village in Ryokughan. As I say every night don’t forget that we have more content to come as the week goes on and tomorrow we investigate the encounter! So don’t forget to drop by then and this weekend for more content. As such this weekend I want to do another writing challenge so please submit suggestions for a theme in the comments below! Oh, and as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
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Collapsed Battlefield – Avalanche Encounter

Welcome to an Promised encounter map from last weekend, yup the encounter map with the Laelóng after the avalanche. Tonight the map is once again created in Inkarnate which I am having a lot of fun with and do recommend having a go with it. So let’s have a look at the Collapsed battlefield after the avalanche!

Kunagi Ranges Encounter


The windy funnels more loose snow through the valley that drifts down on the panting party members. As the beating of wings that signal the massive creatures descent towards them they ready with the avalanche at their back and the collapsed battlefield around them.

The weather on the other side of the ranges is a mystery, trees dot the landscape with quick growing grass rampart beneath the trees. A dusting of snow, and debris from the collapse of the mountains, litters near the trees settling underneath their boughs. As the creature lands in front of them, haughtily challenging them to make the first move they ready their weapons and abilities for the final fight where only one side leaves this mountain side alive.

Collapsed Battlefield - Avalanche encounter map.
Encounter outside of Kunagi ranges after the Avalanche. Collapsed Battlefield – Avalanche: made with Inkarnate

Tonight I make good on the promise to provide you with an encounter map from last weeks writeup. This week is all about tying the month together and we cant have an epic battle between good and evil without another map to host it!

The mountains this week were actually enjoyable to create. Finding the balance between rocky texture, steep hilly effects and thicker helpings of the snow paint on the flat spots.

The trees are a hard one for me, as always. Finding a balance between snowy trees and the more colourful ones is always hard and tonight was no exception. But I am looking forward to getting out of the snow and into warmer climate if nothing else it will make my encounters easier.

Thanks for joining me tonight and taking the time to look at my Map. Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for Fightnight! where we look at Laelóng. With this weekend being end of month don’t forget to come back then. And, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
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Kunagi Valley

Welcome to another chilled Thursday where the temperature doesn’t get above the single digits, well in southern half of Australia atleast. Tonight we look at the site of confrontation where the party are once again facing off against Royalty.

Kunagi Ranges P1


Kunagi Ranges encounter with wagon
Kunagi Ranges encounter without wagon

The valley itself is relatively thin, the walls and vegetation makes it hard to move anywhere other than then twenty feet road in the centre. The site of confrontation is pretty straight forward. Creature blocking the path with a semi hostage.

The snow either side of the road is difficult terrain and will require the party to move n slower unless they are used to the cold and snow.

The road, however, is slippery and if anyone was hit, including the creature, they are to make a dex saving throw or fall prone. Dc is half the Damage of the attack or 12, which ever is higher.

Trees provide half cover for medium creature to hide behind whilst small creatures gain 3/4 cover. This means guerrilla tactics will pay off for the party as long as thr creature doesn’t engage in melee then all bets are off.

So you may have seen that I have this as part one, well I plan on having a few stages to this encounter and this weekend I hope to be able to reveal a suite of maps for our encounter. But more on that tomorrow and the weekend.

Thanks for dropping by tonight and for your continued interest in my blog here. As I may have mentioned this blog turns one very soon and I’d like to celebrate in a very Brazen fashion. So don’t forget to keep tuning in to stay up to date and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
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Winter Valley

Welcome to Thursday night where we add that little bit, more, that little bit extra to the adventure that helps to paint a picture of what the week brings. Tonight I wanted to play around more with Artbreeder and look at the view from inside the valley, away from the frosty peaks and deeper down where we find our party this cold week.

Chilling Valley


Created in Art Breeder

The cold, blue hues used as an overlap for the map reminds me of some winter days when I was younger, much younger, moving about the forests and walls of endless trees as I walked the properties my family owned. Cold is a welcome friend for me so I wanted to capture that feeling, an image where you look at it and go “yeah, that looks cold” the kind of picture that makes people in warmer climates reach for an additional blanket or turn on that heater.

Despite not being exactly as I want it to be I think its still gives the feeling for the party – that rocky, worn down path with bits of snow covering to cold stone with embarkments either side of the road with vegetation and trees where we may find one or more spirit folk lurking waiting for the party to walk to close.

Thanks for joining me for another art-heavy night that I hope leaves you feeling a bit colder. As I always say don’t forget to come back tomorrow for fight night! where we look at perhaps what goes bump in the night, or what at least the mountains feed on when the sun gets lower on the horizon as we build up for next week – so don’t forget to not miss a day and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
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Wounded and Cornered

Welcome to Friday where we look at our weekly fightnight content that contains the combat encounter or potential combat scenarios that we need to plan for. This week is one of the latter where potentially we have one or several scenarios my where combat may be inevitable, maybe. A bit too ambiguous? well dear reader read on!

Wounded and Cornered


The glimmer stag is an elk like creature from the Kunagi Ranges which typically has white or light grey fur, large antlers for the males and shorter sharper ones for the females and a long bushy fox like tail.

Herbivorous by nature but territorial by temperament these creatures are not any when it comes to fighting especially when feeling threatened, cornered or in the mating in season.

They attack with a goring charge and stamping hooves which bruise and lacerate their targets.

Appearing something like a serpentine, winged and scaled vulture, the Voltrix is a flying scavenger the size of a large dog with a beaked reptilian head, bat like wings ending in gripping hook like claws which they use to grip and cut into their food, cutting and ripping open skin and middle to expose softer tissues like organs and fat.

Whilst not aggressive they generally are encountered when they are feasting with their heads buried into a carcass or corpse. This brings us to their nature, they are quick to startle and have a habit to leap and scratch in their desperate attempt to escape from what ever has startled them, this can leave the person with nasty infections or worse due to the lack of hygiene that these reptilian birds display.

After the stampede the party may find wounded or lost Glimmer stags who are frightened and alone who may attack the party out of fear. They would start with 2d6 less hp but are ferocious despite being wounded. However if they can they will retreat and rush on past the party of there is an opening.

The Voltrix is likely to be found if there is a dead Glimmer Stag or something else in the parties journey. Its gorging on organs sees its head buried in the body which when startled it will wrench out before launching itself at the nearest creatures before flying off. Its not a solitary creature but will fight other Voltrix’s for food which can lead to several of the creature feeding in the one corpse which can be a bit of a surprise for the party when several startle and lash out in fear.

Thanks for joining me tonight and for looking at two creatures that we may or may not see tonight. Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for more content and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
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Kugani Ranges

Welcome to Thursday where I wanted to get my view and vision of this wonder of nature that is a natural funnel for any would be invaders to or from the Harimasu and Toshio lands. As I prepare for another week of my Warhammer League I had another toy around on Inkarnate and produced what I am quite happy with. Perhaps a bit too heavy handed on the snow colouration in the plains but otherwise I am happy with how it turned out.

Kugani Ranges


The small village on the road through to the ranges is dwarfed by the Kunagi ranges to the east and the valley between the mountains is long enough that it takes the fastest of horses a day to travel through. Snowcapped, cold and desolate the ranges themselves are home to wandering spirits and creature’s that would love nothing more than to catch a party unaware.

Rumours from the villagers would speak of a shadow that has come over the mountains, a creeping entity of malice that seems to bode all that travel ill in their journeys but no one has seen, heard or experienced anything other than the normal creatures and spirits of the lands.

The road heads due east and to the south east of the village there is the campsite for this weeks adventure, well part of it – but more on that tomorrow – and further south is one of the only fresh water sources for days travel, except for the well that froze solid mysteriously a few weeks back.

Scale is hard and this week was no exception. Originally having larger trees gave the map a vibrant and life-filled feeling to the slightly cold and chilled landscape but the scale as off, giant trees that dwarfed the village and even the mountains. Shrinking the trees to be half the scale of the mountains and the about the same scale of the village meant that it felt better, more realistic however having smaller trees didn’t look as ‘pretty‘ but the price to pay for not looking odd was worth it in the end, I feel.

Thanks for joining me tonight to look at the map I created and get some bearings to this weeks adventure. Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for some encounter goodness and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
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Toshio Boarder crossing

Welcome to the Thursday night where this week I want to jump ahead to the closure of the month, where the party are escaping from Toshio lands and moving towards more friendlier looking territory.

Toshio Lands


The ice and snow had been waning for some time now and the thinning trees gave way to fields of grass poking between the small drifts of snow. It was as if someone had cast a spell to create a wall of wind that buffered and pushed the snow away from the fields but people of the land would claim it was the twin mountains that stood in front of them, acting as two funnels that pushed wind through this particular crossing between Toshio and the wilds on the way to Harimasu territory.

Despite the stream that finished a few miles back towards the snow ridden mountains and valleys there wasn’t much water moving forward but the promise of a stream could be seen in the distance from the elevation of the pass as a flock of deer moved in a slow grazing herd towards a line of trees that wound its way across the pains.

However, the lands void of trees and strong winds gave it a barren and sparse appearance that didn’t lend itself to people on the run, or those being actively hunted as was the case. As the creature came down from the the hill it could see its quarry making their way on weary horses moving further away from the trees which provided great opportunity for ambushes. There wasn’t much time and the hunger in its stomach was only growing.

A quick little map whipped up in Inkarnate for you all tonight some things I will go and change includes the layers on the snow drifts and the opacity to make them more transparent and less abrasive, but I will change it over the weekend when I have a bit more time.. Don’t forget to come back tomorrow night for more content, especially fight night! and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
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The Birth of Frost

Hello and welcome to Thursday night where we look at those little bit extra things that help us weave the tapestry of an adventure for our players. Tonight I want to introduce the Yuki-Onna, and Yukri in particular who we have already met but not know. So let’s roll on to tonights content.

Yukri Toshimo


She who brings the Frost.

Yukri was the most popular of lord Nushani’s daughters, of which he had seven, and was frequently receiving a propositions of marriage from the sons of other lords, however her father wanted more for his daughter and refused all offers of marriage that weren’t from the emperor’s own son.

Yukri only cared about one man though, much like herself he was the youngest of six brothers and came from a prestigious family but his parents were different and supported the sons pursuit in love.

When the young man finally worked up the courage to seek the hand of Yukri she was delighted and openly requested her father to accept it, however her pleas fell on deaf ears and he refused the man request based on his status and nativity. Yukri wept that night and asked the ancestral spirits for guidance and assistance. But it wasn’t the ancestors that were listening as a voice came back from the dark.

“your father will see your love and desire for this man, go to him he waits at his families shrine at the top of Mount Tapaku.” The honeyed voice replied from the dark corners of the room.

“but you must hurry before he finishes his prayers as his parents have found another suitable match ” the voice urged.

Donning a fine white robe and furred cloak she snuck from her families house and took a horse from the stables so she could reach the shrine in time. As she left the walls of the stables the first flakes of snow fell on her face and into her long black hair.

Reaching the peak of mount Tapaku and the shrine she searched hurriedly dismounted the horse and called for her man, looking around the clearing, shielding her frozen face with her hand and gloves as the snow was thicker wilder up here.

A slither of shadow crept along the ground and stabbed at the horses flank causing it to rear ane flee down the hill leaving Yukri alone and frozen at the shrine.

Hours passed and Yukri was cold, beyond cold, she had lost feeling to her limbs an hour ago but walked down the hill cursing men, her father and ancestors. As the last of her strength faded she landed in the snow and as the perfect white flakes landed on her back and began to bury her body she swore she would never let a man rule her thoughts again.

The Shadow watched and felt the last heart beats of Yukri and smiled. Moving in he poured his dark magic into the body and his first, and last, Yuki-Onna was born.

“I had died..” she mumbled as she stood upright, the cold not bothering her any more.

“yes, men killed you with their hatred for your potential. But I see what you have to offer and have given you a chance at a new life where you will have all you want if you walk by my side. But your father will try and stop you. You can’t let him stop your happiness again” the shadow cooed to her as it stroked her hair and marveled at her ice-white skin.

“no, he can not..” she said as she stood and began to drift down the mountain to visit her father for the last time..

Thanks for visiting me tonight and getting a bit of a glimpse at Yukri, the frost maidens origin. Don’t forget to come back the last few nights this week for more content and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
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Suspended existence

Hello and welcome to Thursday where we normally look at additional maps, items and other ‘extras’ that give a boost to the content of the week. Tonight I don’t have a map (interior maps are just hard to do when it comes to spacing) or want to sprinkle in additional items or art work so I will reveal a card that I had next to my hand. Enjoy!

Time to Think


Choi limped through the courtyard as the whispers continued to try and goad him to turn against his captain and Princess, Kyoko.

“You’re wasting your time Shadow, I grew up alone so this moment of silence and isolation is nothing compared to life before the Dancing drake” he muttered, receiving a cautious glance from the golden dragonoid from next to the wagon, Siu. Smiling he was grateful that at least Siu could see him, the golden scaled creature was about the only one who could see all the cursed at once and had kind of become a beacon of unity amongst what they had been told were all that remained, the survivors of the Nat attack.

Moving away from the damaged and ramshackle wagon he move about the people of the fort listening to the rumours flittering around about the Harimasu visit – all of which were lies and made his blood boil. But, he had remembered what the captain had said and as he moved around the soldiers, staff and the well off members of the court when he could he lifted a dagger, cut a belt or tie and otherwise created little inconveniences for those who spoke ill of Kyoko or those who had saved his life, the adventurers from across the sea.

“So I spat in the bitches tea before giving it to them” one servant, a oily looking man of middle age, said before breaking into laughter, those around him joined in and some with particularly fervour.

“Couldn’t find the waxing petal? I’d pay to see the daughter of the Harimasu’s shite herself in public!” roared another man, this one a soldier.

“Good, serves her right. What does she think she is doing here in the first place, taking up space, impeaching upon our lords hospitality like that. The Lady of the house will sort her out when she returns tonight I’m telling you that now. ” Said an ugly mostly bald man, the captain of the guards. “If I had my chance I would slip something a bit more permanent than waxing petals” he snarled with a vicious grin.

Choi had enough, remembering the tools that they used to fix the caravan he sprinted off and rummaged through the box.

“What are you doing Choi?” Siu said, drifting nearby as he entered the caravan as well.

“I can’t take it, these bastards are threatening Kyoko now. I wont have it.” Choi said as he found the little vial that they had used to adhere the leather patch to the roof where a boulder had ripped a hole.

“Don’t do anything rash now, we need these people to help us lift this curse” Siu said, but something in his eyes spoke the same language, vengeance.

Grinning Choi walked to the door looking over his shoulder. “It wont be anything permanent, not what these assholes deserve any way, plus I think the Captain is right..”

“What’s that?” Siu asked looking at him with interest as Choi head off towards the captain of the guard.

“It’s only a curse if you don’t use it for good.”

Well that’s all I have for tonight, the tipping point in this months revelation, well one of them – I did say it was a big month. Thanks for coming back tonight and thanks in advance for coming back each night this week! As always I am humbled at how many people come to read my little endeavour, and for the 20 subscribers that I have now I thank you all for liking what I produce enough to subscribe to me. Don’t forget that I do create daily content and that this weekend is fast approaching so I will look forward to writing this weekends writeup, and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
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Amongst the frozen pines

Welcome to Thursday where we look at additional elements, maps, items, rules or images that aid and refine our adventure for the week. This week we look at the area the party has decided to camp in as an unseasonal snow flurry begins to waft down from the ridge above to dampen and chill those huddled amongst the frozen pines.

Frozen Pines


The icy cold wind blustered through the pines causing the fresh slow to scatter amongst the bed rolls and tents. The gathered soldiers huddles around the fires and walked between the tree trunks alert for any changes or creatures that were lurking amongst the flurries.

The ridge that they had camped next to provided a tall barrier to defend their flank reducing the amount of areas of possible ambush or attack that they had to be alert to but despite this the captain and a few heroes of some repute kept a wary eye on the steep craggy rock face – experience trumping expectation in this instance.

Despite the vigilance the snow and icy wind blowing from the east brought more snow as the night went on, dusting the trees and dulling the mood. The howling of the wind coming down from the rocks above masked the sound of yipping and the crunch of snow from above them as the creatures that the Shadow commanded moved towards the light, and their quarry.

Thanks for visiting tonight to look at another Thursday and another map produced in Inkarnate. Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for Fightnight and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
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